How to easily explain Parental Alienation and why it is a Living Hell, like a modern day Holocaust

Parental Alienation is a living hell, like a modern day Holocaust, for both the loving parent and their precious alienated children who have literally been taken from their loving arms as Hitler and his soldiers did to children years ago.

Like back then, these parents and children, which includes teen and adult children, are no longer part of each other’s world or life.                                                                          

This is due to:
1-lies and horrid schemes of the sick, evil parent (who is like a Hitler ripping the children away from their loving parent)
2- and the lies and horrid schemes of those aiding this parent (like Hitler’s soldiers); who all commonly have control problems and other personality and emotional disorders,
3-these precious children are made to think their loving parent is crazy, mean or should be feared.

Every day, millions of loving parents wake up knowing that their precious children are being told more lies and are harmed in other ways too by their sick, divorced spouse and those aiding this parent in controlling the children.
They have all formed an alliance and are betraying the children for monetary and other benefits.

For example, before the time of separation and divorce which was before the children had been turned against the loving mother or father many of these precious children:
• Were in very good physical shape
• They were on sports teams, exercised and ate well
• Held leadership positions at school
• Did well academically and also balanced this with healthy hobbies like playing sports, music lessons etc.
• Did not cuss
• Did not lie
• Were respectful and did not bark orders telling others what they must do.
• Always called their loving mother (father) on holidays and birthdays or got together if they were in town
• Would never continuously ignore their loving mother (father) like they don’t exist. Instead, they would have returned their emails and voice mails.
• Were reasonable and did not have an angry, entitled attitude
• Were happy and could have calm, civil conversations.
• Were responsible and did what they said they would do.
• Were confident, not insecure and did not have a need to bully others.
• Did age appropriate things and were not controlled by a sick parent.
For example, not allowing them to get a driver’s license or attend therapy or celebrate their graduation or birthday with their other divorced parent. (the loving, caring, reasonable but now the alienated one who lives in this hell).

The destruction of this loving parent/child relationship at the time of separation and divorce has caused many of these children to suffer from these problems. They have also lost hope and their cheerful spirit. Their spirit and soul have been broken by the sick, evil parent and those aiding him (her).

***Consequently, the children feel like they are in a cage or are slaves since they are not allowed to discuss their sudden problems or attend therapy to figure out their sudden behavior changes. This is one of the reasons I went on the Dr. Phil show so I could FINALLY get reunification therapy.
But do you know that even though my ex-husband and his new wife told Dr. Phil they supported the reunification of a relationship with my daughter and myself; they never tried to arrange plans for the holidays or encourage my daughter to even call me.

***I just feel very sorry for my daughter as I know they are just telling her more and more lies because otherwise she would have called me.
She never used to lie or act this way and I know this is not her fault. This is all part of the brainwashing.
Even the therapist Dr. Phil arranged for us to meet with is waiting for my daughter to call to set up the therapy during her Spring break from college.
She used to be very responsible. I know my daughter, as she told Dr. Phil, wants me back in her life but she must be controlled by my ex-husband and her step-mother who must not really want this reunification even though they said they did. Just more lies.
I hope my daughter has the strength to call the therapist so we can begin the reunification therapy as planned and Dr. Phil so graciously provided. It will also be interesting to see if her father and step-mother make any efforts towards the reunification as they told Dr. Phil they would.

I believe many more telling facts will be exposed soon which will shed light on more issues involved in this parental alienation as there is a court hearing coming up involving some financial issues. It often takes time for the truth to be revealed especially when others form an alliance to help this sick, abusive alienating parent.

Thus, millions of loving parents, like myself live in a type of hell, watching as our precious children we raised have their spirit broken and are taught very evil and dysfunctional behaviors like lying, cheating and bullying. They are also praised and rewarded for being disrespectful to their loving parent.

***Watching your precious, wonderful children INTENTIONALLY being turned into dysfunctional people who are wasting their beautiful potential is hell. Any reasonable, compassionate person would understand this. This is what parental alienation is.

***The evil, sick alienating parent is like Hitler who tore children away from their loving parents, and those aiding this parent are like Hitlers too or Hitler’s soldiers as they are helping.
Some of those helping this parent include clergy, teachers, doctors, lawyers and even judges.

One never has the privilege or is entitled to abuse children or others. If they think they do, which many do, they have the same narcissistic disorders and other personality and emotional disorders as many sick, evil parents.

For evil to prevail, good men and women do nothing. Instead, stand up to these evil individuals and organizations in your community by questioning why they aren’t speaking or writing about parental alienation or having discussion groups or trying to reunite the children with their loving parent. (Especially clergy since this is their duty and responsibility)
***If these people or organizations refuse to help and then the sick, evil parent is found to have committed fraud and other illegal acts, they too could possibly be liable since by their intentional actions, they condoned such behavior and maybe even accepted contributions. Often they have a duty to protect the children or families and the community. In other words, their nonfeasance could be a breach of their duties and they could be liable and maybe even lose their professional licenses.

We have to hold them accountable so they will change their evil ways and learn to help our precious children and loving parents, not help to emotionally abuse them and keep them intentionally living in this hell as they desperately long to be reunited.

If not I, then who?

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-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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