Here is the email I just sent to my mother in response to the email she sent me which I copied below. I and many of you reading this stay strong as we cope with the terror and torture of Parental Alienation with GOD by our side.

Dear Mom,

I was so happy to see that you signed the email you sent me the other day, 5/15/2019 with “Love.” I hope this means that you now want to love and not hate by beginning to communicate with me after 30 years of alienation in an HONEST, CIVIL WAY with HONEST INTENTIONS.

In other words Mom; I hope you now want to stop alienating me after 30 years because I REASONABLY DEFENDED my good values, good character and my legal right to enforce freedom, equal rights and justice which is demanded of Jews and also Attorneys.

As an attorney as the beloved and honorable judge I clerked for, JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS explained to me: like him, I was taught to ALWAYS use my legal education, skills and experience to diligently ENFORCE the United States Constitution which is based upon enforcing laws with REASON, not with ENTITLEMENT, by those who believe they are entitled to TAKE ADVANTAGE of others.

THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTIONS ORDERS AMERICANS, especially those with a legal education and legal experiences, to REDRESS THEIR GRIEVANCES so that DEMOCRACY can continue in the United States, as our founding fathers intended.

Mom, you should be PROUD OF ME for living in 1985 and still living my life as the beloved and very well respected JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me along with your wonderful father, MY GRANDFATHER BEN. In other words, my lawsuit against you helped change legal precedent for FUTURE GENERATIONS which helped HUMANITY and is also TIKKUN OLAM, helping GOD heal the world.

WHAT MORE COULD YOU WISH FOR OF A CHILD; ESPECIALLY OF A CHILD OF THE TENDER AGE OF 27, TO TAKE ON SUCH RESPONSIBILITY? The lawsuit proves I accomplished a wonderful MITZVAH because in America wealthy parents and a wealthy sibling working with their hired crooked attorney can no longer use their child’s or sister’s social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust to hold the honest and innocent child of any age financially hostage in order to cheat the Government out of taxes. My case helped make the “kiddie trust” tax laws OBSOLETE so what happened to me can never happen again to anyone.

Also Mom, since you are currently active and have been for many decades at BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE and other Jewish organizations I will mention some relevant lessons from the Torah.

In Exodus, GOD made it very clear that those who consider themselves Jews live by the Torah. In return, GOD promised that he will protect them and provide for them but also made it clear that living by the Torah is a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Mom, MY ENTIRE LIFE PROVES that I have lived by the Torah AND also that GOD has PROTECTED ME and PROVIDED FOR ME every step of the way. For example:

I had a wonderful marriage for 20 years until my husband, who is still my legal husband due to the fraudulent divorce decree, decided to become corrupt.

I did not accept that corrupt way of life with YOU in 1985 and would not accept it 20 years later with HIM. HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER but evil, crooked people often think they are more powerful than GOD. Regardless, GOD has always provided for Me and protected Me. Specifically, WITHOUT GOD; I could have never survived all of this terror from those I reasonably loved and trusted. WITHOUT GOD, I also would not have the health and skills to peacefully use the legal system and other peaceful means to change legal precedent and live a life filled with love, compassion and pride for helping humanity and helping GOD heal the world.

Also Mom, since you have been ignoring the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation too, maybe like the brothers of Joseph as discussed in Bereishis in Genesis, who did not realize their cruel and evil act of selling him into slavery was for a noble end; maybe your alienation of me for 30 years and my children’s alienation of me since the time of divorce in 2008 will prove to have a noble end too. Joseph was in Egypt to save the world from famine and lay the foundation for the Exodus.

I RAISED MY CHILDREN as their full-time stay-at-home Mother and I KNOW THEY HAVE HONORABLE VALUES AND CHARACTER and TRULY WANT TO DO WHAT IS REASONABLE, LOVING AND MORAL. This is how I raised them and how they lived until the time of divorce.

PUBLIC RECORDS in California and also in American Appeals Courts, LAY THE FOUNDATION for the CRIMINALIZATION OF PARENTAL ALIENATION in America and throughout the world as many countries have reasonably already done. Brainwashing, emotional abuse, abuse of power, modern slavery of using 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit tax loopholes used with the evil intent to steal a loving, honest Woman and Mothers marital assets and using the alienated children to commit crimes have all reasonably been criminalized in many European countries, Brazil and elsewhere.

So Mom, since you signed your email “love” which I have copied below for you to conveniently confirm; are you now HONESTLY INTENDING to help me MAKE A MITZVAH of making Aliyah in Israel which is my birthright as a Jew by ordering my Certified Birth Certificate for me? The Torah says and also many wise leaders have said THAT IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to change your harmful ways and make them positive so they become an act of Tikkun Olam and a reasonable act which supports PUBLIC POLICY and HUMANITY.

******Mom, all I am asking of you is an email with a “yes” or a “no” that you will order my certified birth certificate for me within the week, which you can do as my mother. Then you can send it to me and I can send it to the apostille agency. That is it. WILL YOU DO IT?

Here is a copy of the email you sent to me the other day where you signed it ‘love.’
I REALLY hope you will begin living a life of Truth with Tikkun Olam,

Sara Hassman <>
date: May 15, 2019, 12:23 AM
Re: Helping Me make Aliyah which is a sacred Mitzvah

Dear Sara,

Rabbi Wohlberg told me that he sent all the necessary information that you need to make Aliyah. I will speak to him again. Love, Mom

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As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
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