I am often asked about the sources of my strength. Today as Jews around the world celebrate our most holy holiday which encourages improving our behaviors and also our world around us; I think it would be very appropriate to write about my sources which ALL people, not just Jews, can adopt to help themselves and others. This is beautiful and what Judaism HONESTLY promotes; even though disgracefully ALL SO-CALLED 1) Jewish Leaders in the US; 2) Jewish Organizations in the US; 3) their Members and; 4) Congregants and the 5) Jewish Media and other media sources ALL REFUSE to help end Parental Alienation as my lawsuits prove.

I have two major sources of strength and two other very important ones. Feel free to live vicariously and adopt these wonderful role models as your own as I know they would be thrilled and this is also what Love, Judaism and many other religions promote.
Reasonable religions PROMOTE LOVE, FAMILY AND HELPING OTHERS, not taking advantage of their vulnerabilities.
***Thus, ALL RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS and THE MEDIA should fervently and reasonably WANT TO help END Parental Alienation and the crimes which commonly accompany this terror which horrifically include:
Selling the children into the sex trade, drug trade, forbidding them from contacting their loving Mother or Father, forcing them to secretly carry out student loan fraud schemes, real estate schemes, tax evasion and other illegal schemes;
• Having secret policies which encourage divorce, fraudulent divorce judgments, money laundering and devastating emotionally and financially the loving, law-abiding alienated Mother or Father in an effort to prevent the Mother or Father from being able to EXPOSE their secret policies of promoting criminal, immoral and unconscionable acts AND holding them legally accountable.
This describes the Domestic Terrorism of Parental Alienation in a nutshell.
My first major source of strength has been my wonderful and wise beloved GRANDFATHER BEN who I saw regularly and even painstakingly wrote to me in college in his very feeble state before he passed away. He taught me many important lessons including the meaning of Love. He was not a devout Jew and did not keep kosher or practice other orthodox rituals. He worked in his butcher shop on Saturdays/Sabbath but he read the Old Testament Bible, tended to his beautiful rose garden and always kept his mind alert and his body strong. In retirement to keep his mind and body strong, he attended classes at the local JCC (Jewish Community Center) and continued to work in his beautiful rose garden.
My wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben LIVED HIS LIFE as an EXAMPLE of an OUTSTANDING JEW AND HUMAN BEING and taught me to do the same.
        He always told me that if I ever gave up my good values and character and also my legal rights, I would only exist as an EMPTY SHELL. I would never live as a happy, compassionate human being living to my beautiful INDIVIDUAL potential filled with love, passion, reason and fairness.
        Instead, if I ever gave up my good values, and character and my legal rights; I would lack self-confidence and be full of shame and unhappiness for having given up using my MIND AND FREEDOM in exchange for obeying some horrible laws and policies established by crooked, heartless, immoral people like Hitler and those running his Nazi Movement.
This is the LESSON which JEWS and others were SUPPOSED TO HAVE LEARNED from the Nazi atrocities suffered by millions including innocent JEWISH CHILDREN and their innocent MOTHERS and FATHERS.
To my shocking disgust, NOT ONE Jewish leader in the US; Jewish Organization in the US; their members and congregants will even acknowledge the existence of Parental Alienation and NEITHER WILL ANY OTHER US Religious leader and organization, their members and congregants.
ALL of them REFUSE to have discussions, classes, forums, give sermons, write articles and have other educational events to make our society aware of the secret epidemic problem of domestic terrorism called Parental Alienation and REFUSE to try to REASONABLY and FERVENTLY END IT.
They won’t even help loving, honest, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers REUNITE with their alienated Children; they WANT them alienated from each other.
This is what HITLER also WANTED.
Thus, as my wonderful and wise GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; I am, as a PROUD INDIVIDUAL passionately using my education, skills and experiences to end this terror. I REFUSE to just go along with the evil, crooked leaders and their COLLECTIVE GROUPS by ignoring Parental Alienation which in essence promotes it since by ignoring a problem, it is able to continue and get worse.
My wonderful GRANDFATHER BEN also taught me about Truth, Equal Rights and Justice for All as well as Love. Aside from having important discussions and doing many fun and interesting things together, even routine household chores; my GRANDFATHER BEN SHOWED ME BY EXAMPLE the meaning of Truth, Equal Rights, Justice for All and Love.
