I feel great; physically and emotionally because OUR REVOLUTION to END the Epidemic Problem of abuse, terror, torture and oppression called Parental Alienation is thriving as the truth AND also all those involved becomes clearer and clearer daily. Plus, today 11/11 is my wonderful beloved GRANDFATHER BEN’S birthday who taught me many important lessons!!!

Before I discuss more incrimination by these crooked, evil predators and those aiding them in creating and/or promoting Parental Alienation; I want to share some of the important lessons my honest, compassionate and wise beloved GRANDFATHER BEN taught me so you can adapt these lessons too.

One lesson my GRANDFATHER BEN taught me as an HONEST Jew (not like those of today in the U.S. as the overwhelming facts prove); that evil terrorist Adolph Hitler could take all our tangible property away but; Hitler could never take away our good values and honest character. 
Thus, you must ALWAYS use:
1. Your education, skills and experiences to defend YOUR good values and honest character and those of OTHERS who are unable;
2. Or you will not be able to love and have empathy for others and will live a horrible life as an evil predator;
3. Evil Predators and those aiding them who have therefore become evil predators themselves; never have self-respect, self-esteem, peace of mind and reasonable behavior.
They try to CONTROL others with their education, skills, experiences and positions of authority. Accordingly, Evil Predators are filled with shame, hate, anger and grief for all they have done and live a life filled with drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex and other obsessions to try to escape the TRUTH of their evil predator behavior.

In addition, Evil Predators are only concerned with making a name for themselves and will do whatever it takes to do it; even destroying the lives of others. 
Thus, they become so delusional and single focused in spending their life trying to make a name for themselves that they are their OWN WORST ENEMY. They try to hide from the truth but they are unable, especially when brave, honest, reasonable, loving people EXPOSE THE TRUTH as OUR REVOLUTION IS DOING. 
We are holding their feet to the fire with the OVERWHELMING INDISPUTABLE FACTS whereby we are promoting Justice. By promoting Justice we are also making GOD’S world a better place for humanity as he intended. GOD never intended for people, especially leaders to use their education, skills and experiences to DESTROY Love and Family thereby BETRAYING humanity.

Evil Predators are so angry and full of shame and grief because THEY KEEP THE TRUTH bottled up and hidden. They refuse to be reasonable by COMMUNICATING with a reputable therapist or psychiatrist to try to resolve their evil predator thoughts and behaviors because they believe that is a sign of weakness. Thus, EVIL PREDATORS commonly:
4. LIVE A LIFE OF BETRAYAL AND DECEPTION not a life as the legitimate professional they try to portray themselves as;
6. THEY DO NOT TRY TO PROMOTE PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF OUR LAWS because they think their criminal conspiracy can rule with their Authority and that the laws do not apply to THEM. Even though they don’t want a Fair Fight, the more the crooked evil predators are, as history has proven; the harder they will fall.

Any reasonable person knows it shows COMMON SENSE and BRAVERY to;
1. Acknowledge your problems and then;
2. CHANGE your evil predator and other harmful thoughts which DRIVE your crooked, evil behaviors and habits.
This is what reasonable, loving, responsible ADULTS do; we learn from our mistakes. Thus, we DEVELOP THE SKILLS with reputable therapists, psychiatrists and others to CHANGE our harmful and evil ways so we can then use our education, skills and experiences to make GOD’S world a better place for humanity. This also brings each INDIVIDUAL who does this happiness, a sense of pride, self-esteem and an ability to love.

ALSO, AS A MIRACLE OF GOD, I can give you many examples PROVING that GOD HELPS THOSE WHO FERVENTLY TRY TO HELP THEMSELVES IN POSITIVE WAYS because this helps make his world a better place. 
Conversely GOD will help DESTROY THE EVIL PREDATORS who trying to destroy the honest, loving, law-abiding people who are making his world a better place for humanity.

I want to make it very clear that these so-called Jewish organizations, their leaders and their members ARE NOT THE ONLY “religious” cult or conspiracy which promotes Parental Alienation.

One of my defendants, SADDLEBACK VALLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH (Saddleback Church) which is a mega-church throughout the United States, also disgracefully promotes Parental Alienation. Its PASTOR RICK WARREN whom I contacted many times; even after the suicide of his own son, STILL REFUSES to acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation by publishing an article, giving a sermon, having classes, forums, discussions and other educational events.

PASTOR RICK WARREN also STILL REFUSES to use his education, skills and experiences to help REUNITE millions of loving, law-abiding Parents with their Children who have all been suffering from the abuse, terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation. PASTOR RICK WARREN is just another so-called religious leader who disgracefully uses religion and GOD for political purposes.

VETERAN’S DAY is tomorrow and I am very grateful for all the Veterans who have risked their lives so that we can maintain our values and laws in our Democratic Republic of the United States. Make no mistake, all of us supporting OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation using our education, skills and experiences to spread the truth and obtain justice are VETERANS TOO. We are just fighting a SECRET WAR but; each day all the evil predators who are our enemies and are also enemies of Democracy become clearer and clearer. This is all part of obtaining Justice.

In California, several areas are currently fighting the NATURAL DISASTER of the wildfires. Parental Alienation consists of man-made INTENTIONAL malicious, criminal and evil acts of abuse, terror, torture and oppression. ANY ONE of these evil predators could join OUR REVOLUTION and help us end this terror but they all refuse and consequently will be held accountable for all the harms they have caused.

****How can so many religious leaders, judges, law firms, schools, nonprofits, executives, the court-appointed therapist and others NOT even FEEL MOVED to help us end this terror which MILLIONS OF US ARE SUFFERING FROM when they claim to be devastated, “with tears in their eyes” about the destruction of homes by the fires which can be rebuilt and the death of 11 and then 12 people in the recent synagogue massacre and college night bar massacre respectively; BUT not care about millions of us?

*****What is at stake here? At stake is their entire life of lies and deception along with their false images and legacies. Plus, these evil predators will have to CHANGE and learn to profit without destroying love and families and by abiding by our laws. They don’t want to do that.


As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)

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