How some Enemies can become Friends; if their Ego does not take over

People are imperfect and will always make mistakes. However, if they have good intentions and don’t let their egos get in the way; they will correct their mistakes, help those they have harmed and also PROUDLY learn from the experience and even share it with others so they can learn too.

As a result, this is how ENEMIES, who are smart enough not to let their ego get in the way, HAVE BECOME FRIENDS.
They have an understanding of the errors of their old ways and want to join forces with those bringing about positive changes which can be very empowering and very effective for everyone.

Encouraging someone to use their unique and special skills and talents to help themselves and others learn and make worthwhile accomplishments is not only fun but; also brings you a sense of purpose and self esteem.

So, as the wonderful Judge I clerked for taught me; give people the “benefit of the doubt” to SHOW YOU, not tell you, they have changed and are making their changes permanent.
This is very enriching for everyone and the sky is the limit as to what changes this can lead to.
***Just make sure positive intentions along with honest communication are part of the daily routine.
This is a winning combination.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder;



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