I am having a wonderful holiday WITHOUT my crooked husband who has been pretending for about 5 years now to be married to the “high-priced call girl from the Dr. Phil show with the breast implants” my stolen money paid for and WITHOUT my crooked Adult Children who are profiting too from hiding and stealing my money while PRETENDING I AM DEAD and I have NO LEGAL RIGHTS.

This is not how TRUE family members treat each other as any reasonable person knows. This is how corrupt, immoral, ruthless, evil people treat others. Thus, I will very gratefully and reasonably continue to lead my OWN loving, moral, compassionate, fun, peaceful life WITHOUT them.

People like this only MAKE PROBLEMS for themselves and everyone in their life. However, they try to BLAME ME for all of their problems since I refuse to go along with their schemes. My mother and sister have been doing this for years ever since I refused to go along with their tax evasion scheme, sued them and helped change the “kiddie trust” laws.

My father died of a heart attack from the pressure of being the creator and implementer of all these illegal and immoral schemes. He couldn’t even relax on his European vacation which is where he died. 
My father was “The Man,” like my Husband MARK F. HASSMAN and also PHILIP G. SEASTROM of the crooked law firm SEASTROM, SEASTROM and TUTTLE. My husband already has high blood pressure as my photo of him shows his red face. It appears he must already have one foot in the grave.

All these corrupt, immoral people and those who GO ALONG WITH THEM become sick and make others sick too as many of us can attest to with firsthand experience. 
My seizures went away once I got away from all of the lies, schemes, abuse and corruption of my Husband and my Adult Children.

Unfortunately, my Adult Children continue to CHOOSE to go right along with this corruption, immorality and abuse instead showing their INDEPENDENCE by acting honestly, morally and compassionately. 
BUT WAIT… watch what happens when the lies and schemes fall apart and my Adult Children (and others) decide they “need” me or my money or my compassion or my home cooking. All their clothes, makeup, plastic surgery and other facades and accouterments can’t hide their evil INTENTIONS and their empty heart, soul and corrupted mind. 
They may SAY they are “sorry” but their ACTIONS will show they really aren’t.

They will REFUSE to be reasonable, focus their mind and make important character changes and be held ACCOUNTABLE for their progress. I have seen this so many times in my life. 
 Call a spade a spade and don’t fall for their lies and schemes.

Set your boundaries and see what your adult children do or don’t do too. They feel they are “entitled” and are wiser than us and deserve to treat us as they please, despite the law and morality.
So be very GRATEFUL as I am to be away from people like this, whether they are your family or not.

***My husband, MARK F. HASSMAN can’t even divorce right. As my State and Federal lawsuits show; he has and continues to incriminate many crooked leaders, professionals, organizations and nonprofit schools aside from himself, my adult children and his mistress a.k.a. “high-priced call girl from the Dr. Phil show with the breast implants” my stolen money paid for.

In all seriousness, the stakes are getting higher and higher for all those I mentioned and my other defendants.
If PHILIP G. SEASTROM honestly testifies that my husband is not legally married to his mistress because as the laws and facts clearly show I am not legally divorced yet because all the required steps have not been completed; then I win my cases.

However, if PHILIP G. SEASTROM falsely testifies that my husband is legally married to his mistress because the very clear laws don’t apply to my cases then he will lose his legal license and his other professional licenses and will also go to jail for all his criminal acts.

Further, if JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR continues to rule that my divorce judgement is valid or that she is “not discussing that today,” or she “has already ruled on that,” or “that it is not before the court” when she knows fraud and unadjudicated assets are ALWAYS before the court as she has testified to as a transcript shows; or that if I continue to question the legality of the divorce judgment she reviewed, signed and filed that she will “hold me in contempt and have the bailiff take me to jail;” then she too will lose her legal license and other professional licenses. 
These acts then become more criminal evidence to put her in jail too for all the abuse, terror, torture and oppression many documents SHOW she has caused and continues to cause me.

So, we are coming to the end of the wire or rope as more and more documents are filed in my State and Federal lawsuits and more and more people become involved and have to testify and be held accountable for their actions. This is JUSTICE.

For example, I am sure Maxine Mathewson, my husband’s payroll assistant who violated her subpoena by not appearing and Judge Silbar ignored this, will have to testify that she helped my husband hide his income and our retirement money. This also enabled my crooked husband to fraudulently testify that he is “insolvent.”

***If Maxine refuses to testify, I have enough facts to put her in jail as I do many defendants and others involved like PHILIP G. SEASTROM and unfortunately my own Adult Children.

This just goes to show how a crooked father will do whatever he can to lie, cheat, steal and control others, even if this means risking sending his own Adult Children to jail for helping him. 
Further, JEWISH leaders and organizations are involved and profiting from all this too while HAVING SEX WITH MY ADULT DAUGHTER. She thinks this buys her “influence” and this is part of “paying to play” as they have brainwashed her.

Don’t turn your head; this is what has happened to millions of alienated children. They are sold into the sex trade, sold for pornography and used and abused in many horrible, illegal ways as many stand by and PROFIT including many so-called RELIGIOUS AND ETHICAL PROFESSIONALS.

Well, I am thrilled more and more of this horrible truth is being exposed, “big league” as our new President-elect Donald Trump says.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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