I discovered the alarming secrets of emotional torture, abuse, theft, brainwashing and malicious prosecution in the religious world intertwined with the legal world, business world, academic world and Motherhood.

These secret discoveries were due to the situation I found myself in at the time of my fraudulent divorce over seven (7) years ago which continues currently. (please note, I am still married because my divorce is unlawful and invalid. Thus, my husband is a polygamist but the law firms and judges have been ignoring this material fact as they continue to profit from my fraudulent divorce they maliciously planned while I suffer greatly and so do my alienated children).

Unfortunately, using the form of abuse called Parental Alienation to ENCOURAGE DIVORCE and THEN PROFIT from it has become a very common enterprise of the leaders of the religious world, the legal world, business world, academic world and others ALL WORKING TOGETHER SECRETLY in our incompetent, immoral bureaucracy. This unconscionable banal enterprise of our immoral bureaucracy has been a huge profit center for them since the 1970’s as bestselling author Stephen Fried describes in his book “The New Rabbi.” [http://www.palienation.org/…/Chapter-2-for-WEBPAGEThe-New-R…]

Religious institutions, private schools, universities and their leaders ARE A FRONT for this criminal activity, torture and abuse as they actively engage in finding vulnerable victims to abuse while using their “charitable” agreements and non-profit status to hide and steal Mothers’ money and property she should have received at the time of the divorce but they secretly received instead.
How do I know? I know because I have and continue to be one of their vulnerable victims. However, not only have I survived to tell the story; I have OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE including a signed unlawful and fraudulent divorce judgment and many signed financial documents and tax returns which clearly speak for themselves.

I have sued all of those involved but thus far as expected; they have been delaying the case with lies and unlawful and unreasonable interpretations of the law so I am still fighting for my legal right to Due Process. [Los Angeles Superior Court case#BC580980]

When you are faced with a problem you have two (2) choices: 
1) You can ignore it, 
2) Or take steps to understand it and resolve it. 
I chose the latter and began approaching Jewish leaders, law firms, a judge, private schools and universities, the court-appointed therapist, business partners and executives, my husband’s new wife who is also a mother and others TO HELP ME REUNITE WITH MY CHILDREN.

DR. PHIL even agreed to have a show on this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and so graciously gave my daughter and myself therapy sessions which she refused to attend. I wish others were like him.

I have been a loving, honest, law-abiding citizen my entire life of over 50 years and it was appalling to myself and other reasonable and rational people that all of these people and institutions refused to help me reunite with my children and ALSO REFUSED to even discuss Parental Alienation so others will not fall prey. Sinai Temple banned me from coming to their Temple but for over three (3) years now, they and ALL Jewish leaders and organizations have refused to help me reasonably figure out what I could have possibly done to be banned. They are all just TRYING TO DISCREDIT MY CHARACTER and cause me more emotional abuse. This is not Judaism but terrorism.

My website, facebook page, lawsuits and many other acts of mine have been in response to this unlawful, immoral, disgusting and unconscionable world I found myself in. I felt a
CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY to inform my three children and many others embroiled in this epidemic problem of emotional torture and abuse called Parental Alienation of the FACTS. 
***Legal documents don’t lie but tell the story and so do tax returns and the trail of money and marital property.

My story can also show the expected IMPACT Parental Alienation and my fraudulent divorce continues to have upon my health, finances and other human conditions created by these sick, terrorists and that they have and continue to unlawfully and maliciously strip me of my legal rights.
HITLER took children away from their loving Mother, took her money, property, stripped her of her legal rights and treated her very similarly in many ways as Mothers suffering from Parental Alienation are treated. But Mothers suffering from Parental Alienation are treated WORSE in some ways; their children are told lies about them and brainwashed against them so both the children and their Mother are tortured even more; Hitler did not do this. He killed them all. These new terrorists are seriously maiming and using the Mother and her children to profit and they watch them suffer from many emotional and physical problems.

The OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE shows that rabbis, pastors, priests, religious organizations, and private schools enabled Parental Alienation and other unlawful acts to occur using their “charitable” agreements, their non-profit status and their influence. Any reasonable person knows or should know that promoting Parental Alienation, emotional torture and abuse is not the intended use of “charitable” agreements or a non-profit status.

I am not professing that we should expect to live in a perfect democratic republic but when loving, law-abiding Mothers are stripped of their custody and visitation rights, have their property and savings stolen from them by professionals who not only betrayed her trust but also violated the law, their codes of professional ethics and human decency AND CONTINUE to do so; reasonable people must realize that 
WE ARE NO LONGER LIVING IN A DEMOCRACY because our leaders no longer follow the US Constitution and other laws of the land which are intended to safeguard and enforce EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.

So why do all of these leaders in our society agree to lead this double life where they SECRETLY SERVE this terrorist enterprise of Parental Alienation and PROFITING from divorce while claiming to be honest, kind, compassionate, righteous professionals? They show WILLFUL DISOBEDIENCE OF THE LAW and a CLEAR ABUSE OF THEIR POLICE POWER. (this is all part of my lawsuit in LASC # BC580980)

I have unqualified contempt for their acts showing abuse of their police power and their betrayal of trust and their other unlawful and unconscionable acts as a reasonable, compassionate person should.

