How to Swim with Sharks in this Corrupt World, WITHOUT Selling Your Soul.

We have two (2) choices regarding how we CHOOSE to live our life:

To begin understanding our two choices you must first realize that there WILL ALWAYS BE corrupt and immoral people who will always try to intimidate and tempt others to believe they MUST become part of their corrupt and immoral gang or group. This includes professionals with many degrees and impressive titles; so don’t be fooled.

You must also understand that there WILL ALWAYS BE new inventions that come along and with each new invention there will always be those who try to cheat others like currently Hackers do on the internet.

You must also understand that these corrupt professionals with impressive titles and others like them are FULL OF SHAME for all the things they have done but; they refuse to get help. They also refuse to have civil, respectful discussions.
Instead they have chosen to give ultimatums, lie, manipulate, deceive and INITIATE VIOLENCE in other ways.

With these understandings; everyone has two (2) choices which will ultimately DETERMINE YOUR CHARACTER. (so choose wisely)

***You can either live your life using REASON or live your life using AUTHORITY. (Remember, no one is perfect but if you have good INTENTIONS; you can reasonably resolve your disagreements in a civil, respectful manner if the other person is reasonable too. Give them a Chance).

1) If you choose to live your life using REASON you do things CONSISTENTLY that are reasonable which includes being respectful, moral, honest and civil; trying to COLLABORATE with others with the INTENT to help yourself and other people make our world a BETTER place.
There is RESPECT for each others’ INDIVIDUALITY and special skills, talents, ideas and thoughts.
There is not competitiveness to be the best but instead a desire to learn positive things from each other so you BLEND YOUR TALENTS. 

        ***It is important that your partner in a relationship is WILLING to be REASONABLE and IS CONSISTENTLY, so you can GROW TOGETHER in POSITIVE ways for many, many years.

A REASONABLE person does NOT TRY TO CONTROL and MANIPULATE others by trying to make them believe what THEY want; stifling THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL thoughts and ideas. This is abuse and a dictatorship; not Freedom.

***EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY AND EMOTIONALLY MATURE PEOPLE try to bring out the BEST in each other along with being TRUSTWORTHY. They WANT people to feel free to express their positive ideas in a civil, respectful manner.
It is not healthy to be in a relationship where you have to worry what your partner is doing behind your back or when they are out of your sight.

You need to be able to TRUST your partner and the people you choose to associate with because this is REASONABLE.

2) On the other hand, if you choose to use AUTHORITY you bully, intimidate and force others to do what YOU want; depriving them of THEIR rights like freedom of speech, assembly and to associate with those THEY want; like a loving Mother (father).

They must “obey” or they will be financially and/or physically harmed. [Like my Son who was a minor at the time was abused because he was forced to live in those horrible living conditions on a bare mattress outside, without any covers on a cement floor below a rusted pipe, near a sewage drain and deprived of other necessities. I tried to help him but couldn’t since I was told among many things that because he had chosen my ex-husband to be the custodial parent I did not have rights.(My Son chose my ex-husband as the custodial parent because of lies and manipulations typical in parental alienation situations; NOT his fault at all)]
Again, this was NOT his fault he was manipulated.

Many I contacted knew about this abuse but refused to help stop it; including RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES.
***I get upset every time I think of how my wonderful Son was forced to live this way and I couldn’t help him get away. This is all part of Motherly love and REASON. The people who were supposed to take care of him abused him.
To make the situation more abusive; they were granted restraining orders against me by a judge saying that because of my emails and phone calls trying to RECTIFY this abusive situation I was harassing THEM.

***Any REASONABLE person knows to get a restraining order to stop a Mother from trying to rectify an abusive situation is not reasonable but abusive and by the way is also very characteristic of what abusive, sick alienating parents do in parental alienation situations. []

***So, if you choose to live your life evoking your AUTHORITY, like alienating parents and those who go along with them; there is no room for REASON or for INDIVIDUALITY including yours and others’ own thoughts. Everyone must agree with the “party line” which is what the group wants; like alienating your loving Mother even if this is based on lies.
The Jewish Organizations rule with AUTHORITY because for decades, they refuse to discuss and write about Parental Alienation and refuse to help loving Mothers reunite with their Children of all ages as they have been INTENTIONALLY doing for decades. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author].
The Jews and others who have chosen to live by AUTHORITY and not reason live in a dictatorship or a totalitarian society.
People who choose to use AUTHORITY manipulate and instigate people of all ages. They do not caring how their acts are harming others and making our world more corrupt because they do not have empathy or compassion which is very contrary to all Jewish and other REASONABLE teachings. They never learned to love or forgot how to love because they have been living using AUTHORITY not REASON for most of their life.

One of the secrets to being a happy person and having self-esteem throughout your life is not to blame others but instead to accept your responsibilities by doing what is REASONABLE and enriching yourself with important knowledge by reading and using other resources.
AT THE SAME TIME you must STAND UP to those who try to bully and intimidate you. They have NO RIGHT to treat you this way; just like my parents, their lawyer and OTHERS WHO WENT ALONG WITH THEM had no right to fraudulently use my social security number and set up a grantor trust. If you don’t stop these people they will just continue harming YOU and harming OTHERS and corrupting our world.

Since each of us has FREE WILL; if you CHOOSE give up on being REASONABLE and decide to go along with those who bully and use AUTHORITY; then you will become corrupt and sell your soul, becoming a “shark” and harming others with acts of intimidation, bullying and other forms of abuse. This will eventually become YOUR way of life too so YOU will become corrupt.
***What do you expect… you have CHOSEN to surround yourself with corrupt people who do corrupt things and therefore you live in a corrupt environment?

