I have so much progress to report which appears to becoming a wonderful regular occurrence! First, I am soon going to be filing a 2ND LAWSUIT with the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT.

This 2nd US Supreme Court lawsuit will involve other very influential defendants/respondents who clearly understand the law and understand that they have and continue to be making a MOCKERY OF JUSTICE and a FOOL of themselves and others in their criminal CONSPIRACY. 

The facts are very clear because they are repeatedly stated in documents which are part of public records so the “facts speak for themselves.” Plus, each day their unlawful, criminal, immoral and malicious BEHAVIOR AND INTENTIONS get clearer and clearer so they will be legally and morally held more severely liable. This is what our laws demand and this is justice too. 
I will give more details about my 2nd US Supreme Court case once I file it.

I would be surprised if one of these EVIL DEFENDANT PREDATORS used his or her own free will to break away from this criminal conspiracy and joined Our Movement to end this terror and corruption. PREDATORS ARE COWARDS and HAVE ALSO LOST HOPE IN THEMSELVES because they have repeatedly CHOSEN to live a life taking advantage of innocent Mothers and their Children and others, whereby they have developed drinking, drug, sex, gambling and other obsessions.

But worse, they try to live a DOUBLE LIFE; one where they PRETEND to be an honest, compassionate professional and person while hiding their obsessions. Thus, they can never become too close to anyone for FEAR that their obsessions will be discovered which will “blow their cover” and ruin their career, false reputation and legacy. 
My lawsuits are “blowing their cover” which is why these evil predators are fervently trying to silence me will all kinds of illegal, malicious and criminal behavior. They don’t want me expose the truth which has been proven many times in many different courts as public records prove.

So, now I am up to the highest court of the land and hopefully these Justices will not be bought off. I hope they PROVE that they REALLY DO support Equal Rights and Justice for all, which includes for loving, law-abiding Women, Mothers and their Children. 
I hope they also REALLY DO PROVE THAT THEY SUPPORT that all of us deserve to LOVE AND BE LOVED TOO; not to have our love destroyed by acts of Parental Alienation. 
ACCORDINGLY, I hope the US Supreme Court justices help us END Parental Alienation and END the crimes which commonly accompany this terror like crimes of theft; money laundering; fraudulent divorce judgments; forcing the alienated children to commit sex crimes; drug trafficking; student loan fraud; accepting fraudulent transfers and other crimes. Time will tell.

Second, I am thrilled that my defendants/respondents in my first US Supreme Court case will have to file their opposition brief soon, if this is what they choose to do. Then, my case will be placed on the calendar to be reviewed by the US Supreme Court Justices. I will keep you posted. I am very confident Truth, Love, Justice, Equal Rights and of course God will prevail.

However, I am surprised MY OWN THREE CHILDREN, who are very smart, resourceful, capable and I raised to have a REASONABLE INDEPENDENT MIND and a COMPASSIONATE HEART; have not yet tired of all the control and abuse by their evil father, MARK HASSMAN and my other evil defendants and have not contacted me. I guess they are either VERY TERRIFIED of contacting me due to threats and lies OR have CHOSEN TO BECOME EVIL PREDATORS themselves who are enjoying MY STOLEN money and other assets I should have received at the time of divorce but did not as my criminal, illegal divorce judgment in public records proves.

Third, I am thrilled that PRESIDENT TRUMP has been very helpful in ENDING Parental Alienation and ENDING the money laundering and theft. PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to, even without the help of Congress; eliminate the immoral and unfair CARRIED INTEREST LOOPHOLE which many partners of private investment funds take advantage of so that they can immorally lower their taxes. This was not the intention of this law as any reasonable, honest person knows. Other entrepreneurs have used versions of this loophole which they immorally employ too. 
If you doubt this, ask my eldest son STEPHEN HASSMAN who is an actuary at the firm WALLIS TOWERS WATSON in Boston. You can also ask him why he continues to keep my stolen money and assets and perpetuate the Parental Alienation since he refuses to talk to me. After 10 years I called him and when I said it was so nice to hear his voice; he just hung up on me. 
Reasonable? Compassionate? Acting like a person suffering from Parental Alienation who feels threatened? You can also ask him where he LEARNED to carry out all these criminal, illegal and immoral acts and treat his loving, law-abiding Mother so disrespectfully and uncivilly……from his father MARK HASSMAN who is legally still my husband due to our criminal, and illegal divorce judgment which is invalid. This is what the facts continue to prove.

Fourth, I am thrilled that PRESIDENT TRUMP has also been very helpful in ENDING Parental Alienation and ENDING the money laundering and theft because under his new tax plan, THERE IS LESS OF A CHARITABLE DEDUCTION AVAILABLE. 
As any reasonable person knows, a person should not make a charitable donation because they receive a tax benefit but, nonetheless; it is predicted that charitable donations will decrease which means 501(c)(3) and other nonprofits will have to CREATE THEIR OWN INCOME instead of SECRETLY REDISTRIBUTING THE INCOME OF OTHERS BY SECRETLY ACCEPTING DONATIONS like those the loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother should have received; not them.

Step by step PRESIDENT TRUMP is eliminating the ROOT of so much corruption and I am thrilled. Secretly redistributing the income of others is deemed theft, economic violence and abuse.

***** Only a HORRIBLE PERSON and CROOKED ORGANIZATION would have and enforce policies to make a loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother financially devastated at the time of divorce by secretly stealing her money and assets while trying to claim this is legal under the 501(c)(3) and other Charitable Nonprofit laws.
US Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG is an expert on this topic as she was the featured dinner guest speaker at the AMERICAN LAW INSTITUTE’S ANNUAL MEETING this Fall. However, she “forgot” to mention how these Charitable Nonprofits are used to launder and steal money and assets from loving, law-abiding Women and Mothers at the time of divorce and the dirty profits from the sex and drug trades and other criminal and immoral activity. 
US Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG knows these acts are not the intended use of Charitable Nonprofits. 
Also, as a Jew, RUTH BADER GINSBURG knows that these uses are contrary to Jewish teachings and are DESTROYING our world; not making it a better place for honest, loving, law-abiding people as Jews are commanded to do; especially a Jew like herself in such a powerful and influential position.

So we; loving, law-abiding people, have so much to be grateful for as we approach 2018. Thus, as the attached song expresses, in 2018 I wish for all of my defendants and those aiding and abetting them and other evil predators in this world that they are able to find LOVE IN THEIR HEART. They will need it if they expect to survive our acts of courage, truth, love and justice as we peacefully but fervently make our world a better place for all loving, law-abiding people. Most of the words of this song apply, however; they are not being set free. I am holding them accountable for all of their criminal, unlawful and immoral acts as they need to be.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

A beautiful song by Rod Stewart. :3 ((Vid made by Gabi)) xD And requested by Gabi.



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