How a Judge can humiliate, harass, publicly abuse and shame an honest, loving Mother for trying to expose the FACTS and the TRUTH

This post will show how a Judge can humiliate, harass, publicly abuse and shame an honest, loving Mother for trying to expose the FACTS and the TRUTH which the Judge repeatedly tries to SILENCE as these transcripts, which are part of public record show.

I just filed a document today so all these facts are AGAIN part of public record and show the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of 
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and all the Defendants I sued and some I have not sued yet who want to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by:

• Supporting a fraudulent divorce judgment and
• Supporting parental alienation.

This post should help others who experience this same behavior from a Judge which explains why Parental Alienation and Profiting from divorce at the expense of the Children and their loving Mother (father) has become an epidemic problem.

After reading some of these statements below made in court; do you think this Judge will be retiring in JAIL along with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and the Religious Leaders who are hiding MY money and property in their “Charitable Agreements”, the Law Firms which went along with this as did the court appointed-therapist, a private school, executives, joint venture partners, the new wife and others? 


This Judge and other defendants are using made up,fraudulent and false criminal allegations and harmless legal technicalities to try to deprive me of my contract, property, civil and other legal rights.

***I never had ANY criminal problems until:
1. my ex-husband and his new wife requested and JUDGE SILBAR granted CIVIL RESTRAINING ORDERS against me without any legal basis.

2. And I started to DEFEND MY LEGAL RIGHTS.

The defendants are trying to make me have a criminal record and ruin my law-abiding character I have had for my entire life of over 50 years so they can:
• fraudulently claim I have a criminal record;
• then they can fraudulently keep my 50% community property interest worth millions
– fraudulently reduce my spousal support to zero
• fraudulently claim I do not deserve a companionship with my Children

Friday there is a hearing to discuss these and other issues so I am fervently moving forward with EXPOSING the horrible truth of this Criminal Conspiracy to ABUSE CHILDREN and their LOVING MOTHER (father) to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE.

Here are some examples of the Judge’s statements she made in her public court. Judge Silbar shows she knows the divorce judgment is fraudulent but is intentionally ignoring this as the following shows:

Judge Silbar asked me: “Do you want to point out where in his income and expense declaration that you would like the court to look in determining whether he has a savings or retirement sitting somewhere?”

I responded: “In my Notice of Lodgement the 401k, and there is 401k profit sharing, there is also exhibit 3 the letter where it talks about $916,000 and $955,000- $455,500,I think this all adds up to approximately two million dollars that at the time the divorce proceedings were going on, this has not been accounted for.”

***Judge Silbar responded: “We are not here for that… do you have any evidence?”
I responded: “You asked me about savings. This where the savings are.”
Judge Silbar said: At the time of the dissolution, we divided those community assets.
***I said: “No, they were never disclosed, they were concealed.”

Judge Silbar then stated without looking at the stipulated judgment: We have been through that. You are not accurate on that.

Judge Silbar continues: “The court had no choice but to reduce the spousal support to zero, because he had no income. Mr. Hassman is now re-employed and therefore, spousal support is before the court again “
*** ( When discussing and calculating spousal support the law demands that the Judge MUST look at the net worth of the community estate and the paying spouse Mr. Hassman’s PERSONAL net worth, neither of which were disclosed; they have been kept a secret).

Judge Silbar: “So let me look at the most recent income and expense declarations.” 
She does not look at the stipulated judgment or the 4320 factors as the law requires and does not require proof of any assets and expenses as the following shows.

Judge Silbar continues to ignore the facts and the law and tries to take away my right to Due Process of Law:
I said: “My ex-husband claims he has no income, the numbers don’t add up.”
Judge Silbar states: “We are not here for that. We have already heard two motions from you seeking to set aside the judgment.”

I said: “What about the bonus agreement that you said you are going through.”
Judge Silbar states: “It’s not before the court. Again, now, if you talk over me I’m going to take your matter off calendar.”

***“Now you’ve been here twice before on previous motions to set aside prior stipulations, alleging all kinds of fraud and concealment by Mr. Hassman. I have denied those twice. We are not talking about those today.The only thing we are talking about today is spousal support.”

I said: “So if he’s insolvent, he said he’s been insolvent for years, how’s he getting approved for two Lexus loans, how did he get approved for all the Healthcare, how is he getting approved for $37,000?”
“I’d like to bring your attention to the hearing that we had together on April 2nd, 2014 where MARK F. HASSMAN talked about getting $37,000 of credit card expenses that went on his personal credit card. How does he get approved for this personal credit card limit if is so insolvent and how is he getting approved for two Lexus leases?”

There is so much more but this is just a sample of how a judge working with an ex-husband and lawyers and the others I mentioned above try to hide the TRUTH and cheat, harass and abuse a loving Mother and her Children.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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