When I was around 8 years old the Civil Rights Movement was beginning. My Grandfather was so angry about the Jim Crow Laws and how his black workers in his butcher shop were taken advantage of and forced to endure inhumane conditions.
He told me that there was no “separate but equal” and that this was just a BIG LIE.
I remember him writing to the President of the United States and telling him to repeal these laws and to COME TO HIS SENSES.
         My Grandfather explained to me how the bathrooms, schools, playgrounds, hospitals and other public facilities were filthy and unsafe for black people and that they DESERVED to be treated like white people and attend restaurants, libraries and all other clean and safe places together with white people. They also should not have to sit at the back of the bus.
      He also told me how people were mean to black people just because of the color of their skin. I remember reading the book “Black Like Me,” by John Howard Griffin when I was older which describes just what my Grandfather explained to me as a child. My Grandfather was involved in other peaceful activities to try to repeal the Jim Crow Laws. He told me that we must always use our education, skills and experiences to not only help ourselves but to also help others who are TRYING TO HELP THEMSELVES, not lazy bums; but those who are trying to help themselves and could use more help.
He always told me that you always fight to protect your values, character and legal rights and those of others because without those things, your life will be meaningless.
As a young child I went every year with my GRANDFATHER BEN to the special religious service at the beginning of the Jewish High Holidays where we use stones (some use bread) and throw them into a body of water. This symbolizes throwing our sins away as we watch them move downstream or disappear. We now have a New Year upon us to BEGIN AGAIN by correcting our mistakes using our FREEDOM and FREE WILL. We must be STRONG and BRAVE by:
1) Admitting our mistakes and
2) Correcting them for not only our own wellbeing but for mankind; so we make our world a better place for all honest, kind and compassionate people.
One day I saw my Grandfather rubbing a stone in his hand and I asked him if it was left over from the service and he forgot to throw it in the stream.
He said no, it is a stone he keeps in his pocket and when I am not around to hold his hand, he rubs the stone and pretends I am with him.
At that time I was too young to understand this beautiful love but as I matured; I understood how special my Grandfather was to me and also how special I was to him, AND ALSO HOW HORRIBLE AND EVIL THOSE ARE WHO PROMOTE PARENTAL ALIENATION which destroys love and family.
********** Those who promote this terror are not worth your time and you are better off living your life without them. If this includes your ADULT CHILDREN who refuse to be REASONABLE and instead want to continue to lead a life of corruption; then you are better off without them too because they will only bring you misery and make you sick. Evil begets evil.*************
Continuing, when I was 9 years old, MY GRANDFATHER BEN’S health had deteriorated and he needed to retire and close his butcher shop which he had for about 50 years. It was planned that he would receive an honor at our synagogue in the morning by being called to read from the Torah followed by a big RETIREMENT PARTY. The facility, caterers, music, photographer and other vendors had all been reserved and hired several months prior.
        Well a few days before my Grandfather’s Retirement Celebration I was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. This was in the 1960’s when this was a more complicated procedure than it is today. The patient needed to stay in the hospital for a few days and then recover at home until her stitches were ready to be removed and she had to practice walking again. Dissolving stitches had not been invented yet. Anyway, I could not attend the service or the party so I just figured I would see the photographs and hear all about it.
My wonderful and wise GRANDFATHER BEN would not hear of any of that. He said that if I could not attend then it was not a celebration for him. He cancelled the entire celebration which was rescheduled when I had recovered from my appendicitis. He did not care that it would be less elaborate and that some of the other people would be unable to attend.
Well, since this post is getting long, I will write about my other sources of strength in another post. In the meantime, feel free to learn from MY WISE AND WONDERFUL GRANDFATHER BEN.
******To me his love and all his lessons are like the wind because I KNOW he is with me even though I cannot see him anymore. I KNOW he is the wind beneath my wings and is ALWAYS WITH ME and GUIDING ME as he always did.
Here is a song, which along with all of my GRANDFATHER BEN’S lessons, is a source of strength for me.
 YOU TOO can be strong and an example for others to follow by spreading the truth about Parental Alienation and all those so-called leaders, organizations and their members and congregants secretly involved so we can bring awareness and end this domestic terrorism called Parental Alienation.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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