How Mayor Daley; President Obama and their famous “Chicago Political Machine” relates to the politics of those who have a Business Model of using Parental Alienation to Profit from Divorce…

 this includes so-called “religious” leaders and organizations like RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE and PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH.

I attended Northwestern University in Chicago and I am familiar with the Chicago political machine of Mayor Daley. Yes, it is true; he did turn the Chicago River green on St. Patrick’s Day but he is also known for doing many immoral, unlawful and very destructive acts too behind the scenes. Mayor Daley and those in his “influential” inner circle are known for promising someone the moon when they needed him or her but then once they got what they wanted; Mayor Daley and his corrupt inner circle never followed through with their end of the bargain. (In law this is the fraud called a “false promise”).

If you follow politics you know that PRESIDENT OBAMA from Chicago has also been known to use this famous “Chicago Political Machine” approach along with those in his inner circle composed of VALERIE JARRETT, his old friend from Chicago, and others like RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD of the Rabbinic Assembly who is member of the PRESIDENT OBAMA’s Religion Council. Don’t forget that RABBI DAVID WOLPE also spoke at one of PRESIDENT OBAMA’s events.

This famous “Chicago Political Machine” tactic of promising the moon but then as planned, reneging on your promise is why Bill and Hillary Clinton do not get along at all with Barack and Michelle Obama. Reliable sources claim the Obamas used Bill Clinton for his political clout to get Obama elected in exchange for Obama helping Hillary in her election now. This is why you have not seen Obama campaigning for Hillary. 
(Please note, I am NOT a supporter of Hillary AT ALL because she just lies and cheats and does what she needs to do to get what she wants and does not care who she harms as her political record shows along with what many insiders have claimed. The American people I believe are catching on to Hillary’s lying ways, which is great as the truth will always prevail).

Nonetheless, what this famous “Chicago Political Machine” tactic of promising the moon but then intending to renege once in power and/or already in power but have received what you wanted, is what corrupt leaders and organizations do. 
They believe that once they are in power and have control; they do NOT have to follow the laws of keeping a promise because they think they can make the laws and SILENCE those who disagree with them or try to force them to uphold their end of the bargain.

This is what many have tried to do to me for over seven(7) years now because I try to expose the truth, and continue to do so with regards to exposing the criminal conspiracy of all those involved in using abusive, immoral and unlawful acts of Parental Alienation to Profit from Divorce as my lawsuit in LASC case ‪#‎BC580980‬ clearly shows.

Those who implement this famous “Chicago Political Machine” tactic of promising the moon and then intentionally reneging on their promise as planned and SILENCING those who disagree; think they are NOT on equal footing with the rest of Society and the World too but are on higher ground. They think and act like they have their own “Private Monopoly” and can therefore STRIP honest-law abiding Mothers and her Children of all ages and others too of their legal, fundamental and civil rights.
Then as you try to expose the truth; they try to harm you by making up lies and false and very misleading allegations against you to falsely incriminate you which is what all my DISMISSED criminal lawsuits against me have shown and also this new PENDING one. These are just a few examples too.

Their acts are a violation of the GOVERNMENT POLICE POWER they were given as some are Judges and employed by the government and others are organizations or leaders of organizations which have non-profit status from the government; others are court-appointed by the Judges to give therapy or do other acts and fall under this police power and others have corporate licenses or other licenses to operate from the Secretary of State. 
Others are just immoral and will take advantage of anyone because they think they are so powerful like PHIL SEASTROM of the law firm licensed by the Secretary of State SEASTROM & SEASTROM who swore “under the penalty of perjury” that my Complaint in LASC case # BC580980 regarding my fraudulent divorce involving acts of Parental Alienation is “baseless.” SEASTROM’s law firm NEMECEK AND COLE, which is also licensed by the Secretary of State, concurs as public records show.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE even said himself in his recent interview with Rabbi Yanklowitz appearing on his Facebook post that; Judaism is supposed to “nourish” Jews.

Any person with a sound mind knows or should know that HITLER and also many psychologists and other experts have proven: destroying the bond between a loving, fit, honest Mother and her Children of all ages does not “nourish” them but destroys them. 
(Btw, I think BEN CARSON is very intelligent and has very good intentions. If you take the time to OBJECTIVELY review his comments, even the one regarding Hitler; you will see that he makes a lot of sense and is trying to “nourish” people emotionally and financially as he did physically when he was an acclaimed Johns Hopkins surgeon. Sometimes using HITLER as a comparison really makes the point very clear as I hope I have…that is; destroying the bond between millions of Jews and their children of all ages and others too during the Holocaust was the direct cause of destroying the lives of many millions of Jews just as Parental Alienation has done since the 1970’s as bestselling author Stephen Fried and experts have proven with facts.)

Is RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE, PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH and the Judge, Law Firms, court-appointed Therapist, Executives, my ex-husband and his current wife, CATE SCHOOL and others I have sued because they use and CONTINUE to use acts of Parental Alienation to Profit from Divorce instead of reasonably and diligently addressing this epidemic problem including reuniting honest, law-abiding Mothers with their Children of all ages; all become THE MODERN DAY HITLERS?

***I can’t wait to hear RABBI DAVID WOLPE and other religious leaders and the law firms representing them including NORTON & MELNIK which is representing SINAI TEMPLE in my LASC case # BC580980 explain on the stand to a jury how using acts of Parental Alienation to Profit from Divorce is, in RABBI DAVID WOLPE’s own words, “nourishing” which is what Judaism is supposed to be and also in PHIL SEASTROM’s words, that my complaint is “baseless.”

***Don’t forget, a law firm cannot help a client carry out a fraud or any illegal acts WITHOUT being held accountable themselves. I proved this over 25 years ago when I was 27 years old. My parents’ law firm helped them fraudulently use my social security number by setting up a fraudulent grantor trust to avoid paying taxes. This was the law firm of Louis Glick and Leonard Kohlenstein in Baltimore, Maryland. Thus, I PERSONALLY have already clearly established this precedent on my side along with other laws and cases which are also very reasonable.

Do you REASONABLY and OBJECTIVELY STILL think the law does not apply to me and I do not deserve to have a legal divorce? Instead, do you REASONABLY and OBJECTIVELY STILL think all those involved have a right to take MY millions of dollars of assets from my divorce and destroy my wonderful and very healthy bond I shared with my Children since the day each one of them was born?

Think the tactics of the famous “Chicago Political Machine” are at work and/or some other schemes, lies and machinations? Well, time will tell as I believe Truth, Justice and of course God will always prevail as MY life shows.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and vast experiences. Have a great day and those who are doing corrupt acts, think about truly changing your corrupt policies and not just SUBSTITUTING one policy of corruption for another.

Our Choices Determine Our Destiny.” Neither RABBI DAVID WOLPE nor PHIL SEASTROM said this; it was said by the very wise and well intended philosopher Carl Jung and many other wise people.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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