3) Did you not think reasonably or morally? 

4) Do you have STUBBORN PRIDE and refuse to be open minded to new and better ideas and trends? Remember, Capitalism constantly brings about new changes and those who honestly and effectively help instill these new changes will be the next group of honest, successful leaders which others will look up to for HONEST, MORAL GUIDANCE.

***A successful leader also learns from the mistakes of OTHERS, by being AWARE of their mistakes and FOCUSING so they do not make the same immoral and/ or inefficient choices in their life.

In addition, people, including children must have the FREEDOM to be HELD RESPONSIBLE for their choices so that they develop self-esteem and self-confidence and have a desire to make important, honest and moral accomplishments and be productive and proud of themselves. 

Being held responsible for your choices instills a sense of pride instead of shame for being FORCED to follow unacceptable behavior of lies, schemes, manipulations and cheating by some corrupt, immoral, uncaring sick father or other person even if they have a professional title.

If people, which includes children are not held responsible; they are then just following orders and feel like slaves being CONTROLLED. 
They are not able to use their own mind, heart and soul to make their own choices and do not care about reaching their potential. Often they care about ESCAPING life so they turn to drugs, alcohol, gambling and other obsessions.

A successful leader, which includes a Mother, holds her Children responsible for their acts. This is IMPORTANT because the Law holds Children responsible for their acts, especially when they become adults. Our laws in the United States expect adults to be honest, kind, compassionate, law-abiding people.

As many successful leaders have said which is stated in one of the classic business books;

“In Search of Excellence;” it is important for Professionals, Mothers and other leaders to get out of the Ivory tower to OBSERVE AND TALK to your employees, children, customers, vendors and others associated with your business or family. This is part of communication and WITHOUT EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, a family or business will fall apart.

***Accordingly, when PARENTAL ALIENATION is created and perpetuated, the family unit falls apart and the Children of all ages and their alienated Mother (father) severely suffer psychologically, emotionally, financially and in many other ways. This is no secret but what experts have proven will occur. [www.PAlienation.org]

My lawsuit (‪#‎BC580980‬) involves Parental Alienation and the deprivation of many of my Legal and Constitutional rights including the right to have a legal divorce, custody and visitation, not have unlawful civil restraining orders requested and granted against me, and not have false and misleading criminal lawsuits filed against me which have all been dismissed.
Corrupt JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE dismissed the defendants: 
2) her corrupt court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN and;
3) the corrupt law firm representing my husband SEASTROM & SEASTROM; and then 
4) on a later date dismissed the rest of the corrupt defendants based upon the same unlawful reasons and others too. She also dismissed these defendants WITHOUT giving me my Right to Due Process. 

I appealed both of these cases since corrupt JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE should have never dismissed this lawsuit especially without hearing the facts on their merits.
I recently received a notice from the CA Court of Appeal that based upon my request, BOTH cases have been consolidated into one case in the CA Court of Appeal, case ‪#‎B267984‬ and I am thrilled.

As usual, with my legal skills, experience, integrity and compassion and also since my health has returned enough; I wrote the motion with the points and authorities. As I have been saying, truth will prevail, just watch.

Continuing, the manipulation and brainwashing goes on with acts of Parental Alienation by not only the very sick Father (mother) but also by those who are working with him with the purpose that all of them can TOGETHER keep the Wife/Mother and her Children in such a severe state of emotional abuse, torture and terror so they can more easily steal the Wife/Mother’s community property, savings and income.
This corrupt and unconscionable manipulation and brainwashing has been displayed by many at SINAI TEMPLE:
1) It appears RABBI DAVID WOLPE is employed to HACK computers of those like me who question THEIR CORRUPT BUSINESS PRACTICES of using their 501(c)(3) agreements, acts of parental alienation and others.
By HACKING my computer Sinai Temple can more correctly predict what I plan to do and plan their defense in my lawsuit.

Rabbi David Wolpe can also try to portray the false image that he is in love with me and wants to get together and marry me. This is just a distraction in hopes that I will abandon my lawsuit against SINAI TEMPLE by getting involved in a relationship with him. It appears he is hired to do this too. Also, as you know, hacking is illegal too but obviously they don’t’ care about that either.

2) The Executive Director of Sinai Temple HOWARD LESNER told me that if I dare call anyone again at Sinai Temple to help me obtain the information regarding the “contributions” my husband SECRETLY made so I can establish the net worth of my community estate and receive my 50 percent interest; he will have the Los Angeles Police arrest me; I don’t know on what legal or rational basis but this is what he said. Howard Lesner, refuses to:
1. help me obtain this legally required information so I can establish the net worth of my community estate and obtain a legal divorce contract;
2.explain why I was suddenly banned from coming to Sinai Temple even though I am an honest, compassionate law-abiding Woman and Mother and;
3. explain why Sinai Temple refuses to discuss, have classes, forums and other educational events on the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation even though this would be very beneficial for the Jewish community.

Honest, professional leaders, which include Mothers, know how to bounce back in an honest and moral way.
Harvey Mackey one of the best professional salesmen and leaders also said’ “When a person with money meets a person with experience, the person with the experience winds up with the money and the person with the money winds up with the experience.”

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences of which I have many because I do not ignore my experiences. Instead I have and continue to embrace my experiences with pride, dignity, honesty, reasonableness and also objectivity. I also have a lot of compassion and treat others as I want to be treated myself.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves: