…Celebrate if you are reasonable, are not brain dead, are compassionate and have a soul and therefore should be in favor of bringing out the TRUTH which includes the TRUTH with regards to Parental Alienation which millions of loving Mothers (fathers) and their children of all ages are suffering from. [http://www.palienation.org/background/]

I GOT THE PARTY STARTED YESTERDAY in CRIMINAL COURT with a JURY TRIAL coming and many witnesses able to be called to explain many important issues like why they think I do not have a right to information, or a right to a relationship with my Children and other issues, when the LAW says I do.
***So, who is insane???
Who do you think the jury will think when they hear all the FACTS which include the lies, schemes and manipulations where many have been cheated and harmed due to their lies, schemes and manipulations?

This is what happens when you try to make a wonderful loving, reasonable, responsible Mother and her wonderful Children suffer in many ways including trying to defame the loving Mother’s character. The loving Mother RECOVERED FROM HER EPILEPSY which they never expected and has brushed up on her legal skills since she is an attorney who clerked for a judge and also fought a major courtroom battled with her own family who also thought she did not have rights. She proved they were all wrong.
So, not with this delusional ex-husband and others who have assisted him: It is time for them tell the TRUTH in CRIMINAL court with a JURY!!!

Many people who are brain dead also do not have a heart and soul because they do not care about the harms they cause others and think those they harm do not have rights and won’t be able to hold them accountable for their unlawful acts.
They are so delusional they think they can BULLY and intimidate precious Children of all ages and their loving Mother and others into doing what THEY want however as the JUDGE showed yesterday; I DO have rights.
For example; I not only have a right to a jury trial; I also have more rights…
My ex-husband stated in criminal court yesterday that he reads my facebook posts everyday and does not like that I am posting what he SWORE is the truth.
Instead of being reasonable and trying to rectify these harms he has caused he instead tried to take MY RIGHTS AWAY again but FAILED AGAIN.
The Judge denied his ridiculous request and said I can post my blogs with his name saying I have Constitutional rights.

***So, I DO have rights even though my ex, his Born Again Christian wife, RABBI DAVID WOLPE, others at SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles and other JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS don’t think I do and also don’t think other loving Mothers and their Children of all ages do either since the 1970’s.[Stephen Fried, bestselling author http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/].

***Now all of these people and organizations and others will have the opportunity to tell the CRIMINAL JURY why they think I and other loving Mothers like me and our Children don’t have rights and why we are not entitled to many things that the law says we are.
My ex-husband has implicated them with his allegations in this criminal lawsuit.

My delusional ex-husband has a clear habit as the facts in several criminal and other cases already show, of making up false and misleading allegations like he did in Case #11HM10952, California Harbor-Newport Beach Facility.

Now my delusional ex-husband thought he was so clever trying to play “musical courts” trying to again deprive me of my rights in criminal court and then going back to family court to say he no longer has to ever again pay me spousal support and no longer has to encourage a relationship between me and my wonderful children.

Now my delusional ex-husband did not realize he has to show a jury that what he alleged is not false but true and must do this in criminal court. He has the burden of proof and the jury must return an anonymous verdict.
But he is so delusional and so busy running his crap and his lies as many hearings and documents show; that he just overlooked this detail and now the jury will hear many facts and see many witness too because HE HAS INVOLVED THEM TOO.
What a guy!!!
This is why it is so important to associate with those who have good morals and values because there is often GUILT BY ASSOCIATION and we are now in CRIMINAL court.

***This travesty of Parental Alienation is no longer a Game Show with lies and misleading allegations like concealing Companies in Pennsylvania, swearing the state of Pennsylvania is wrong but that my “insolvent”, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Harvard grad ex-husband is right and that he also has a right to conceal millions of dollars of community assets and not rectify this and other omitted assets discussed on April 2, 2014 and June 11, 2014 in Family Court; we are in the big leagues now…CRIMINAL COURT.

So it is now time for the REALITY SHOW with the TRUTH and we will see who throws my delusional ex-husband under the proverbial bus to try to save their own rear ends and their own Game Shows they have been running for years harming millions and not caring which is so evil and corrupt. [ Stephen Fried, bestselling author http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]

–Think I and millions of other loving Mothers do not have a right to see and be with our children of all ages while others can just tell lies about us and harm our children?

