I caught and have proof of RABBI DAVID WOLPE the Senior Rabbi at SINAI TEMPLE hacking my computer and cellphone along with his emotional abuse, manipulation and sexual overtures toward Me

which I have for about 5 years now, since 2012, been trying to end. Not only does this incriminate RABBI DAVID WOLPE but it incriminates many of those I have sued in my $70million dollar civil lawsuit in LASC #BC580980.

Since 2012, no one at SINAI TEMPLE or any other JEWISH ORGANIZATION in Los Angeles or Nationally would return my emails or voicemail messages to discuss RABBI DAVID WOLPE’s very serious violations of the law and acts of abuse.

***Instead they threaten ME from contacting them again; blocked MY emails; have banned ME from going to SINAI TEMPLE for public and private events including prayer services ever again; all without any reasonable explanation.

This includes RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD of the RABBINICAL ASSEMBLY in NYC who has the job of monitoring Rabbis and their behavior and is a member of PRESIDENT OBAMA’s council for religion. This also includes the LOS ANGELES JEWISH JOURNAL, Jewish Journalists: DANIEL GORDIS and RABBI DAVID WOLPE’s ex-girlfriend journalist DANIELLE  BERRIN and the LOS ANGELES TIMES who RABBI DAVID WOLPE writes for.

 Conspiracy, Politics, Religious, Cover-Up, Justice? The Jewish Mafia?

 It all began around Thursday, November 5, 2009 when I consulted RABBI DAVID WOLPE for therapy regarding the Jewish perspective on the form of abuse called Parental Alienation. Therapists and other experts had concluded my ex-husband created and still for over seven (7) years now, continues to perpetuate the parental alienation between myself, a law-abiding, honest, caring woman and mother and our three (3) Children whom I raised. I have not seen, spoken to or known the whereabouts of my 3 children for over seven(7) years now (Except for seeing my daughter on the Dr. Phil show and seeing my minor Son in his abusive conditions at Cate School).

In November 2009, I had recently moved to Los Angeles and was in the process of my divorce.

When I consulted with RABBI DAVID WOLPE for therapy in November 2009; he suggested that I come to SINAI TEMPLE and start getting involved in the activities because this will help me acclimate to Los Angeles. He also suggested that I email him personally so he could answer my questions and help me cope with the parental alienation. (he did not have a Facebook page at that time). I listened to him and even did charity work at the Temple and made small monetary contributions; which I have since asked Sinai Temple to return but it refuses.)

RABBI DAVID WOLPE and I emailed each other for several years discussing religion, books, current events, business and even joked with each other.(He has a very keen sense of humor and is quite intelligent on a diverse range of topics.) We both made each other think and question which I believe is very healthy.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE was always very cordial when I saw him at different Jewish events as were the other Rabbis and Board Members from SINAI TEMPLE.

Then in October 2012, when I was outside the Temple with a group of people waiting to enter for services; an LA Police Officer employed by the Temple came up to me and said I had to leave immediately and could never return but could not tell me why; he was just following orders but he did not know who the orders came from. I and others around me were shocked and I still have not been able to receive any reasonable explanation.

As public records show, this was around the same time my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, signed “under the penalty of perjury” that others were now paying his expenses but refused to comply with orders to disclose the details and Judge Claudia Silbar refused to force him in violation of the law. Was this when my ex-husband made agreements with SINAI TEMPLE (and also Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church; Rabbi David Wolpe’s good friend) to “donate” my 50 percent interest in the community estate under his control in their “charitable agreements” so then he could swear under oath he is “struggling,” “insolvent,” and can no longer afford to pay my alimony after our 20 year marriage where we had accumulated millions of dollars.

My ex-husband and I had accumulated millions of dollars’ worth of commercial and residential properties in several states, corporations in several states, retirement plans, savings and my ex-husband “earned” millions of dollars (not including our passive income and other interests) as a graduate of Harvard Business School, a Certified Public Accountant, a Chief Financial Officer and a Financial Consultant on both coasts while I provided a very warm and nurturing home for our family and enriched our three(3) children in many positive ways as their accomplishments and character showed until the time the Parental Alienation began at the time of divorce.

After November 2012 when I was banned from SINAI TEMPLE; RABBI DAVID WOLPE started to email me under the alias of GARY BERTNICK <gbertnick@cableone.net.  He kept giving me the impression he was trying to change and help support my cause of parental alienation and was going to therapy at “Health atlast” and other places. In our years of emailing I communicated to him that it clearly appears he has narcissistic, control and anger problems along with a sexual addiction which I believe came from his past and he should diligently resolve. The word on the street is that he also has an alcohol problem.  It appeared to me from all of my experiences that his additions and problems either came from the way his father treated his mother or some other past experiences he had but I continued to recommend that he see a professional and even recommended a few.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE and I had many email discussions about love and learning to love and how you need to be able to trust and not control in order to love. Then can you have empathy, compassion and self-esteem which will help you stop feeling the need to control others.

 As experts have proven, many people who have little self-esteem need to control to feel powerful. Instead of reasonably dealing with the crux of their control problem with a professional and resolving it; many narcissists and sociopaths keep controlling and abusing others.     

