I filed another Court Document in downtown Los Angeles today to promote truth, justice and equal rights for All and I am thrilled

Also I have been HACKED AGAIN. I think from my husband and his high priced call-girl or someone on their behalf as explained below. 

Remember, my husband swore in court he is “insolvent” and had to have my support reduced to $350. Think their lies are catching up with them?
Big time!!!

In between my job and everything else, I drafted and filed this document which exposes the truth very clearly and incriminates all those involved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sometimes, when I have time, I love to go to Little Tokyo and also Chinatown which are both near the courthouses and the law library too. The food is made from scratch, even the noodles, and the prices are very reasonable. 
Today I had lunch in Little Tokyo at the restaurant called MONZO. 
I was very lucky to be seated by the kitchen so I could watch the chefs prepare the meals especially since the restaurant was packed.
I watched the chef make the homemade noodles for their very popular Udon soup. He cut them from the dough he rolled and then they were steamed and rinsed.

I ordered this very popular Udon soup with some vegetables, spring onions and also ordered some Portobello mushroom and eggplant tempura. The Udon noodles just melt in your mouth. If you have a chance to go to MONZO, I highly recommend it and order the Udon soup. It is on First Street in Little Tokyo.

There are many interesting places in Little Tokyo too. I found their history museum very enriching and informative when I went there several years ago. I just love Los Angeles and all the interesting places and people.

Well, I will keep you posted on the Court’s response to the document I filed today and any other interesting developments which I am expecting.

I hope you are looking forward to Thanksgiving which is hard to believe is next week already. I just made an asparagus, mushroom, scallion, spinach soup which I seasoned with the fresh basil from my basil plant. 
This soup will go well with the Turkey, and my whole wheat cranberry stuffing. 
Since the weather in Los Angeles is so nice all year long, fresh herbs grow beautifully. I hope you are doing some fun, creative and interesting things too with nice, honest, respectful people and enjoying the resources around you as I do.

Also, never forget, Truth, Love, Justice and God will prevail. Those with empty hearts, souls and evil, unreasonable minds destroy themselves because they can’t fathom the truth. 
I speak from a lifetime of experiences so don’t believe their lies and schemes, even if they appear “charming.”

Remember, just do what is reasonable and take care of yourself. Charity starts at home because YOU must be well, BOTH mentally and physically to be able to see the truth and help others and have fun and be able to have peace of mind too.

Also someone must have HACKED ME AGAIN and removed the photos of “The High Priced Call-Girl” from the Dr. Phil Show with the breast implants THE MONEY AND ASSETS SHE AND MY HUSBAND STOLE FROM ME PAID FOR.

The HIGH PRICED CALL -GIRL a.k.a the mistress named MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY posed for me outside the courthouse when I took her picture but they have been removed.
So I have attached her picture here again and also the photo of her and my husband, the corrupt and immoral MARK [F] HASSMAN, calmly walking away even though they swore that I, who weighs less than 100 pounds, “charged” them. Really?

Well, I am so glad I have these photos and they have a pattern of lying, stealing and cheating too.

Like I have always said, give corrupt, immoral and evil people enough rope and watch them hang themselves and others in their corrupt group.
They seem to be doing a very good job from my reasonable, and objective perspective and many others think so too. 
Let’s see what tomorrow will prove.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
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