How to Find Integrity, Compassion and Love in a World of Immorality and Corruption

Searching for integrity, compassion and love in a world filled with immoral people; including teachers, coaches, rabbis, priests, executives and others with “prestigious” titles who most would not expect to be immoral and harm innocent children, teens and young adults and their loving Mother.
Here is how to do it. ***Know their weapon is to catch you off guard so they can more easily take advantage of you.
They try to make you think they are moral and only do good things and you should contribute to their causes or have sex with them too; as the news has reported for years.


JUST WATCH and you will see the truth of how immoral they are.

They try to act CHARMING too but; they are only trying to win your friendship so they can take advantage of you.

Ask people in your community too and you will probably hear stories to confirm the truth.

***They think it is a game to lie, deceive and even intimidate you so you will do what they want; they love CONTROL. Sick, weak, cowards prey on innocent, inexperienced children and their loving Mother and exploit them; this includes those with prestigious titles.

*** Predators and Terrorists of all kinds look to attack weaker people, not the strong ones that will be harder for them to defeat.

So do what is reasonable and don’t believe their lies and stories which are usually not reasonable and do not make sense.

Don’t start emailing rabbis or others on a regular basis either as I know of problems that have resulted due to their lies and schemes.

Predators and Terrorists know most people have their guard down and are vulnerable when they come to see them for advice so this is when they will try to take advantage of you. It may start out slowly but little by little they will try to control your mind and your actions; even using Trojan email messages and aliases to try to put thoughts into your mind.

Just think logically and reasonably and delete them and just know to EXPECT THIS from these sick people; regardless of their prestigious titles. This is what sick, evil people with psychological, emotional, control and power lust problems do.

This is their WAY OF LIFE so just expect it and don’t spend your time with them. Sometimes they try to figure out what you are doing too; like in my situation since they know I am aware I have a fraudulent divorce which is all connected to the Parental Alienation which they are involved in or have been “compensated in some way” by my ex to find out information. This is where the 501(c)(3), vow of poverty and other agreements have been used which IRS has been trying to crackdown on for years.

They know I will never forget about my Children and trying to help them.  So they want to figure out what I am doing to help my Children because they want to keep us alienated so they can do other corrupt, immoral acts.  Many experts explain this is quite common.

So they keep using all kinds of lies, schemes, hacking my computer and other things to harass me.

They think this is funny and fun for them as I was told professionally and also typical behavior of narcissists and sociopaths.

This is horrible and evil beyond words but a reality.

As I have written before, this is what Rabbis, Jewish Organizations and Jewish Leaders have been doing since the 1970’s.
They PROFIT from destroying the special relationship a loving Mother has with her Children at the time of divorce by helping the sick, evil father who has psychological, control and power lust problems but is also WEALTHY and WELL CONNECTED. [] Predators and Terrorists of all kinds act like they are your friend while they are telling lies and false stories about you; destroying your relationship with your children and also secretly taking your assets and spousal support by the use of their 501(c)(3) and vow of poverty agreements or other means.

They are terrorists behind “religious” garb or a prestigious executive title so just beware.

Also, don’t worry if they trick you once; this is how we learn lessons in life.

As Hemingway’s classic novel, “The Sun Also Rises” shows; YOU CAN BE HARMED AND BENEFIT BECAUSE YOU COME BACK STRONGER AND WISER.
Hemingway’s novel “The Old Man and the Sea,” also shows how important it is to stay focused on your positive and productive goals in life and don’t let the evil and sick Predators distract you.
Know they will try because they refuse to get help and learn how to be moral, happy and get rid of their shame for all the horrible things they have done.
So what?
Just learn from them what NOT to do and stay focused on your important goals. This is how you can find integrity, compassion and love in a world filled with immoral people.
Once you start doing fun, worthwhile activities you will meet others like you that are doing the same too.
So have fun, focus your mind, be reasonable, have confidence in yourself and don’t let these evil sick executives, rabbis, priests, teachers, coaches and others intimidate you.
Be strong and then they will avoid you.

Also, never let them shame you by saying things like what is wrong with you or why can’t you be happy or why do you cause so many problems. They are trying to shame you so they can then control you. Don’t fall for this scheme.

Also, never settle.

If you are in a bad relationship, which includes a work relationship, a friendship, a partner and all types of relationships; IF YOU CANNOT REACH REASONABLE AGREEMENTS;get out or you will regret it and regret yourself,
Never be afraid to move forward and grow.
Take care of yourself too and make yourself physically as well as emotionally stronger and if you do this alone you will meet new people so don’t be afraid; be excited for the opportunity.
Also, the Jewish Holidays are beginning soon and I sent many Jewish leaders emails and voicemails, including HOWARD LESNER, Executive Director of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD of the Rabbinic Assembly in NY that I hope this New Year they realize HOW SICK THEY ARE and they get help so they can stop harming millions of LOVING JEWISH MOTHERS and THEIR WONDERFUL CHILDREN of all ages as they have been doing since the 1970’s.
Instead I hope that they change by reuniting these Mothers and their Children and stop continuing to destroy their minds, manipulate, exploit and control them and realize they are sick and evil for doing this. Also, if they refuse to get help and choose to continue this evil practice, I hope something happens where they are forced to reasonably stop; just like Hitler was forced to stop harming millions of loving Mothers, Children and others. ***This is reasonable since reasonable people do not want evil people to continue their evil ways as in the US we are trying to stop other terrorists like ISIS who also harm loving Mothers, Children and others.
Can you imagine our world if these evil terrorists changed or were stopped so their evil would no longer harm others?
This is what I wish as a Jew for the coming New Year; that this evil destruction of the special bond between Loving Mothers (fathers) and their Children of all ages is recognized, prohibited and those harmed are reunited and begin again leading beautiful lives together as stronger, wiser and compassionate people. I will do my part to help others recognize this problem affecting millions and the need to bring about changes so we can end this emotional torture, terror and brainwashing commonly occurring at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation. I am a peaceful person so I do things peacefully.
These Jews seem to focus on wealthy, influential husbands/fathers with prestigious titles and influence so they can PROFIT more. This is evil beyond words but many of us are kind, loving, caring and capable people and have the will to help others understand this emotional torture and bring about change. If there is a will there is a way as we keep getting stronger and wiser too.
I will NEVER forget my children and NEVER stop trying to help them as millions of other loving Mothers (fathers) feel the same.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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