Honest and Worthy Leaders

Honest and worthy leaders do what is best for the health, safety and welfare of mankind like Winston Churchill who stood up to Hitler, Abe Lincoln who stood up to those who promoted slavery and Benjamin Netanyahu who is standing up to the current day terrorists; a nuclear Iran and Iran’s terrorist friends.

***I applaud Benjamin Netanyahu and I hope many realize the courageous leader he is and his important mission not just for Israel but for all of us in this world.

Honest and worthy leaders don’t care what unreasonable, foolish, sick, evil and uninformed people think as they try to line their greedy pockets like the Jewish leaders and organizations in the United States do in situations of parental alienation along with Christian leaders and organizations like Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. 

If you don’t believe me, trace millions of dollars and property from MY community estate which my ex-husband, sick and very evil and corrupt MARK F. HASSMAN entrusted to these Jewish and Christian organizations and so called leaders who knew or should have known the money and other property is mine and should be distributed to me, immediately. A judge, law firms, business executives, a 401k plan administrator, Cate School who abused my son, an accounting firm, joint venture partners, a current wife, an ex-mother-in- law and many others go along too as this is “profitable” for them too at the EXPENSE of loving Mothers and their Daughters and Sons. They think they are “entitled” to treat loving Mothers and their Children this way and have for decades as bestselling author Stephen Fried describes in Chpt 2 of “The New Rabbi.” Well, I will not tolerate this behavior nor should I.

So, I follow these honest and worthy leaders along with my wonderful Grandfather Ben and wonderful Judge James S. Sfekas I clerked for and forge forward with truth for the well being of mankind so Loving Mothers and their Children, Teens and Young adults will not be abused and deceived in many ways and harmed financially too as I will end the corrupt and unlawful and immoral secret practice of parental alienation using 501c3 and other agreements unlawfully so these criminals can PROFIT from stealing the loving Mother’s property and destroying her bond she had with her children.

If not I, then who?

I AM an honest and true Jew like Benjamin Netanyahu who would never sacrifice the well being of Loving Mothers and their Children for money and other profits. I stand with you Netanyahu and I know we stand with important company; those who are kind, caring, honest and compassionate and care about tikkun olam; making our world a better place for ALL, not for some “entitled” corrupt leaders. Unfortunately, we may have to bring many to their knees before they begin to care about important issues and not just themselves and their greed.

I know you will do great and I will tune in later to see the wonderful and courageous progress you made Bibi and thank you!!! You are a true Jewish leader.

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