I am thrilled so much truth was exposed under oath and in public records at the hearing today, September 12, 2018 incriminating and clearly defining AGAIN the evil, malicious, intentions and acts of the Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise to PROMOTE the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation and to try to stop OUR REVOLUTION from ending it so they can continue to profit from it.

First, I want to begin with a lie or very idiotic statement sworn to by my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN who is a Harvard business school graduate, certified public accountant and chief financial officer who has taken companies public and has spearheaded mergers, acquisitions and other financial arrangements and financial contracts throughout the U.S. over the past 35 years or so.

Btw, I have been advised professionally that MARK HASSMAN has CHARACTERISTICS of a narcissist and evil predator whereby I have been professionally advised to EXPECT HIM to blame others since he believes he is always right and must be “obeyed.” Thus, I was advised that if a person disobeys him since he has narcissist and evil predator characteristics and tendencies; EXPECT HIM to get angry and do unreasonable, immoral and criminal acts as the facts prove has happened and continues to happen.
I am so grateful for my professional therapy which has helped me understand and cope with evil predators and narcissists and I am passing on my knowledge to many of you reading this as we try to help each other.

Thus, acting in character as I was professionally advised to expect; MARK HASSMAN swore under oath today that it is MY fault, not his, that he cannot find an attorney to represent him. He swore that since I have a website and facebook page and exercise my First Amendment Right to Free Speech by posting the TRUTH to help many of us; attorneys are afraid to represent him because they may be sued. 
However, Harvard educated MARK HASSMAN has CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN that if he did not carry out acts of fraud, perjury, malicious prosecution, obstruction of justice, breach of fiduciary duty and countless other crimes and unlawful acts against me then maybe he would have a good case and attorneys would want to represent him. 
The overwhelming incriminating evidence against him appears on the FACE of many documents signed under “penalty of perjury” where witnesses are not even needed to expose the crimes. But, again he blames me. Poor fellow; has to try to defend himself against all these crimes the overwhelming evidence proves he has committed BUT REFUSES TO RECTIFY with all of his education, skills and prestigious titles.
But it gets worse for Harvard educated MARK HASSMAN. Not one of his prior attorneys, any judge, any law firm, any executive or any of my other defendants have
EVER REFUTED that the legally required: 1) net worth of the community estate under idiot, evil and crooked MARK HASSMAN’S control; 
2) its division and; 3) its distribution have NEVER BEEN DISCLOSED, even though California Property laws and other laws mandate that these facts MUST BE DISCLOSED before a divorce judgment can be deemed valid and enforceable.

Again, no one has EVER DISPUTED these three facts. 
In addition, no one has EVER DISPUTED these three legally required facts do not appear and are missing from the stipulated divorce judgment in public records even though MARK HASSMAN, law firms and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR all signed it. THIS IS IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE. 
But, they obviously must believe that their lies, schemes and positions of power will ALLOW the TRUTH TO REMAIN A SECRET as millions of us suffer from their acts of Parental Alienation.
Further, I swore under oath today that a judge is not allowed to “rubber stamp” a stipulated divorce judgment but must make sure it COMPLIES WITH the law before he or she signs and files it and cited the law. This is also reasonable because otherwise, why would a judge be LEGALLY REQUIRED to sign a stipulated judgment in the first place?

Now, I want to discuss something very sad and very serious which MARK HASSMAN swore to today and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR was not even concerned with the crime MARK HASSMAN swore to AND instead ridiculed Me for call it a “Student Loan Fraud Scheme.” 
First, if I can even partially believe my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN who has a PATTERN of lying, scheming and committing perjury;
I WANT TO COMPLIMENT MY THREE CHILDREN whom I have been alienated from for ten years now due to invalid, fraudulent, malicious criminal and immoral restraining, stay-away and other protective orders and judgments requested and granted against me WITH THE INTENT to make me so distraught I would not be able to use MY education and experiences to redress my grievances and obtain Equal Rights and Justice.
MY CHILDREN, if you are reading this, I think it is wonderful that you have been trying to HELP EACH OTHER as I taught you and you did until the time of the divorce when the Parental Alienation began. 
However, you must VERIFY what your father tells you because you must make sure you are not CARRYING OUT CRIMINAL ACTS without realizing it. You are all adults now and can be held accountable even though you may be able to plead mitigating circumstances of abuse, harassment, threats, brainwashing and others.

