I have already found happiness, love and peace in Israel, this very sacred country for many including Jews. Only evil people with narcissistic tendencies would want to destroy my new life in Israel because they, like terrorists which they are, believe that if you don’t go along with their evil ways, they must destroy you instead of being happy for you and leaving you alone.

First I want to state, which is very common in Parental Alienation situations as many of you reading this know all too well; these evil predators have enabled restraining orders to be issued against me without any legal or rational basis as I have explained in prior posts. Thus, they should be glad I am now thousands of miles away from them in Israel, but they aren’t because I am living with FREEDOM despite their well-documented efforts to make me their slave financially and emotionally. They try to control everyone and destroy those they cannot control as experts have proven.

With that being said, I want to tell you some of the happy, fun and enriching times I have been having in Israel. Recently, I was invited to have Shabbat dinner on a rooftop terrace with Jewish, Arabic and Christian people. The food and the conversation along with the view were all amazing. We talked for hours about philosophy, religion, Israel and many other important topics.

Many Israelis really know how to relax and enjoy nature and their beautiful surroundings. Even my very busy Jewish Israeli businessman friend knows how to extract himself from his work and enjoy the evening and of course Shabbat. He surprised me and brought me a delicious falafel for lunch before Shabbat began. 
This Israeli falafel along with several I have eaten here in Israel are very fluffy and soft inside and have a thin fried outside crust. I still love Falafel King in West Los Angeles but; I prefer the fluffy ones I have eaten in Israel. 
I am not much of a coffee drinker but I have tried Turkish and Arabic coffee. My friend makes delicious Arabic coffee which he adds various spices to. Then he boils it. I have been learning many new recipes which has been fun too.

***The kindness and hospitality of so many Israelis I have met is very special; especially compared with all the evil ways I was and continue to be treated by my own family and my own American Jewish brethren.

Well, back to the Shabbat dinner of traditional Israeli food on the rooftop terrace; we also had a variety of Israeli desserts. I love the Israeli rugalach which is much softer than the American version I am used to. I also love the Turkish taffy-like dessert which comes in a square tube shape and you cut the amount you want.The one I love is covered with dried pink and purple rose petals and the inside has nuts throughout the sweet gel. It not only tastes wonderful, it looks beautiful. I am getting used to the Israeli diet and Middle Eastern spices and have lost some weight; I guess because I walk a lot along the Mediterranean Sea and I am very busy all day long.

I love my walks along the Mediterranean Sea as I watch the sunset and feel the salt water breeze on my face. One route I take even has a park with workout equipment which my Turkish Israeli friend showed me. So instead of working out inside watching television or listening to music at LA Fitness; I now workout listening to and watching the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, the sunset, the moon, the stars and the lights of the city of Haifa and all for free. The equipment is not as new or updated as that in Los Angeles but, it serves its purpose quite well as I am maintaining my muscle tone.

Sometimes in the evenings after my walks, my Jewish Israeli friend helps me with my Hebrew. She has helped me with my pronunciation of basic Hebrew phrases and also overcoming some of the Aliyah document issues. Other times, I walk with a friend who also helps me with my pronunciation. He doesn’t speak such good English so when I don’t understand what he is saying, we stop someone walking by to translate. People here are generally so nice and willing to help.

A Turkish friend introduced me to the Lebanese and Turkish music of Fadel Chaker, particularly his soft and beautiful love songs. I have attached one here for you to listen to. I met him as I was walking by and he was listening to this music and watching the sunset. He invited me to join him.

The people I have met and connected with are very kind, compassionate, wise and aware of reality. They live in the present and do not have obsessions to hide any shameful behaviors. All of us are proud of how we live and the values we represent as our actions prove; not only our words. I really fit in here in Israel unlike in the United States with all the greed and uncaring attitudes as my lawsuits have proven.

I feel great living in Israel with Freedom, Love, Happiness and all kinds of beauty. Maybe you should try it too. Israel is more than a place. As my Israeli Arabic friend says, it is a place with beautiful energy if you are open to receiving it.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

YOUTUBE.COMFadl Shaker &Yara Akhedni Maak فضل شاكر و يارا – خدنى معكمن اروع واقوى دويتو للفنان اللبنانى فضل شاكر ويارا



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