How do you know when CONFORMITY IS WRONG and Why would someone DESTROY LOVE?

How do you know when CONFORMITY IS WRONG and you need to drive yourself to have the ambition to bring about change, not joining the ranks of the immoral by your cooperation or silence?

Also, why would someone DESTROY LOVE?

Wise, compassionate, honest people do not destroy, they BUILD and REBUILD and help others as they learn and grow in life.

However, those who NEVER LEARNED TO LOVE and are afraid to learn especially if they have huge egos, prestigious titles and think they are a king or queen and omniscient, are JEALOUS of those who have wonderful relationships.
They can’t admit that they have something to learn or could become a better person so THEY DESTROY what they don’t like, even though they know this is immoral and often illegal.

They have a GROWING RESENTMENT for their shame and inadequacies so they destroy those who make them realize this because they see them as a THREAT to their existence and immoral way of life.

***If they can structure it so not only do they DESTROY what they don’t like but can also make a PROFIT from their destruction; they think this is heaven for them.
This is what the Jewish Religion, Christianity and other religions have become today as RABBI DAVID WOLPE and PASTOR RICK WARREN and other Jews and religious leaders show by their REPEATED REFUSAL to reunite Loving Mothers and their Children whose special and positive relationships were destroyed at the time of divorce.

The alienating father enlists these religious leaders to assistance him in destroying the special relationship of a Mother and her Children because he also obviously has the problem of not being able to love and being JEALOUS and wanting to destroy love.

The alienating father, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and PASTOR RICK WARREN and other Jews and religious leaders are all PROFITING from their destruction of the special Mother/Children relationship because the undisclosed, concealed assets, income and other interests that should have been distributed to the Loving Mother at the time of divorce; have been “entrusted” to them in their 501c3, vow of poverty or other similar agreements.

They use their networks and influence to align corrupt and immoral Judges, Lawyers, Executives, Accountants, School Administrators, Joint Venture Partners, 401k Plan Sponsors, a new spouse and others to go along with their corruption and even threaten the children, teens and young adults to alienate their loving Mother by placing them in a “climate of fear,” which is a form a Slavery. They DESTROY LOVE FOR A PROFIT.

***The undisclosed and concealed assets, income and other property of the loving Mother is planned to be distributed to his corrupt, collective group when some statute of limitations has run. At that time the loving Mother can no longer reclaim her property which includes her savings and retirement money; so how is she supposed to survive? It is pure evil and corruption.

JOINING THE RANKS OF THE IMMORAL has caused these children, teens and young adults to suffer from many problems because they know that alienating their loving Mother is immoral and not what they want to do either but; they feel FORCED because they think they need to go along for their own survival. They also do not have the strength to stand up to their father and this collective group.
As a result they develop shame, lose their self esteem and have many other problems as experts have found. [].
These are some of the parts of Parental Alienation which must be addressed so this emotional abuse and terror can end.

Deceiving children, teens and young adults with lies, threats and schemes so they believe their Loving Mother has become horrible and must be alienated from their life is DESTROYING LOVE.

***How do you know when conformity is WRONG and you need to drive yourself to have the ambition to use your skills, experiences and resources to change what “is” and forge a better way for yourself and millions?

Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, who is from my hometown and we attended several of the same schools, was known for his ability to cryptically but elegantly respond to challenges that would generate anger.
With his wisdom and adroit skills he would focus immediately on the important issues, not allowing those with a corrupt, immoral hidden agenda to express their HATE SPEECH AND OTHER LIES. (See the recently released documentary “Mr. Civil Rights.”).

The influential Rabbi Leonard Beerman who recently passed away also forged forward making important social changes and stopping others from destroying love while encouraging his congregation to follow his lead.

The influential Rabbi Harold Schulweis, who recently passed away too, also had a MORAL CONSCIENCE.
He believed God does not work alone and those who use their knowledge, skills and experience to help stop others from destroying love and committing other evil and corrupt acts, will bring about social changes WITH God’s help.

Both influential Rabbi Leonard Beerman and influential Rabbi Harold Schulweis did not care if they insulted immoral Jews and other immoral people as they fought for social justice for ALL people.

They showed their courage and moral conscience by publicly berating the wealthy and influential who exploited others so they could profit at the EXPENSE of those who have less money, influence, skills, knowledge and experience; often betraying their trust.

Both of these influential Rabbis, my wonderful and wise
Grandfather Ben, the wonderful and wise Judge I clerked for
Judge James S. Sfekas and Justice Thurgood Marshall; all knew when it was important to AGREE TO DISAGREE, and when it WAS NOT.
It was not when others wanted to destroy love and exploit people for a profit. This is a dictatorship and abuse.

Destroying love and exploiting others, especially those who trust you like your Children and spouse, is what an alienating father, Rabbis, Pastors, other religious leaders, Judges, Lawyers, Executives, Accountants, School Administrators, Joint Venture Partners, 401k Plan Sponsors, a new spouse and others are doing when they REPEATEDLY REFUSE to help a loving Mother and her Children of all ages reunite and refuse to help the loving Mother receive her property, savings and retirement and other interests from her divorce.
This causes the Mother and her Children to remain in a state of emotional and financial devastation which is no way for mankind to live; as any reasonable person knows.

The Jews this week lost two influential leaders who were in the mainstream and fought for social justice using their voices, influence, resources, knowledge, passive resistance and their love for humanity.

I am not in the mainstream but I have a voice, knowledge, skills, love for humanity and of course love for my Children; so what other choice do I have? My social conscience will not allow me to become silent or cooperate with those who destroy love and commit other acts of social injustice. This is my OPPORTUNITY to forge forward and make positive changes in our society. This is what a loving Mother does, and I am a loving Mother.

As Rabbi Schulweis said, God works with those who have a social conscience and who hold those ACCOUNTABLE who destroy love and bring hate into his world.
I may not have my money and some of the other resources these mainstream influential leaders have or an alienating father (my ex-husband) has because he took my money.
However, I have a moral conscience and I am using it to hold those accountable who are destroying love and also profiting from destroying love.
As Rabbi Schulweis said, God is working with me.
Truth, love and God will prevail.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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