Here is the reason all those SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION: 1) Refuse to acknowledge the existence of this EPIDEMIC problem of TERROR in America, Israel and Worldwide and 2) Refuse to leave this conspiracy, cult, gang or whatever you would like to call their secret, very sophisticated organization of TERROR which has been in existence for decades.

First, why JOIN and then STAY in a conspiracy, cult or gang which destroys the loving, enriching companionship between a loving, law-abiding Mother (or Father) and her Children PERMANENTLY, beginning at the time of divorce?

Second, here is the link to the bestselling book by Stephen Fried: “THE NEW RABBI”…/Chapter-2-for-WEBPAGEThe-New-R…
which explains how ALL JEWISH NONPROFITS and OTHER JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, THEIR LEADERS AND MEMBERS have for DECADES operated a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to sponsor acts of Parental Alienation under the leadership of RABBI GERALD WOLPE and other TERRORISTS who hide behind their Jewish titles. This departed RABBI GERALD WOLPE sponsored the TERROR of Parental Alienation ESPECIALLY AGAINST MOTHERS as this book explains giving very specific examples.

Sponsoring Parental Alienation and other crimes commonly associated with Parental Alienation including but not limited to: racketeering; extortion; intentional infliction of emotional distress; attempted murder; money laundering; perjury; obstruction of justice; malicious prosecution; fraudulent and invalid divorce judgments; selling the alienated children into the sex and drug trades and forcing them to violate the law; is unequivocally not Judaism but constitutes TERRORISM, abuse, torture and oppression as any reasonable person knows especially Jews due to the HOLOCAUST.
IT IS NOT CHRISTIANITY either as any reasonable person knows.

So why do these leaders, the organizations they run, their members and others sponsor Parental Alienation and secretly join a conspiracy, cult or gang which DESTROYS the loving, enriching companionship between a loving, law-abiding Mother (or Father) and her Children PERMANENTLY, beginning at the time of divorce?


Shouldn’t these highly educated people and the organizations they run be questioning the principles of their conspiracy? Why aren’t there any dissenting voices?

It boils down to one word and that word is LOVE as I will explain.
All those in this conspiracy to SPONSOR THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION have miserably failed at love in their PERSONAL lives. They have never acknowledged their failure of love involving someone who loved them or tried to love them as an INDIVIDUAL, not as some professional with a title or as a member of some club, group or organization.
BUT THEIR PAIN GOES DEEPER because…. instead of getting the professional help they needed to understand the reasons for their failure of love in their personal life AND change their failed behavior; they intentionally chose to join some destructive, depraved conspiracy, party or movement.
As history has proven and many professional experts will verify; people join a conspiracy, a party or a movement with destructive and depraved objectives because they have PERSONALLY given up on love, PERMANENTLY.

Thus, they put their energy WHICH THEY ASSOCIATE WITH LOVE, into the conspiracy, party or movement and protect it for dear life. This is their love, the essence of their character, their purpose for living and is greater than any personal love could be they believe. This is how these depraved minds think. They think they are “married” to this destructive, depraved conspiracy, party or movement.

Do they feel regret and have remorse for the harm they have caused millions of Parents and Children suffering from Parental Alienation?
Most feel that they are “entitled” to treat these Parents and Children who KNOW HOW TO LOVE this way and ENJOY destroying their love because they are JEALOUS.
If anyone does come to his or her senses and does feel regret and remorse, then the destructive, depraved conspiracy, party or movement will have to purge them for their “disloyalty.” Accordingly, this purged person will have to begin his or her life over again without being part of this “cult” they have spent a lifetime of devotion to so this becomes another failure of love for them. Again they equate this destructive, depraved conspiracy, party or movement as true love.
Therefore, most take what they perceive is the easy route by going on living a life of lies, false reputations and false legacies without love WHILE DESTROYING THE LOVE of Parents and Children with the TERROR of Parental Alienation. Plus, they rationalize that they need the “discipline” of the destructive, depraved conspiracy, party or movement BECAUSE THEY ARE COWARDS and are afraid to breakaway, get to the ROOT of their problem with a responsible professional and begin their life as an honorable, reasonable, compassionate person who they PRETEND to be now.
Due my overwhelming evidence in public records in America and my right to return to Israel to live as a Jew pursuant to the sacred Law of Return; those who foolishly continue to SPONSOR THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION are most likely going to destroy themselves with stress, due to some disease and will be as good as dead because they will be unable to be active in the destructive, depraved conspiracy, party or movement and will live out their lives loveless and full of shame.

Innocence is very powerful. Guilty, shameless people will sooner or later have the stigma of contempt and will be destroyed by THEIR OWN depravity and unworthiness as history has proven. Their behaviors will lead to their disgrace which has been happening already.

I am thrilled with all the truth which has been exposed and I am confident that Parental Alienation will end in America, Israel and other places Worldwide where it has not already been deemed a very serious crime. Remember, it is a MIRACLE OF GOD that I and many of you reading this have survived all of this terror and have been able to thrive in some ways too while enduring this TERROR.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,




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