I am also a woman of conviction and I find this situation PARADOXICAL: I love the basic teachings of Judaism regarding love, respect, honesty, helping others and making our world a better place for all. However, as this situation I found myself in regarding Parental Alienation and also the overwhelming clear and irrefutable facts in my lawsuit LASC#BC580980 regarding my fraudulent divorce show; JUDAISM NO LONGER EXISTS IN OUR WORLD TODAY IN THE US AND ONLY EXISTS IN BOOKS. 
As my facts CLEARLY show; Judaism is no longer PRACTICED by Jewish leaders, Jewish organizations and many Jews. To support the extremely low standard of human behavior of taking advantage of a Mother and her children by ENCOURAGING divorce so they can then PROFIT and ABUSE the Mother and her Children is what Judaism repudiates.

Thus, I guess I am a disappointed Romantic who must accept this horrible truth and pain as I move forward with my life as a Jew and a person with honest values and character; NEVER ALLOWING the depravity of others using all kinds of schemes, lies and machinations; to debase my values and character. 
Thus, I will continue to fervently move forward with my lawsuits to enforce my legal rights and those of others suffering like me and maintaining my beautiful values and character. 
***This is living life as a Jew and helping Judaism stay alive OUTSIDE of books but in reality. Others can follow my example.

I, unlike these so-called leaders in our society; REFUSE to hold two (2) fundamentally opposing views: one of evil, betrayal and abuse and one of benevolence, honesty, kindness and reasonable behavior. 
I will not “sacrifice” for the “common good” of some depraved group whose members try to debase the good values and character of children, teens and young adults and others so they can profit.
Unfortunately, today many sacrifice their good values and character for money and power. They think this is the name of the game—you scratch my back and I will scratch yours and don’t ask so I don’t have to tell and we will destroy anyone who tries to expose our “secrets.”

It appears that these abusive, corrupt leaders have to evaluate their past and take care of unfinished business they have been ignoring for years as is common with abusers.

They love the spirit of dedication, being of service where they do not have to express their personal beliefs and emotions or show a strong conscience; they just have to FOLLOW THE PARTY LINE and NOT ASK QUESTIONS. They have sold their heart and soul and do not have to think. They are told what to think, say and do.
They also have a SENSE OF BELONGING but a reasonable person would never want to belong to such an abusive, corrupt, immoral and dishonest group even if they can “profit.” This is how they develop shame, lose their self-esteem and develop many illnesses.

I have faced this sense of not belonging twice in my life: once when I chose to sue my parents and sister for fraudulently using my social security number so they could profit from the “kiddie trust laws; “and then again now when I have been trying for about seven (7) years to resolve the Parental Alienation and my fraudulent divorce where my husband is using the Kiddie Tax laws and other means to defraud me and my children have been ignoring me for 7 years now. I really do not want to have anything to do with my children who are now adults UNLESS they choose to be reasonable, kind, civil and honest as they were when I was part of their life. This is reasonable and I am reasonable. I also do not want to get sick again and have my seizures return from the anxiety.

***I cannot reason with anyone who thinks Parental Alienation and my fraudulent divorce are both acceptable. They need professional help but if they refuse to willfully obtain it; I cannot force them but I can choose to stay away from them which is in my best interest.

***Supporting Parental Alienation and stripping a Wife/Mother of her legal rights at the time of divorce are not defensible acts as any reasonable person knows or should know.

Is creating and perpetuating Parental Alienation as a means to profit from divorce the new “POPULAR REVOLUTION” where sick, evil leaders are claiming this will bring peace and freedom to the world? What sane person would believe this? NONE which is why the leaders in our society have been trying to keep this enterprise and profit center a secret. But I came along and have the proof, which is part of public records, to expose their abuse and corruption. They are all inhumane and refuse to admit the truth, rectify their harms and find honest profit centers.

History has shown that the world can be reshaped and many in our global world now are searching for peace, love, morality and justice. Isn’t this what Judaism and other rational religions stand for? Followers of Muslim are permitted to lie. Is this reasonable according to the standards of democracy? Should the US be wary of making deals with Muslim leaders regarding global security and peace since Muslims are permitted to lie, according to their beliefs? Should the US leaders understand Israel’s security concerns and support our ally Israel or help the Muslims who are permitted to lie?

Can these leaders who have lied, cheated, stolen, abused etc. learn to be humane? Can they learn to feel a RESPONSIBILITY for those they have harmed and for the well-being of the world?
I believe anyone who focuses their mind and with professional help and honest support; can accomplish whatever they want. LOOK AT ME; I AM A LIVING EXAMPLE as I have overcome so much abuse and corruption but kept my good character and values and have become stronger and wiser in many ways. Others can do this too if they want.

2016 will be very interesting as I keep exposing more of the truth as I continue to fight for justice for loving Mothers and their children and our society.
If not me, then whom?

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Remember, sick, evil, corrupt abusers, even if they have professional titles and act like they are honest; ARE SO SICK and believe they are ENTITLED to behave as they choose; typically end up destroying themselves and those in their sick group because they don’t know when to “surrender,” rectify the harms they have caused and HEAL THEMSELVES. They just keep on destroying until they destroy themselves. Expect this.



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