I have been very busy in Akko, Israel along the Mediterranean Sea doing many positive and fun things including promoting OUR REVOLUTION to end the epidemic problem of terror, torture and racketeering called Parental Alienation which many of you reading this have been suffering from for many years, like I have. Just know that these evil predators will never succeed against us.

First, I am so grateful to have been attracted to kind, caring and wise Israelis who have taught me many important lessons and have been very helpful too. I really admire their STRENGTH, COURAGE, POSITIVE 
PERSPECTIVES and BLUNTNESS where they say what they feel and what is important for you to understand. They have helped me become even stronger living in a new country and adjusting to daily life. One of my friends came by this morning to make me promise that I will BE STRONG and understand that SLOWLY, not like the quick Los Angeles pace I am used to; everything will continue to work out beautifully for me.

Everyone is very impressed with OUR REVOLUTION. They along with many of you kind and brave people who give me great encouragement, I am very appreciative. My Israeli friends are also very impressed with all of the progress I have made in Israel in such a short period of time and constantly help me keep moving forward. 
For example, I was upset the other day when I saw some very wealthy people who were so ungrateful for all they had. Then I saw a man walking the streets peddling his shoes to earn a living and have just basic necessities. He reminded me of the classic book I used to read my children called “Caps for Sale.” 

In Israel, many do not have the modern conveniences that are typical in many American homes. Israeli cities are built upon centuries of ruins and often the plumbing is inferior to what is common in America. However, the markets and homes built into walls of these ruins are just beautiful as are many of the families I have met who live in these homes and shop in these markets. They are truly beautiful ( יפה- in Hebrew) from the inside too. Many do not have large homes and therefore have small appliances like refrigerators and stoves. Thus, they do not have the space to store many necessities like food and other things. They really appreciate so much more than most Americans, from my perspective and again I am talking about my Israeli friends.

Anyway, one of my very wise Israeli ARAB friends told me that I should not feel badly at all. The man peddling his shoes in the streets is so much happier that those wealthy people who have no understanding and appreciation of the small things in life which money cannot buy like love, peace of mind, empathy and being able to relax and enjoy life by the Sea, having coffee, a meal or just taking a walk. He said these wealthy people are EMPTY INSIDE and need their material things to feel important and also have many addictions to hide their emptiness. Even so, in a short time, these materially wealthy people will need new material things to feel happy, which is no way to live and enjoy life.

I knew my Israeli ARAB friend was right because this is why I filed and won my lawsuit against my parents, sister and their attorney in 1985 when I was 27 years old. I gave up that way of life and did it again in 2008 when my evil but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN became that way. This is also why I gratefully LEFT BEHIND many of my personal possessions and do not care if these evil predators want to keep all of the millions of dollars of assets they stole from me at the time the divorce process began in 2008 and since then too. 
I am quite confident that I can financially support myself as I have in the past and also how much money does a person really need? Material things cannot buy happiness as experts and history have repeatedly proven. Only love, kindness and compassion can make someone happy. Profiting from Parental Alienation will continue to make these evil predators living off of stolen and redistributed money and assets more and more miserable and full of shame and hate for what they have become.

With that being said, I love my new outside “gym” along the Mediterranean Sea. I have met some people who taught me how to use some of the equipment. It is so much fun to add rocks for weights. I am really enjoying life and learning new important customs and perspectives daily. I have also found that many Israelis have a great sense of humor but I will save those jokes for another post.
I just want to say that I love living with love and peace in Israel UNDEFEATED by these evil predators who NO LONGER RESEMBLE HUMAN BEINGS. They have placed a higher priority on political power, money and control than on truth, morality, GOD and even TIKKUN OLAM which is healing the world. This is evil as proven by the lives of millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation. 

Even if these evil predators who create and/or promote Parental Alienation try to end my happiness with their lies and schemes; I am very grateful for my life and all my enriching perspectives as I hope many of you reading this feel the same about your own life. I am also very confident due to all my lawsuits and other documents in public records which objectively and reasonably prove this “conspiracy of silence” of Parental Alienation; that eventually Parental Alienation will be ended by me or maybe one of you too.
EXPECT these evil predators to continue with their lies and schemes because they have horrifically, like ADOLPH HITLER, turned Parental Alienation into a means of PERSONAL GAIN. 
This evil collective group and conspiracy of silence is filled with evil cowards because not one will act as an individual and actively join OUR REVOLUTION. Instead, each one wants to keep profiting from Parental Alienation and also to keep the peace in this evil conspiracy by maintaining the status quo which includes their positions of authority. 
Well, we will see what happens but I am very confident in OUR REVOLUTION and THE STATE OF ISRAEL and of course GOD. Remember, it is a MIRACLE I and many of you reading this have survived all of this terror for so many years. Never give up or give in to this evil. Live life with love and happiness which proves we are UNDEFEATED.

Attached are beautiful pictures of Akko, Israel, that is if I am not hacked again. If I am hacked google, Google Images and look up Akko, Israel. Also check my facebook page.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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