Holy Madness and the Fall of Humanity

What kind of person or organization would condone and encourage taking children, teens and young adults AWAY from their loving, law-abiding Mother so they can steal her property and income at the time or divorce and thereafter and also evade taxes and use and abuse the Children?

TERRORISTS would commit such unconscionable, evil acts or more accurately as Franz Kafka, Fyodor Dostoevsky and other acclaimed authors have written; those who think they have IMMUNITY from arrest and prosecution due to their “authority.”

As Kafka’s and Dostoevsky’s novels and other works show; it is extremely sinister and very evil to harm vulnerable people instead of honestly and compassionately trying to help them and doing what is in THEIR best interest.

Parental Alienation is Inhumane Tragic Horror as any reasonable person knows since the love between a Mother and her Children is very sacred. Even the US Constitutions states this love should be strongly protected.

The email below shows the obvious truth which is that Jewish organizations, its leaders and the other defendants of my lawsuit are TERRORISTS LIKE HITLER. Their soul and their shame and guilt will destroy them as history has shown.

My family history shows this too because my sick, controlling, abusive father’s shame destroyed him when he was in his early 60’s and died of a heart attack while vacationing in Europe. He must have been filled with so much shame and guilt for all that he had done that he could not even relax while on vacation. He must have felt he needed to constantly look over his shoulder while even on vacation. All his money, power and connections obviously could not help him.

Dostoevsky very accurately shows in one of my favorite novels; “Crime and Punishment” that the soul, shame and guilt of people like this will destroy them.

Kafka describes this destruction as “Kafkaesque” because it shows inhumane, brutal control of vulnerable children, teens and young adults and Totalitarian politics, not Democracy or freedom for all. Kafka’s novel “The Trial” represents Judaism falling apart where Kafka questions the guilt and shame of Jews and their sick, immoral, corrupt and unconscionable behaviors in comparison with the teachings of the Talmud which is a very sacred Jewish book.

***Kafka, like many children, teens and young adults who are suffering from Parental Alienation, was made to feel like a failure by his father and was separated from his mother. (JUST LIKE MY THREE CHILDREN) .As a result Kafka became very sick JUST LIKE MY THREE CHILDREN who for 8 years now refuse to even contact me, their loving, law-abiding Mother based on lies and threats; not reason.

As many experts have proven, my Children are acting very sick and unreasonable and refuse to help themselves by: 1) contacting me so I can help them in many positive ways as I have helped myself; 2) and also by getting competent therapy themselves so they can be responsible by taking care of themselves and not letting their problems fester and continue to become more and more severe.

***Any reasonable person knows my three Children would benefit greatly from receiving my love, guidance and knowledge and spending time with me as they benefited when they did this all their life until the time of the divorce as many facts show.

But to make matters worse for my Children; not one Jewish leader, organization or relative will help my Children reunite with me so all of us will no longer show characteristics of those suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome.

This is horror beyond belief.

Here is my email which shows more of this horror and we call these Jews and other defendants leaders? They will continue to fall and truth, love and God will prevail. Just watch as you try to help those in your community by sharing the truth. Here is the email:

Dear Defendants Jewish Leaders and Jewish Organizations in California and Nationally and also my mother. (My mother set up a fraudulent grantor trust and used my social security number. I became aware of this 30 years ago and had to sue her, her lawyer and others involved to regain the sole use of my social security number and my freedom. My case helped change the “kiddie trust” laws so these trusts could no longer be used for tax evasion. Now as the facts show; the current TAX EVASION vehicles are non-profits’ 501(c)(3) agreements and the use of Limited Liability Corporations ALONG WITH Parental Alienation to emotionally, psychologically and financially destroy their victim.).

As my wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me when he had his leg amputated; I taught my children to be PROUD of their birth defects and GRATEFUL they do not have others. My infant daughter was even part of the study and changed medical procedures because I agreed to perform some tests at home and bring her in for other tests.
This is making our world a better place which Jews are COMMANDED to do and NONE OF YOU professionally or individually will help me reunite with them. Why????

This is horror beyond belief and I am sure all of you are greatly suffering for all of your shame and other problems to behave this way. Where is your compassion and kindness? End your suffering and help me and my children and millions like us suffering from Parental Alienation.

REASONABLY, please tell me one reason you won’t help?
Attached is a photo of the vanilla and chocolate chip coconut macaroons I made for Passover. I made some chicken soup today and tomorrow I am making the matzo balls and the Seder plate and some more desserts.

***It is truly a shame I do not even know where my Children are and what they have been doing for the past 8 years and no one will help us reunite OR EVEN START COMMUNICATING.

Passover is a holiday about Exodus and Freedom so maybe my Children will become strong enough to reach out to me and obtain their freedom as they exit the world of lies, threats, manipulations and abuse; not love. Time will tell.

The obvious truth cries out of how sick humanity has become to destroy the love between a Mother and her Children so they can profit.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org


Parental Alienation Solutions Wanted to mention; I cannot tell you exactly how the lawsuit against my mother, father, sister and their attorney ended because the agreement was that the file would be sealed and the settlement would not be disclosed. I need a court order to do both of those. Wanted you to know this because otherwise, I would disclose the settlement.

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