If you instead had chosen to surround yourself with REASONABLE people who do kind, reasonable things; you would too. You can always CHANGE and become REASONABLE.

Acclaimed political activist and author Eli Wiesel, who survived concentration camps said that those who choose to REMAIN SILENT; help the corrupt perpetrators.
So don’t remain silent; let others know your beautiful thoughts that you have been hiding inside. This will make YOU feel so much better too.

***Write THAT article and publish it; give THAT speech; have THAT discussion you have been yearning to have for a long time.
Do it and see how much better YOU feel about YOURSELF.
Become the person YOU want to be; despite what other corrupt people in a COLLECTIVE group want you to do.

You have Free Will.

If you are at a CROSSROAD and not sure what to do; do what is reasonable and associate with people who are REASONABLE and do not use authority or bully. Do positive things that make YOU happy and ASSOCIATE WITH THOSE WHO MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL AND BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU; not stifle your thoughts. This is REASONABLE. It is not reasonable to associate with those who make you feel sad and upset you.

***As my Grandfather Ben taught me along with the Judge I clerked for: give people “the benefit of the doubt” by first trying to have a reasonable, civil discussion with them and try to make an agreement so they understand and DO not just say they will change their evil, harmful ways.
*** Remember, no one is perfect so it is important to be REASONABLE and give people a CHANCE to change their harmful ways. If they still REFUSE then get away from them because they are using their AUTHORITY and not being REASONABLE.
This is why it is UNREASONABLE for alienated Children of all ages to refuse to have AN HONEST, RESPECTFUL, CIVIL DISCUSSION with the parent you have chosen to eliminate from your life since around the time of the divorce.
Talk to them because this is REASONABLE. See if you can resolve your disagreements.

If YOU have been unreasonable then just “begin again” RIGHT NOW doing reasonable things and then you will be attracted to other reasonable people too. You must show you have a SERIOUS INTENT to change your harmful ways and ACTUALLY do it CONSISTENTLY.

Two of the photographs today are of my beautiful sunset view last night.
It appears to me that the light is shining through and great things are going to happen for those who are honest and moral and want to help loving Mothers and their Children of all ages reunite; not continue to destroy their companionship.

On a personal note to My Children:
You are much luckier than I was. BOTH of my parents were corrupt and full of shame and were not reasonable as my lawsuit against them regarding the fraudulent grantor trust they set up clearly shows.
Consequently, I had to figure out my values, character and many of these lessons for myself.

My Mother who is still living is still UNREASONABLE because although the lawsuit and the subsequent change in the grantor trust laws made it very clear that what she and my father and others helping them did was wrong; she somehow STILL rationalizes what she did was right because she was using her money.
I gave her “the benefit of the doubt” several times recently.
She refuses to get help to address her shame and understand why this thought of hers is very unreasonable. She tried and still tries to use AUTHORITY to control me and I gratefully refused and still refuse to allow her and others to do it to me again.
I stood up for my rights as a strong, INDEPENDENT young adult and still do.

As a result as I have clearly shown; I am REASONABLE and have tried to be consistently throughout my life with good, loving INTENTIONS. Therefore; if you CHOOSE you can follow the many lessons I have taught you and currently write about as your loving, reasonable Mother and individual with good INTENTIONS.

***I am not perfect, as none of us are so if you have any issues you want to discuss in a respectful, civil manner; please just let me know.

It is REASONABLE to try to resolve your differences with civil, respectful discussions like discussing the reason for this ALIENATION around the time of the divorce.
Why did you and still do you feel you must alienate me from your life?
If you question my reasonableness; please see an ethical therapist or individual; not a rabbi, pastor, therapist or someone PAID to tell you what your father or others working with him want you to believe; which is NOT the truth.

***I am sure you realize his GAME by now as it is clearly on many public records and is characteristic of a father who has created Parental Alienation. [].

If you still do not see his lies and manipulations, stay tuned because more and more of the truth keeps coming out. So far I have two hearings set for next month.

I hope all of you are doing well and being REASONABLE. I am always here for you if YOU are reasonable and respectful because I will not get sick again; that is being REASONABLE.

You know I will be reasonable and respectful too; I promise.
No ultimatums either; okay? I am not taking down my website that is helpful to many because that is not reasonable. That is using authority and bullying.
***Also know that I will not associate with people who are disrespectful and uncivil and make me sick? That is not reasonable, that is STUPID. I am setting my REASONABLE BOUNDARIES as I hope you do also.

Why should you associate with people who abuse you and stifle your INDEPENDENT positive thoughts? You shouldn’t because that is unreasonable and will take away your SELF-ESTEEM.

Mature, reasonable adults should demand that they are treated with respect as I taught you; anything short is a form of ABUSE like parental alienation. So, set your REASONABLE boundaries too.

***FACE THE TRUTH because as Judge Sfekas taught me; “Ignorance is not bliss.”

On a lighter note: I went to one of my favorite markets in Los Angeles yesterday. I bought some persimmons, and beautiful purple Asian eggplant and many other delicious vegetables and oyster mushrooms too. I also bought some salmon, chicken and flank steak which I am marinating and will grill over the weekend.

If you are near Los Angeles and want to come over for a barbecue, just let me know. I also bought some seven grain brown rice which is so delicious. I just love Los Angeles and all the great things and many respectful, insightful people here.

Please be the beautiful people I know you are and show your beautiful character for me and others in the world to see.
Love always, Mom
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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