My evil, crooked, malicious, heartless, greedy still legal husband MARK HASSMAN swore to being involved in helping our children obtain 27 student loans when joint tax returns show for many, many years of our 20 year marriage that we had JUST EARNED INCOME (not including investment, trust, business, partnership, retirement and other income) of over
(As a side note: As public records prove; at the time of our separation, the only loan we had was what MARK HASSMAN alleged was for his Mother Elaine Adelberg, for $20,000 BUT there were no documents to prove this loan. It appears this “loan” was a fraudulent transaction which may have been the cause of his Mother’s death when she realized what her son was doing due questions about this loan she received. Is my still legal husband teaching our children to defraud me, their own Mother, as it appears he did to his own Mother?)

Anyway, as the transcript will reflect; Harvard educated, Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer MARK HASSMAN swore that our children had 27 student loans despite refusing to disclose what happened to all the millions of dollars in our community estate AND the need for these loans.
But it gets much, much worse for him. He then proceeded to explain as Judge Silbar just nodded her head, that our eldest did not use all of his student loan money so he passed some on to his sister. She also did not use all of her student loan money so she passed it on to her younger brother. 
Whether MARK HASSMAN too received some to invest for his own purposes is another matter but; Children IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING that this is financial fraud called a “STRAW PURCHASE.” What this means is that it is AGAINST THE LAW to obtain a loan and then give the money to someone else and I am quite sure this law applies to student loans because you have to be approved for student loans as you do other loans. 
Straw Purchases also apply to other items like firearms where you have to be approved before buying one. The legal definition is: A straw purchase is ANY PURCHASE wherein an agent agrees to acquire a good or service for someone who is unable or unwilling to purchase the good or service themselves, and the agent transfers the goods or services to that person after purchasing them.
Participating in a straw purchase is a FELONY. [https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definiti…/…/straw_purchase and others]

Also, with loans, very strict usury laws apply which can hold you more liable. 
MARK HASSMAN, with his infinite wisdom today swore that he could not believe I did not have any loans because I guess he would like these strict usury laws to apply to me. 
UNLIKE HIM, I do not have two Lexus vehicles; breast implants and other plastic surgery like his mistress a.k.a. the high-priced call-girl from the Dr. Phil Show; I did not just buy a condo and I do not have many other luxuries he has. 
Does he need these “luxuries” for his EGO because he could take public transportation like me and make other reasonable changes? 
Also, MARK HASSMAN and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR know or should know it is illegal for a spouse to ENCUMBER HIMSELF so he is unable to pay the court-ordered alimony or spousal support. Like I said the other day; they don’t follow the law THEY FOLLOW THE MONEY thinking they are ABOVE THE LAW.

There is so much more but since this post is getting long; I will end with the following. MARK HASSMAN told JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR all the professional accomplishments our children had made but not one of them discussed the PATHETIC EMOTIONAL SITUATION. 
Our children have been separated from ME, their loving, law-abiding Mother for TEN YEARS NOW even though MARK HASSMAN swore; I was an “integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children”. 
As the transcript proves MARK HASSMAN and JUDGE SILBAR were only concerned about the “earnings and livelihood” of our children; NOT their mental and emotional well being. PLUS, every time I made an objection or tried to state something important; I was overruled and also told I was interrupting the court and out of line. This is what a crooked judge does to a party who seeks to expose the truth as many transcripts reflect and I was taught.

Many people cannot believe how HEARTLESS Mark Hassman is along with Judge Silbar for promoting the Parental Alienation for TEN YEARS NOW and having reduced my alimony/ spousal support to zero AGAIN: 1) WITHOUT the REQUIRED FINANCIAL PROOF and also; 2) WITHOUT REVISING the divorce judgment so I RECEIVE my legal interest in the community estate.

Well, have a great evening knowing Truth, Love, OUR REVOLUTION and of course GOD are prevailing and I will write more soon and I am thrilled with all these facts exposed along with the incrimination. This is all part of obtaining Justice.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
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Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)

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