Home, what should this place represent?

1. Should “home” be a place where precious children, which includes teens and young adults, are told lies about their loving mother (father) by their sick, abusive parent and suffer many emotional, psychological and physical problems as a result?

 2. Should “home” be a place where the loving mother (father) is being treated in very disrespectful, demeaning ways by the children based on these lies?

However, when the loving mother cries out for help to her spouse of many years, who is secretly encouraging this behavior; he tells the children to call the police since their mother is obviously acting out of control and is very dangerous. She is crying for help as a REASONABLE PERSON would do who is being verbally abused for no legitimate reason especially by her precious, loving children. These precious children were taught to be kind, respectful and civil since they were born and this is a new disgraceful behavior.

 This scenario is part of the scheming, brainwashing and lies characteristic of parental alienation situations which have been experienced by millions of loving parents and their precious children brought on by an evil, sick, abusive parent and those aiding him or her.

This sick, evil parent obviously does not care about the well-being of his (her) spouse OR the children as he ignores the loving mother’s (father’s) cries for help to UNDERSTAND the reason for the change in their precious children’s behaviors.

He also ignores her cries for help to RETEACH the children the kind, loving, civil behaviors they used to express.

 This is not reasonable.

Instead this evil, sick parent makes the children and others, including the police, think that the loving parent is emotionally unstable as she is crying and astonished by the behaviors of her children she raised and taught to be respectful and civil as any loving, caring reasonable parent would be. Just imagine this happening to you.

ANY REASONABLE PARENT would not put up with abusive language from their children or others.

REASONABLE PEOPLE SET BOUNDARIES SO THEY ARE NOT ABUSED, especially by those who are supposed to love them and of all people should never BETRAY them.

 (Please note this is NOT the children’s fault at all, they are brainwashed). (1)

 Pure Evil, beyond words but happening to millions and millions of loving parents and children commonly when this evil, abusive spouse is secretly PLANNING to divorce the loving parent and thereafter. This is the undermining and brainwashing commonly associated with parental alienation. (1)

 3. Should “home” be a place where the evil, sick parent constantly encourages the precious children to act in these abusive ways toward their loving mother (father) in an effort to ENRAGE this loving mother, so fights break out and the children think their loving parent is very unstable, mean and angry?

This is a form of EMOTIONAL ABUSE of the children along with emotional abuse of the loving mother (father)) and is happening to millions and millions of loving parents and children in the United States and worldwide. (1)

 ***As a result of the children’s abusive behavior and the loving parent’s REASONABLE response of being enraged; often the loving parent becomes physically sick and in many cases has been known to develop SEIZURES from the stress and emotional torture. (1)

The seizures just make the precious children think their loving mother (father) is “even more crazy” and should be “feared and hated more,” when they see her walk into walls, fall on the steps, lose her driver’s license, have to take medication and lose the vibrant, cheerful personality she once had. This is the emotional abuse associated with parental alienation and to believe our laws give custody to these sick, evil parents is heartbreaking.

 4. Should “home” be a place where the children think their loving mother (father) is crazy, mean, angry, should be feared and doesn’t love them anymore, while their evil, sick, abusive parent encourages these thoughts and lies?

Why? As a MOTIVATION TO GAIN FULL CUSTODY so he does not have to pay child support, receives tax and other financial benefits and has control of the children.

Consequently, millions of precious children are living in the custody of these evil, sick, abusive parents and have alienated their loving parent from their life; which is exactly what this evil, sick parent wanted.

***He (she) USED THE CHILDREN to destroy the sacred, loving parent/child relationship based on his lies and schemes to obtain monetary benefits, control and other sick commonly illegal reasons.(1)

These are the behaviors of abusers and they also often use the evil tools of intimidation, money and isolation.

 If the children are ISOLATED from those who will tell them the truth and try to help them, this sick, evil parent will lose his control and all the monetary benefits our current laws provide. This is why these evil, sick abusive parents obtain restraining orders, tell the children to block the loving parent’s emails, voice mail messages and all other communications.

THIS DESCRIBES HOW THIS BRAINWASHING AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE OCCURS in millions of emotional torture situations called Parental Alienation.

 Millions of children are trying to survive in this abusive “home,” as evil and corrupt clergy, relatives, doctors, lawyers, judges and many others turn their heads and even accept money and other benefits from these abusers. Pure Evil. (1)

 ***Don’t you think it is time society unites and changes the laws so our children and loving parents can live in a “home” which is synonymous with acts of kindness, compassion, understanding, honesty and of course love?

Betrayal, abuse of all kinds, brainwashing and undermining should be prohibited in a “home.”

 As God instructed the Israelites when they were leaving their “home” of slavery in Egypt, they needed a “strong hand and an outstretched arm.” Meaning; they needed to keep moving forward and never return to the evil ways of slavery, abuse, betrayal, lies and other corrupt ways they experienced in Egypt.

 Thus, one should not always return “home” and instead should build a “new home” filled with healthy values and behaviors and only allow those to enter who practice these healthy ways and who also try to enrich and help others, not betray or harm them. The acclaimed author Chaim Potok in “The Chosen,” comes to this conclusion and also stresses the importance of being reasonable and understanding.

 A popular ancient legend from Prague called “The Golem” was created so Jewish children would feel protected. The Golem went around the city (like Batman, Superman and other super heroes) protecting Jewish children. According to the legend, the Golem still lies dormant in Prague waiting to be awaken.

Do you think all of us are the Golem for ALL the millions of children and loving parents who are suffering from the harms caused by the emotional torture and child abuse of parental alienation and also other abuses which can follow?

If not I, then who?

(1)- Parental Alienation Solutions Background page http://www.palienation.org/background/

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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