I called my mother today who I have I been estranged from for over 30 years now because I stood up for my legal rights and changed laws and held her and the others responsible over 30 years ago.

 This is reasonable, democracy and justice.

I held my mother, my late father, sister and their attorney responsible for secretly using my social security number and setting up a fraudulent grantor trust so they could avoid paying taxes and instead hold ME liable for their taxes. 
Not only is this immoral, unreasonable, irrational but; a parent should not try to control their daughter by illegally using her social security number.

***A parent should love their children and help them develop honest and moral values and character, not use and abuse them for their benefit. This is illegal as any sane, reasonable person knows.

When I abolished their entire tax fraud scheme and changed the laws so other parents, siblings and their lawyer could no longer evade taxes using a grantor trust; as my current case shows in the Court of Appeal case‪#‎B267984‬, now these corrupt, insane people have found other means to evade taxes and control and abuse children and others.

Now, using Parental Alienation, 501(c)(3) agreements, limited liability corporations and other schemes and enlisting the help of religious and other non-profit organizations and others; they now try to evade taxes. I have been sending my mother emails about this, primarily these facebook and website posts and I had not heard from her. 
So, I called her today to make sure she was receiving my emails and here is her email response:

Sara, I am receiving your emails.
Your Mother

Here is my email response:

Good, so what do you think about all this?

What do you think my mother will say and do? 

Do you think she has learned her lesson from being held liable in my case filed in 1985 for the tax evasion scheme she was involved in? 
Or, do you think my mother still thinks she is entitled to violate the laws and use and abuse her daughter, which is me, even more. Does she think she is punishing me for enforcing my legal rights against her in 1985?

To make matters worse for my mother now; she belongs to BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE which:
1) promotes Parental Alienation and;
2) the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements to steal my assets, income and other property I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter. 
These are epidemic problems in our society which includes the Jewish community as bestselling author Stephen Fried describes in his book and other experts have proven [www.PAlienation.org].

Think my mother and others like my sister can go to jail this time especially since this in not just theft but it is abuse, terror, torture and oppression?
Also, this shows my mother’s and sister’s PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR for over 30 years now.

Although I have a heavy heart since my mother, sister other family members and old friends too belong to BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE and have received my email too; 
I am thrilled more and more of the truth including all those involved is being clearly exposed. None of them will reasonably try to acknowledge my emails and reasonably try to resolve these epidemic problems in our society even though many are very capable people.
*** I guess they think if they ignore me and try to hack, stalk, harass and silence me these problems will go away. Instead they keep incriminating themselves more and more.

Truth, love and justice will prevail and if you doubt my words you can ask my mother regarding my 1985 lawsuit involving how she and others tried to illegally control me and evade taxes at the same time. They got caught and my case helped changed the laws and make our world a better place for all honest, kind and compassionate people. My mother should be proud of what I did and should have CHANGED her immoral and corrupt ways. This is what reasonable, sane people do, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CLAIM TO BE RELIGIOUS. They don’t continue to carryout corrupt and immoral acts and ignore the strong, courageous person who helped make our world a better place.

I am a fit, loving Mother and I deserve to have equal rights, like millions of Mothers who have also been treated like I have so these corrupt and immoral people and organizations can profit.

Truth, love and justice will prevail, not corruption and money.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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