Here is the first and probably only response I will hear from my mother HELENE COPLAN PENN-DORF, the daughter of my wise, honest, compassionate and beloved GRANDFATHER BENJAMIN COPLAN who I miss dearly. He walks by my side and also the side of those of us trying to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in America, Israel and worldwide.

My Grandfather was a Jew who PROUDLY ACTED LIKE A JEW, living his life helping others and enriching himself in many positive ways until the day he died. He is what is called in Hebrew a “tsaddik” which is a righteous Jewish person who deserves great respect and honor.

When my mother HELENE COPLAN PENN-DORF began alienating me in 1985, I attended therapy with the leader of the Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister League in Baltimore, Maryland named CONRAD NATHAN. I was very distraught as you can imagine and I was 27 years old. This was the time my lawsuit involving the tax evasion and tax fraud schemes of my parents, my sister RUTH PENN CARLINER and their Jewish attorney LEONARD KOHLENSTEIN was starting to be prepared.

I was graciously advised by the honest, compassionate and also very wise judge I clerked for JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS and also my honest, compassionate and very wise Trust and Estates law school professor and Director of the Trust and Estates Department of a major Baltimore Bank named LARRY ROSENTHAL that IF I WANTED TO LIVE MY LIFE AS AN HONEST PERSON WITH GOOD CHARACTER, since my parents, sister and their attorney REFUSED to stop using my social security number in their tax fraud and tax evasion scheme that I had to sue them. I DID NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH TO SUE THEM so therapist Conrad Nathan, Judge James S. Sfekas and Larry Rosenthal all worked together to help me develop the strength I needed. This took several years of therapy and also the HAND OF GOD, I believe.

One of the important things I learned in this therapy was that MY MOTHER IS THE WORST TYPE OF NARCISSIST. This was also confirmed in my therapy of many years beginning in 2008 involving my divorce and coping with the terror and torture of Parental Alienation. In other words, my mother does not respond; instead she makes up her own reality and ignores anyone who tries to destroy her own made-up or FALSE REALITY and FALSE LIFE. She PRETENDS she is a good Jew who lives an honest, compassionate life when the FACTS prove the complete opposite; she uses her money, experiences and skills to harm anyone who tries to destroy her FAKE LIFE.

I HAVE TRIED THROUGHOUT MY LIFE TO GET MY MOTHER TO CHANGE; as I did again last night when I sent the email to her which is in the post below. My mother has ALWAYS REFUSED and as her email response to me proves below; she makes up excuses and then goes away PRETENDING to be an honest, kind Jew with all the money she has STOLEN due to tax fraud and tax evasion schemes including those in the NONPROFIT synagogue BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION which promotes Parental Alienation. My mother even set up a CHARITABLE NONPROFIT FOUNDATION in my crooked, evil late father’s name who was also involved in the tax evasion and tax fraud lawsuit.

What I also learned in therapy and also in my 61 years of life is that these NARCISSISTS and other crooked, evil people are never happy or satisfied. They live a life of shame and greed and cannot Love or enjoy the Beauty in the World around us. They end up destroying themselves and die as unhappy souls despite all the money they have.

I hope this information helps many of you reading this who are also trying to understand and cope with these narcissists who create and promote the evil of Parental Alienation and refuse to change. With that being said, here is my mother’s response I received to the two emails I sent her last night. I don’t expect to hear from her again although I hope I am wrong and this time she decides to change her evil ways.

to: Sara Hassman <>
date: May 15, 2019, 12:23 AM
subject: Re: Helping Me make Aliyah which is a sacred Mitzvah

Dear Sara,
Rabbi Wohlberg told me that he sent all the necessary information that you need to make Aliyah. I will speak to him again. Love, Mom
Sent from my iPad

from: Sara Hassman<>
to: “” <>
date: May 15, 2019, 12:32 AM
subject: Re: Helping Me make Aliyah which is a sacred Mitzvah

Rabbi Wohlberg did not. ALSO, HE CANNOT ORDER MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE and his required letter must state these exact words: ” BORN TO A JEWISH MOTHER.” It did not and he refuses to contact me or my friend. 

from: Sara Hassman<>
to: “” <>
date: May 15, 2019, 12:37 AM
subject: Re: Helping Me make Aliyah which is a sacred Mitzvah

I meant to say that the rabbi’s letter must state that “I was born to a Jewish mother.” Also RABBI WOLHBERG must send me the original letter with his signature and HE DOES NOT HAVE MY ADDRESS AND REFUSES TO CONTACT ME. Think this is how rabbis are commanded to act? Think Rabbi Wohlberg is setting an example for Jews to follow according to the Torah as rabbis are commanded to do? 
[End of emails]

As always, I will let you know what transpires and I am thrilled so much of the truth is being exposed about those who create and promote the terror and torture of Parental Alienation, which includes my own mother who tries to PRETEND she is a Jew when she is a DISGRACE TO JUDAISM along will ALL OTHER JEWISH LEADERS IN AMERICA who also promote this terror and torture. This is what the overwhelming facts clearly prove as any REASONABLE PERSON understands. Any one of these so-called Jews could use their pulpits, the press, their networks and influence to PUBLICLY state that they support OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation, but they have refused for decades.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,…YOUTUBE.COMISRAEL’S National Anthem – HATIKVAH with English and Hebrew lyrics ( Longer version )Check out also HATIKVAH with English



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