I am so Grateful, Judge Claudia Silbar Requested more Information and seems to Realize my Ex must have Hidden Sources of Income as the Facts Show

I am so grateful and if you stand for integrity you will be too.

I am so grateful Judge Claudia Silbar requested additional information and I was given a court date before next year.
If Judge Claudia Silbar is reading this; “Thank You!!!”

I think Judge Claudia Silbar realizes that my ex-husband who is a CPA, Chief Financial Officer who received his MBA from Harvard and also the Law Firms representing each of us could not have lawfully established the Net Worth of the community estate and divided it fairly and equitably because my ex-husband, even though he swears he is “insolvent” and has been having financial difficulties since the divorce; can afford many, many luxuries when I am trying to survive WITHOUT any spousal support or any of our retirement accounts or savings and investments from our 23 year marriage. He controlled the community estate.

***It clearly appears my ex-husband took millions of dollars of community assets FOR HIMSELF or they just disappeared like magic; like our home and other properties which he FORGOT to disclose and all the lawyers did not realize this while I was sick and in a state of distress and relied upon all of them to do what they are legal required to do which is to follow the law.

Think they intentionally took advantage of me; even my own lawyers?

Think they thought I would never recover enough and be able to figure out what they did?

Also, the subsequent support modifications can’t be valid either because they are based on an invalid judgment. (this is not legal knowledge, just my understanding).
In a divorce, as is reasonable, common knowledge: the estate must be divided equally and fairly between the wife and husband.

***Now with over 6 years of evidence and many implausible stories; you don’t need forensic accountants to figure out there reasonably appears to be concealed assets and sources of income based on the lifestyle of each of us and other documents; as forensic accountants’ DID confirm which is part of public records.

It appears my ex-husband recently bought a new Lexus too; but swears he is insolvent. Really?
Plus, his new wife who he swore has a Company and signed documents “under the penalty of perjury” showing her healthy income has been increasing so her Company must be doing well. However, only a few months later, documents show she is collecting unemployment but there has been no documentation as to proceeds from the sale of the business or who has been paying my ex-husband’s expenses since 2012.
Are all these made up stories?

Think he “entrusted” concealed community assets and sources of income to Religious Organizations and Schools using 501(c)(3) and other agreements instead of distributing these concealed assets and income to me?
Think they give him a monthly “allowance”? What do you think the evidence will show?

He is a CPA, Chief Financial Officer and Harvard Business School graduate so he used a very SOPHISTICATED plan it appears; involving many people.

A REASONABLE, RATIONAL PERSON KNOWS OR SHOULD KNOW that after a divorce both spouses; especially when they swear their income has been decreasing; should be able to live a similar lifestyle; not JUST ONE having all the savings and investments.

So, I am very grateful it appears Judge Claudia Silbar realizes there must be concealed assets and income sources from our 23 year marriage and I have a court date before next year!!!

I am also grateful I have the strength now to view reasonably and not as emotionally what experts have determined is my Parental Alienation situation.

***Of course I will always love my Children and wish them the very best always; but if they CHOOSE to lead a life being disrespectful, unreasonable, unethical, uncivil, blaming others and having other negative behaviors; then it is best we do not associate with each other. This is the choice I had to make regarding my own parents, sister and other relatives when they thought it was acceptable for them to use my social security number and set up a grantor trust.

REPEATEDLY REFUSE to CONSISTENTLY be reasonable, respectful, moral, honest and kind; if you CHOOSE to associate with them, they will only bring you problems and in my case, I will get sick again.

***So I am grateful I now have the strength to realize the importance of setting MY BOUNDARIES, for my Children, so I can TAKE CARE OF MYSELF and lead the moral, reasonable life I want to live with people who have my same values. We treat each other with respect and enrich each others’ life; not try to aggravate, blame, lie, deceive or mislead.

Thus, this is one of the silver linings of Parental Alienation; when you are forced to evaluate your own values and objectively choose how YOU want to live and then you CHOOSE to do it.

I hope as we approach Thanksgiving, you too are grateful for many important, worthwhile things. If not, maybe this should be an indication that you should CHOOSE to make some reasonable changes.

WISE PEOPLE are always trying to improve themselves in positive ways.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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