How Abusers and other Terrorists try to SILENCE the Truth and the Messenger

        All about RABBI DAVID WOLPE upfront and personal; his lies, abuse, harassment and manipulations and also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OLDEST SON who is turning 26 years old this weekend. I have not seen or communicated with him since he was 19 years old, even though I am a loving, honest law-abiding Mother. Think this Parental Alienation is reasonable or all part of this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY I am exposing which according to my facts involves the following and maybe others too: 
RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple, 
my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, 
PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church, 
the law firms SEASTROM & SEASTROM; 
The Law Offices of ALAN SHIFMAN;
The Law Office of HARRIS GONZALEZ; 
the Court-Appointed Therapist ALAN LIBERMAN; 
MARJI KNITTER and her husband MJ KNITTER; 
Paul A Moote and Associates, Inc., now called MOOTE COMPANIES, LLC;
STEVEN M. MUROW and other joint venture partners; 
THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA who has employed Judge Claudia Silbar; and MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY.

As the facts show in my Los County Superior Court case I filed ‪#‎BC580980‬; all of these above named defendants and possibly others have been WORKING TOGETHER to try to inflict me and my Children with very severe emotion distress and torture by:

• Destroying the loving and enriching companionship I shared with my three Children whom I raised as their stay-at-home Mother for about 18 years;

• Stealing my 50% community property interest from my community estate from my marriage of over 20 years with a net worth or value of many, many millions of dollars.

• Depriving me of receiving my lawful spousal support which I am legally entitled to;

• Requesting, granting and/or enforcing civil restraining orders against me which have no legal basis;

• Committing other acts of abuse, harassment, humiliation and oppression like refusing to help me:

–Reunite with my Children; 
–Enforce my custody and visitation rights; 
–Set aside the fraudulent and unlawful stipulated judgment so that my divorce can be legal and finalized;
–Rescind these fraudulent civil restraining orders;

–Understand what I could have possibly done to be banned from going to Sinai Temple which is INTERESTING because…I was banned around the same time my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN started to claim others were paying some of his expenses which are believed to be due to fraudulent “charitable” agreements, personal loans or other agreements he made with the defendants to hide and steal MY money and property I should have received at the time of the divorce which includes SINAI TEMPLE.

***SO WHAT IS AN HONEST WOMAN AND MOTHER SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN her mental and physical health returns in many ways and who has the legal skills to hold all of them accountable?
I believe she is to COME FORWARD with the TRUTH to end this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of profiting from divorce using parental alienation, and other acts of abuse and torture which is what I am doing. If not me, then who?

So with all of that said, I have more facts to expose.
As you know, the United States Constitution includes the right to FREE SPEECH for ALL, not some but ALL.

However, as history has shown, dictators, terrorists and others with serious control and power lust problems try to SILENCE those who:
1) do not agree with their very harmful and destructive beliefs and
2) TRY TO DEFEND THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS by exposing the TRUTH about their acts based upon their very harmful and destructive beliefs.

As many experts have proven, Parental Alienation is an epidemic problem in our society and in many countries today causing serious problems for the Children and their loving Mother (father). However, dictators and terrorists are commonly NOT reasonable and want to continue carrying out their terror so they can profit at the expense of others; not caring who they harm with their horrible, malicious and abusive acts; this includes those enforcing Parental Alienation.

As history has also shown, it is very important to SPREAD THE TRUTH so others are aware of the terrorism and abuse which is what I have done with my Facebook page and Website. 
I am constantly hacked with Trojan emails, emails from aliases and in other ways to try to silence me. 
My own Daughter told me she refused to attend the therapy DR. PHIL so graciously provided for us UNLESS I took down my website which is not reasonable. Think she was acting like a “puppet” for her father and the other defendants who have been trying to silence me?

Anyway, my evidence shows that RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE is behind a lot of the hacking. He also works for the Los Angeles Times writing some of the comics, headlines and the horoscope and uses the content to send messages to me to try to intimidate and control me and I am sure he does this to others too. This is like sending “secret” messages without really communicating. He also can control the songs which play on the Pandora station you choose to also try to influence you. 
This has been going on with me for several years and prior we used to communicate with emails.