I communicated my concerns to many Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations expressing the need for RABBI DAVID WOLPE to get help before he harms others who are younger and more impressionable than me and have not had therapy regarding narcissists and sociopaths as I have. Like I said above, I was not only ignored but threatened from contacting them again and also many banned my email address and refused to return my voicemail.

***These Jewish Leaders and Organizations including Jewish Journalists refused to explain to me why ALL Rabbis in the United States refuse to give sermons about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation, have classes, discussion groups, forums and other educational events and also refuse to reunite loving, fit, honest and law-abiding Mothers like myself with our Children. Are they part of the conspiracy to Profit from Divorce as my LASC case # BC580980 shows with proof?*******

Do all these Jewish Organizations KNOW about RABBI DAVID WOLPE and his problems and addictions but have “Politically Packaged” him to create an honest, religious, charismatic impression so he can continue to:

  • LURE people to give contributions directly and  now on the internet too;


  • LURE wealthy Jewish men to DIVORCE so the Men and the Jewish Organizations can all PROFIT using acts of Parental Alienation and violating the legal rights of the Wife/Mother?
  • This way the loving, honest Wife/Mother is as expected so distraught from the loss of her companionship with her Children due to the parental alienation that she cannot focus her mind and will not realize she has been cheated out of millions of dollars from her divorce.
  • They can just hide her money with the synagogue in their 501(c)(3) or other “Charitable” Agreements and then distribute it among all those involved (the Judge, Law Firms, Court-Appointed Therapist, 401K Profit Sharing Administrator; Corporate Executives, Joint Venture Partners, Accountants, the ex-husband and new wife and others).  

 Bestselling author Stephen Fried explains in his book “The New Rabbi” how this unconscionable and very, very immoral practice of Profiting from Divorce using acts of Parental Alienation has been going on in the Jewish Community for decades and RABBI DAVID WOLPE’s father, who was also a Rabbi, was a main enforcer of this abusive policy. [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]


  •        Rabbi David Wolpe tries to act like a victim as he claims he comes from a background of abuse and is a cancer survivor when he is a malicious, evil, predator; preying on Children and their loving, honest, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce. How unconscionable and sick as any reasonable person knows ESPECIALLY  betraying the trust of others under the guise of Judaism. Pure Evil and Corruption, not at all religious and clearly NOT what Judaism promotes.

 I guess I am the first Wife/Mother to survive the abusive tactics and machinations of these so-called Jews AND also possess the legal knowledge, skills and experience to hold all of them accountable with very clear proof as a Jew with the capability should. I am that capable Jew.  If not me, then who?

 Rabbis generally work on Sunday and I have specifically asked Jewish leaders including those at SINAI TEMPLE if RABBI DAVID WOLPE is paid to hack computers and cellphones of those who are trying to legally and peacefully expose the truth which apparently they want hidden. Of course I never received an answer even though they knew or should have known I was not asking a rhetorical question.

So yesterday, Sunday, October 11, 2015; I turned on my Pandora radio from my computer and also later from my cellphone. As frequently happens, which the Jewish leaders and organizations have been informed about by me on numerous occasions but have ignored; RABBI DAVID WOLPE was communicating with me by the songs that are played.

 I do not know how he does this but he does as my comments from my Facebook post yesterday clearly show.  Usually I change to a station without words and ignore the screen but yesterday I decided to give a “thumbs up” when I liked either the title of the song or the lyrics. Thus, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and I communicated for several hours like this as the times on my comments reflect. (see my post from yesterday and all the 12 comments listed below)  I guess RABBI DAVID WOLPE believes by communicating this way, he can’t be held accountable for any abuse or violations of the law.

 I have repeatedly encouraged him, as a highly educated and resourceful adult, to exercise his freewill, like I have throughout my life, by leaving his position at Sinai Temple and using his amazing public speaking skills to make many positive accomplishments. This has been to no avail.

Maybe now he will be forced to. He really needs help and then with a strong will could reach his potential and accomplish many positive results for our society as Jews are commanded to do. Well, time will tell. I am just exposing more TRUTH.

 This is a basic summary of what transpired yesterday between us:

These are some of songs as I recall:

– Missing You

– Feeling Stronger Everyday (this means to use his freewill to leave Sinai Temple)

– My Brown Eyed Girl

– A Brighter Day

– Rescue Me (RABBI DAVID WOLPE left the photo of the album cover with the words “Rescue Me” on my cellphone so I had to see it because I had to click it before the next song would play. RABBI DAVID WOLPE also sent me this horse logo to my cellphone which he does in response to a Facebook comment or songs he wants me to see or to let me know he saw my comment or just to say “hi” or “goodnight.” I get it periodically each day usually. )

– I’m Your Vehicle, Babe (this is why I posted the comment about “rescue me” and “I’m your vehicle.”)