— Think I and millions of other loving Mothers do not have a right to receive community assets because they were “assigned” or “entrusted” to others like “religious” organizations or a non-profit California Boarding High School?

— Think I and millions of other loving Mothers do not have a right to receive community assets because their delusional, certified public account, Harvard grad ex-husband THINKS it is legal to conceal companies in several states SWEARING UNDER OATH that one state is wrong when many documents show HE is wrong. (I am not joking; this is all on public records).
I am telling you, I really think he has gone CRAZY.
Do you?
Think the State of Pennsylvania is wrong and what about Delaware and California where other Companies he concealed were found? Are these states wrong too?

Why didn’t his Family Law Firm and mine find, DISCLOSE and DISCUSS this information at the time of divorce and thereafter since they were supposed to conduct Due Diligence?
They have all been put on notice of these undisclosed assets with my emails which is what this CRIMINAL JURY TRIAL is about; whether I have a right to send them emails to obtain this undisclosed information.
The jury will want to hear this too.

Sadly, but not surprising since “Birds of a Feather Flock Together,” my delusional ex-husband’s new wife seems very delusional too.
In court yesterday she seemed like a brain dead robot who kept shaking her head and even trying to relax him. I don’t think she realizes how SHE has signed many incriminating tax returns and has done other very questionable things.
She is a mother too and for her to treat my Children and me the way she has will be interesting to hear too; especially compared with how she treats her own children.

It is no wonder I got my seizures around the time of divorce since my ex was trying to make me into an obedient robot (like her) who just shook her head doing whatever he demanded and comforting him for his unlawful and abusive acts. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT AND DIDN’T. I got away from him.

But, with all my ex-husband’s emotional abuse which is well documented; my body reacted resulting in me developing seizures.
***I am very grateful I got away from him and I am nothing like his new Born Again Christian wife who appears brain dead shaking her head and not even realizing how it strongly appears her delusional husband has implicated HER. I guess she and others haven’t realized yet what hit them as this is a NEW BALL GAME in CRIMINAL COURT with a JURY.

They say married couples tend to look like each other. I was shocked to see how both my ex-husband and his new wife are out of shape and either my ex has a great red suntan face or his blood pressure is very high. He already had a heart attack as he swore in court and on documents.
You would THINK this would help him realize he should stop with his lies, schemes and other corrupt acts and give me my millions and help reunite our Children with me and stop the lies and schemes. I guess he enjoys harming us so much that he will put his own health at risk. Reasonable or Delusional?

There are many questions the jury will want to hear and one major one that should be quite telling but I guess being so delusional, he and those working with him have not figured out yet.
Too Delusional?
Think they will have to plead “insanity?”
Think it is sane to conceal millions of dollars of assets, remove assets from a community trust(s), “assign” or “entrust” many assets under his control and conceal them; alienate the loving Mother from her Children and act like the loving Mother does not have any rights and should just walk away forgetting about her precious Children, her retirement, savings and other money and just go on living somehow? It will be interesting to see what the CRIMINAL JURY thinks and what all the evidence will lead to next.

For my Children: I told you I would never forget about you and this is what it takes to bring out the truth. My parents did the same thing and thought I did not have rights and I had A JURY TRIAL against them too.
This is what sick, corrupt people do; they try to INTIMIDATE others and then CONTROL them. So, do not be intimidated and don’t let them control you, Instead choose YOURSELF to bring out the truth to help yourself and millions of others like I did with my parents and I am doing AGAIN now.

***My ACTIONS SHOW that I stand for TRUTH and JUSTICE which SHOWS MY character; regardless of what others try to say about me; the TRUTH IS VERY CLEAR.
You just have to be reasonable, not delusional to SEE THE TRUTH and I know all of you are very reasonable.

So this CRIMINAL JURY TRIAL is wonderful because I told you I was bring out the truth and I am.
Don’t worry about anything; this is GREAT!!! I am using all of my skills and knowledge which is what a responsible, honest person does; they do not ignore their challenges or try to deceive and manipulate others; this is corruption and abuse as I am sure you know.
So please tell me; why do you refuse to want to renew our relationship? Why did you choose to end it? These are reasonable questions to address in an honest way; not with more lies and more schemes as I am sure all of you know. I am reasonable, are you? Show me.
Love always, Mom



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