I initially saw RABBI DAVID WOLPE for therapy regarding the Parental Alienation with the INTENT that he could help me reunite with my Children and remove my minor Son from his abusive conditions at CATE SCHOOL (as photos show which he saw). 
***At that time, I honestly thought he along with most Rabbis were honest and truly helped others. I was very much deceived as I explained above and my lawsuit explains in great detail.

Now and the next several weeks are a very special time for Jews because this is our High Holidays which is a time for reflection and change. 
I believe in Judaism but I no longer support organized Jewish religion and Jewish organizations because they go along with these abuses and terrorism as many facts show.
So, TO HELP OTHERS from falling PREY to these Jews’ fraudulent, abusive and terrorist ways, I sent the following message to many who follow RABBI DAVID WOLPE on the internet to REASONABLY WARN THEM, so they will not be fooled like I was:

“Do you know that Rabbi David Wolpe abuses Children and their Mother at the time of divorce by working with the wealthy ex-husband, lawyers and judge to hide the wife’s community property in the Temple’s “Charitable Agreements” and supporting acts of parental alienation to alienate the Children from their Mother so they are all so distraught and less likely to claim the millions of dollars he helped hide? 

Then Rabbi David Wolpe shares her money and property with all the others working together with him to steal and hide the money like the Judge, Lawyers, court-appointed Therapist, Executives and others. 

Why do you think divorce and parental alienation are such epidemic problems today? 
This is a Jewish Criminal Conspiracy. 
Please see my website and I have a $70 million lawsuit against Sinai Temple in Los Angeles County Superior Court case #BC580980. Rabbi David Wolpe is a sick criminal and so are many other Rabbis along with other Jewish Leaders who PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by harming Children and their loving Mother.”


Well, this morning the following appeared in the Los Angeles Times under my Pisces Horoscope which RABBI DAVID WOLPE writes: “Think twice before you suggest improvements or make changes today.” Also one of the Headlines today which RABBI DAVID WOLPE also writes said; “The field strikes back.” I also received a pop-up message on my Facebook page which is believed to be fraudulent and Facebook is looking into it now. 
***This behavior is TYPICAL of the INTIMIDATION Terrorists, Dictators and others with Control and Power problems use to SILENCE those who are trying to EXPOSE THE TRUTH so EXPECT THIS when you try to expose the TRUTH.

Well, I will not be silenced because this horrible and unconscionable truth MUST be exposed and this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY ended. Public records are filled with INCRIMINATING DOCUMENTS as many of my posts explain in more detail.

PLUS, I am NOT FEARFUL because I have already lost:
1) My very special and beautiful companionship I shared will each of my 3 Children;
2) My savings, retirement and other money and property worth millions of dollars from my marriage of over 20 years I should have received;
3) So, what more can they possibly do to me… FRAUDULENTLY shut down my website or Facebook page? Really? 
******Well, if this happens or if I am killed, you know all the people and organizations to suspect because they are listed above.********

***Now, to my oldest Son on his BIRTHDAY this weekend:

Please, can you articulate and tell me what RATIONAL BASIS you have for not communicating with me since the time of the divorce which has been over 7 years now? You know I am an honest, law-abiding, kind person who helped you and your brother and sister THRIVE in many ways. So, why do you refuse to contact me to have a civil discussion? This is not reasonable. Have you become corrupt too? Why? As an adult you are responsible for your own choices and your choices determine your destiny.

I really hope soon you decide to see and act upon the truth so you can have peace of mind and live in the world of Love as I raised you, no longer in the world of Hate.

***I HAVE PAVED THE WAY FOR YOU but you have to contact me because you refuse to return my messages. Also you must ACT with love, kindness and respect which is how I raised you because I will not get sick again. I know you can do it if you really want to and your birthday falls at a very special time, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I hope you do something very special, not just for yourself but for humanity as Jews and REASONABLE PEOPLE should. Happy 26th Birthday!
Love always,

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based on my years of knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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