I am ending the Parental Alienation for Myself and leaving in Peace because I know unequivocally that I am a wonderful Woman and Mother, as explained in great detail below, and it is unfortunate beyond any words that MY CHILDREN appear to be so BRAINWASHED that they believe: 1) theft, racketeering, lies, betrayal, hacking, spying and the like are acceptable behaviors and; 2) NOT ONE JEWISH BRETHERN, school administrator, legal or other professional or religious leader or person will help them realize the TRUTH; 3) apparently, all my Website and Facebook posts haven’t helped them reasonably WANT TO DISCUSS and UNDERSTAND this overwhelming TRUTH and; 4) I want to focus now on the beauty in Israel, including all the loving, kind people who understand that WOMEN, MOTHERS and their CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BE TREATED AS PROPERTY but as human beings who deserve kindness, love and respect.

Any reasonable person understands that I don’t want my seizures to return which were brought on twelve (12) years ago by THE EMOTIONAL ABUSE OF PARENTAL ALIENATION carried out by my husband MARK HASSMAN who encouraged my three children, who are all now adults.

MY DAUGHTER’S comment on my Facebook page last night, which she made in an alias name, made me realize that she and also I unfortunately believe my two sons too, have now become carbon copies of their abusive, corrupt, manipulative father MARK HASSMAN; who still after the past twelve years and many lawsuits proving the TRUTH of this TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION; believe they have a RIGHT to treat ME, their loving, kind, caring, honest, law-abiding Wife/Mother in a condescending and disrespectful manner.

The story of my life proves my very clear and reasonable philosophy as exemplified from: 1) Being a social (not sexual) teen and young adult whereby I got to know many different types of people; 2) My 1985 lawsuit against my corrupt parents, sister and their attorney which helped change tax and property law; 3) Why I chose to marry my Jewish husband MARK HASSMAN and fell deeply in love with him; 4) The lessons of having good values and good character I taught my children as their full-time stay-at-home Mother; 5) Why I took a very sincere interest in my children’s activities and accomplishments and was grateful to have the opportunity to be their full-time, stay-at-home Mother 6) Why in about year twenty (20) of my marriage I refused to go along with my husband MARK HASSMAN’S student loan fraud scheme so he could have “fast cash” to illegally cover his loses from the 2008 real estate recession; 7) Why after my fraudulent divorce proceedings I filed lawsuits showing that I refused to accept the fraudulent, criminal and abusive behaviors of my husband MARK HASSMAN, Religious Leaders and their Organizations and Followers, Justices, Judges, Lawyers, the Court-appointed Therapist, Schools and other Non-profits and others; 8) Why I am now going to focus my energy on my new life in Israel; ALL CAN BE EXPLAINED WITH ONE WORD. That word is PROPERTY.

The reason my parents, sister and all my (Jewish) family members since my 1985 lawsuit have alienated me is because I reasonably refused to allow them to use me as THEIR PROPERTY.
I came from a wealthy Jewish family and in 1985, it was common for wealthy (greedy) Jewish parents to put THEIR PROPERTY and THEIR INCOME and THEIR OTHER ASSETS under the social security number of their children within a special trust to evade taxes because this scheme allowed them to have more disposable income since their children (even ADULT children) were at a lower tax bracket then they were.
This tax and property scheme also allowed the parents to CONTROL their children (even ADULT children) because the children’s tax returns had to be completed by the family’s sophisticated tax accountants and lawyers. There was no INDEPENDENCE or FREEDOM; the child had to do whatever the parents said or the parents could THREATEN that they would not pay their “fraudulent” taxes knowing that the child did not make the money to cover them or even understand them.
Well when I became aware of this scheme I was horrified. I was 26 years old and this was around the time I met my husband MARK HASSMAN. I consulted with not only him but also the honest, wise and compassionate beloved judge I had been clerking for, JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS; and also my trust law school professor, the very wise and also compassionate LARRY ROSENTHAL. All of us WORKED TOGETHER, along with the senior therapist from the Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister League in Baltimore, Maryland which is where I was living and all this was taking place. His name was CONRAD NATHAN. I did not have the strength to sue my parents and sister even though I knew I needed to in order to EXTRICATE MYSELF from this horrific tax and property fraud scheme since my parents and sister and their attorney refused to end it. The therapy along with the encouragement of all those I mentioned helped me gain the strength.
I want to stress that all of these people were HONEST, COULD NOT BE BRIBED and TOOK PRIDE IN THEIR HONEST, COMPASSIONATE WORK knowing they were helping others by using their education, skills and experiences which helps GOD heal the world. This is TIKKUN OLAM which means to help GOD heal the world and to me; this is what religion is. It is not about going to a corrupt synagogue and praying or eating only certain things and refraining from driving and doing other things all while cheating your brethren.
My 1985 lawsuit shows more Tikkun Olam because it was one of the lawsuits used to help change legal precedent by changing the tax and property laws so a parent, sibling and their lawyer could not use a child to evade taxes and could not consider their child THEIR PROPERTY. In other words, A CHILD WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED AS PROPERTY OF THE PARENT, SIBLING OR LAWYER to evade taxes.