– You & Me

– You Are My Everything

– Soulmates

– Liquid Soul

– Into My Soul

– Freedom

– Come Away With Me

– Between You & Me

– Never Letting Go (this is characteristic of narcissism)

– Never Can Say “Good-bye”

– Fun in the Dark

– Summer Lovers

– The Real Me (I included this in my Facebook post yesterday in response when I was discussing appearances).

– Beginnings

– Back Again (after the songs were back to normal he came back again. Think he is juggling my Pandora songs with other women’s songs or other comments or other posts from an alias?)

– (Un)Forgiveness ( this is why I posted the comment about forgiveness).

– Unconditional Love (this is why I posted the comment about unconditional love).

– An album cover with the words “Foreign Affair.” (this is why I posted the comment about things feeling foreign.).

– An album cover about Dav the Bossy or something like that. (this is why I posted the comments about not always controlling and being respectful collaborative and learning to trust which is necessary before you can learn to love). He also got angry when I was talking to a friend on my cellphone for a while and I was not responding so he kept sending me that horse logo. These comments also related to this behavior of his.

– An album cover about a New Chapter

Then I posted my comment about many I have sued having a “woman problem.” They think they have a right to treat women as they please regardless of how this harms them. (I have sued Sinai Temple due to the acts of RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others)

RABBI DAVID WOLPE then played the songs on Pandora:

–       Never Going Anywhere

–       Here to Stay

I then changed to a different station and he played:

–       Old School Days; “how could the girl be so cruel” by Steele Dan

 But it gets worse for RABBI DAVID WOLPE and SINAI TEMPLE; his good friend PASTOR RICK WARREN and SADDLEBACK CHURCH and all the others I have sued and others too.

I have a criminal lawsuit pending against me based on the FALSE and MISLEADING  allegations of my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN…AGAIN.   It is Harbor-Newport Beach Facility case #14HM07681. The other cases have been dismissed and I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life of over 50 years.

 This currently pending criminal case per my ex-husband’s allegations claim, (and I am NOT JOKING  he truly seems to have lost his mind along with his heart and soul) that somehow when I responded to emails that PASTOR RICK WARREN sent me regarding my efforts to end the practice of parental alienation that I violated an (unlawful) civil restraining order granted without any legal or rational basis by the (corrupt) Judge Claudia Silbar because somehow I communicated with my ex-husband and violated this civil restraining order.

  BUT IT GETS WORSE FOR THEM; they also claim that I “impersonated” PASTOR RICK WARREN because Pastor Rick Warren claims he did not send these emails and I sent them to myself. I don’t even know how to do that. I don’t have those computer skills. I just know the basics like most people.

 So with all this hacking yesterday; do you think RABBI DAVID WOLPE working together with his good friend PASTOR RICK WARREN and my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and others I have sued for their fraudulent acts regarding my fraudulent divorce involving millions of dollars and a violation of my other legal rights; that RABBI DAVID WOLPE sent these emails from PASTOR RICK WARREN to me? Is this one of their schemes to make me seem like a felon?

 Is this part of the criminal conspiracy to try to make me seem unfit and dangerous so they can try to argue that I am not entitled to:

  • Receive my millions of dollars from my divorce of over 20 years so they can all share it;
  • Receive my lawful alimony award;
  • My custody and visitation rights;
  • And I must have civil restraining orders in effect until 2017 because I am dangerous??? Really now.

Obviously if RABBI DAVID WOLPE has the computer skills to do what he did with me yesterday with all the songs on Pandora and his horse logo, he also has the skills to fraudulently send emails to me from PASTOR RICK WARREN.

It STILL gets worse; so far today I have received Trojan messages when I respond or send an email or a text and sometimes just randomly. I have so far one from:

  • First Anniversary, 2nd street med spa at 8:40am
  • Aveda Institute at 8:51am
  • Here today, taxed tomorrow; Orchard Supply at 10:35am

This is exciting as more and more of the truth is exposed and those who are corrupt are destroying themselves as expected.

Love, truth and I also believe God will always prevail and I also believe God is on my side because I support love, truth and making our world a better place for all. God would never support violence, hate, abuse and corruption.

Also, if anyone questions if I can swim with the sharks, you can stop questioning and if you are wise, start mitigating your damages before you incriminate yourself and others even more and spend your remaining days in jail for your malicious criminal acts.

Also, don’t even think about trying to argue that you have seen the light and are the “New” Rabbi or Pastor of the New Sinai Temple and Saddleback Church respectively; the “New” Judge Silbar, Cate School or Law firm: Seastrom; Shifman; Gonzalez or the Kiken Group; or the “New” Alan Liberman the court-appointed therapist, the “New” Steve Murow and other joint venture partners; the “New” executives, the “New” Moote Companies; or the “New” born again Christian current wife. Save your energy because you need therapy to PERMANENTLY change your habits and behavior patterns. It takes time often years as any reasonable therapist will tell you and books too.

***It is not a game or POLITICS to manipulate and mislead others especially Children of all ages and their loving Mother at the time of divorce. This is CRIMINAL and I can prove it as you know or should know I can if you haven’t lost your mind as my ex-husband appears to have lost his.

It is never too late to come forth with the truth and rectify your harms. In Judaism this is called “tikkun olum.”

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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