*****THE CHILD (including an adult child) HAD LEGAL RIGHTS and those were not to be exploited and neither was the child as my 1985 lawsuit proved.

The support I received from MARK HASSMAN, even before I married him, was wonderful. HE WAS A DIFFERENT PERSON BACK THEN BECAUSE he believed WOMEN and MOTHERS had equal rights and should not be treated as PROPERTY.
However, his actions for the past twelve (12) years during all this Parental Alienation HE created, shows that when HE NEEDED ME and OUR CHILDREN to be treated as
HIS PROPERTY in an effort to save HIS reputation since HE financially overextended himself, then he changed. This is also why I became so devastated from the Parental Alienation; I couldn’t believe my husband MARK HASSMAN would do this to me. But he did and still does and he thinks his hacking, spying, theft of my legal rights and assets is just one BIG GAME to him since he acts like he is now ENTITLED to treat ME and also OUR CHILDREN as HIS PROPERTY as JEWS have been doing for decades.
Horrifically, MARK HASSMAN also teaches OUR CHILDREN to imitate him and treat me as THEIR PROPERTY since I “deserve it” since I refused to “obey” him. He also treats OUR CHILDREN as HIS PROPERTY as public records prove, especially the 27 student loans in THEIR name ILLEGALLY USED to cover HIS real estate losses.

Well, I have a lot more to say but this post is getting long. The crux of the matter is that if MY NOW ADULT CHILDREN want to ALLOW THEMSELVES be treated as PROPERTY without PEACEFULLY FIGHTING for THEIR equal rights and freedom which they are VERY CAPABLE OF FIGHTING FOR, then that is their prerogative BUT; I REFUSE TO ALLOW THEM (and all other people too)TO TREAT ME WITH DISRESPECT AND UNKINDNESS.
           In other words, if MY CHILDREN want to: 1) act like their father MARK HASSMAN and RUIN THEIR LIFE as he has ruined his own and also; 2) not be grateful for my love, kindness and important lessons I have taught them and continue to teach them; then the PARENTAL ALIENATION must continue because if MY CHILDREN come back into my life as disrespectful adults, then my seizures will return and I will become sick again. I reasonably will not allow them to do this to me again.

Tomorrow I want to write about how many people in powerful positions, disgracefully including women; INSTEAD OF HELPING WOMEN, MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN; THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM by treating them as PROPERTY, so they can PROFIT.
They don’t want this TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION to end as my lawsuits have proven because they have lost their compassion and are heartless, unhappy, disgraceful people who have forgotten how beautiful life can be or refuse to find out. They live day to day in misery and make others miserable, even with all of their money, control and power but; they refuse to get the professional help necessary so they can enjoy life and stop treating others as PROPERTY. Many also have “marriages of convenience” not of love and TREAT THEMSELVES as PROPERTY.

How can we expect leaders like these, who treat their constituents, fellow human beings and even themselves as PROPERTY to be able to reach a PEACE AGREEMENT for the MIDDLE EAST? They never will; it is just political grandstanding. I will explain too why I belong in Israel.

Most importantly, I want to mention how I am truly being led by GOD and receive messages from him very often about what to write and when. GOD, along with MY GRANDFATHER BEN and the others mentioned are walking by my side which is why I have survived and even thrived during these past twelve (12) years of TERROR. I think our world is about to change drastically as do others I have talked to because GOD is getting very angry at how WOMEN, MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN are being treated. Thus, if the shoe fits wear it so those who should change their ways; I recommend you do it soon.

In addition, I would like MY CHILDREN to think about HAVING ME HELP THEM PAYOFF THEIR STUDENT LOANS which I should be able to do soon. MY DAUGHTER, as an alias, in her comment to me last night said that she thinks children should pay for their own education. Do you think this makes you more grown-up, relaxed and enriched than if you received financial help from a parent and THEN were able to become debt free sooner so you could:1) travel; 2) maybe start a business or; 3) just peacefully enjoy life? Please let me know so I can budget accordingly.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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