I heard a very clever story the other day…

It is about a person named Insecurasaurus. He has many nicknames one being Fool, another being MARK F. HASSMAN.

Anyway, Insecurasaurus went to an impressive school called Harvard Business School and learned many useful things but he also learned how to SWEET TALK, MANIPULATE and DECEIVE others and how to have an ELITIST ATTITUDE.

For many years, Insecurasaurus used his knowledge and skills from Harvard Business School, being a Certified Public Accountant, becoming a Chief Financial Officer and holding other prestigious positions to make many worthwhile and meaningful accomplishments together with his loving wife of over 20 years. Before they had children and she became the full time caregiver, the loving wife also had a very successful career.

As a result of their successful careers and working together; Insecurasaurus and his loving wife became very wealthy. Their wealth increased as the loving wife provided the infrastructure of their loving home with three kind, moral, respectful children. Insecurasaurus and his loving wife worked TOGETHER for over 20 years sharing responsibilities and trusting each other as a husband and wife should be able to do.

What more could a reasonable person want? 
But, Insecurasaurus was no longer happy with ONLY a loving wife and three beautiful children and the wealth THEY had accumulated during their marriage and being HEALTHY and able to enjoy it and also help others too.

Insecurasaurus no longer wanted to use his capabilities to help his family and others make great accomplishments; he want to USE and ABUSE his family and others to do what HE wanted so he could become RICHER and MORE POWERFUL and WATCH OTHERS FALL due his manipulations. 
Insecurasaurus thought he had become a KING and everyone in the world had become HIS servant.

Watching others fall due to his manipulations, using and ABUSING THEM while at the same time they illegally are accumulating wealth for him was his new VENTURE or ENTERPRISE. He thought this was heaven; having it all: POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL. 
NO LOVE, just power, money and control.

Insecurasaurus intentionally used and abused his loving wife of over 20 years and their three Children she raised and nurtured with a lot of love and care, teaching them many important lessons, helping them make many beautiful accomplishments and develop wonderful values and character. This is what a loving, caring, responsible Mother does.

Insecurasaurus’ change in attitude came when the recession was in full swing and he was around 50 years old.
Well, he started with trying to manipulate his loving wife who also has many nicknames like Truthful, Moral, Honest, Nurturing and the one being Complacent to watch and continue to guide their Children while quietly enjoying their wealth by taking trips and doing other enriching activities while helping others reach their potential. 
Even Rabbi Ralph Resnick from Sinai Temple in Los Angeles wrote a letter for a Judge all about the loving wife’s beautiful character which is in a post below from a few days ago. It clearly appears Rabbi Ralph Resnick and others from Sinai Temple, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld from The Rabbinical Assembly (from a post a few days ago too) and many other Jewish Leaders and Organizations are part of Insecurasaurus’ Family but the jury is still out on whether they as a collective group or as individuals will remain as such.

So, Insecurasaurus tired to MANIPULATE his loving wife known for her honesty by trying to SWEET TALK her which did not work; then he THREATEN her which did not work either. He needed her to SIGN student loans for their Children’s education so he could CRIMINALLY and SECRETLY operate a STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME. However, the loving wife knew they had millions of dollars saved and millions of dollars of investments and did not need any student loans and that it was unreasonable to sign student loans.

Well, when Insecurasaurus realized his loving wife would not be MANIPULATED by his SWEET TALK and THREATS; he moved on to manipulate their three wonderful children who he KNEW were much more vulnerable than his loving wife because they were much less experienced and less educated than she was as children typically are. He also enlisted other Insecurasaurus types to work with him.

As a result he undermined his loving wife by telling their three Children lies and false stories, planning fraudulent schemes and forcing them to alienate their loving Mother from their life and forget she ever existed with acts of child abuse, domestic violence and parental alienation.

As a result, Insecurasaurus has used HIS OWN CHILDREN who are now ADULTS; to help him commit some of his crimes while they risk going to jail and facing other penalties along with those who have KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY assisted Insecurasaurus in these acts so THEY TOO can PROFIT from his divorce from his loving wife.

Even their DAUGHTER, the one who was on the Dr. Phil Show and claims she had a terrible cutting problem that her doctors, teachers, friends and no one noticed living in hot California and HAS NOT gone to therapy to address this alleged problem since the show either; thinks her Mother, the loving wife does not deserve to have spousal support. 
***Does the DAUGHTER think SHE deserves to receive her loving Mother’s support and her retirement, savings and other property instead of her Mother?

The Daughter, if she wants to save herself from many problems like going to jail, better go to the POLICE and tell them what she has done because she is also an adult now and can be held liable for aiding and abetting in acts of fraud and deceit by concealment, conversion, fraudulent misrepresentations and many other criminal, yes criminal and also unlawful civil acts where JAIL TIME is a punishment.

As I said in a prior post, a loving Mother will not allow her Children to harm her and others by having a LIFE OF CRIME. Like all others who violate the law; they must be held accountable too because this is Democracy and Justice.

So, since Insecurasaurus could NOT IMPRESS his wife with his big investment words he learned at Harvard Business School because she knew what he was saying was not REASONABLE since they had millions of dollars saved and students loans were not necessary; he had to divorce her and find another wife who he could use and abuse and would willingly use and abuse his loving wife (now ex-wife) and their Children by going along with his CRIMES so his divorce could be PROFITABLE for himself and those helping him. I call her “the high priced call girl,” is she also a “kept woman,” what about an “abuser?” What about a “criminal?”

Insecurasaurus also had to find new people to impress so he found SHALLOWER friends and others who are not only impressed with his criminal acts but willingly participate because they too are criminals and abusers. “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.” Also, there is “Guilt by Association.” They want to PROFIT FROM HIS DIVORCE too and do not care if they use and abuse a Loving Mother and her Children.

What should all the others be called who have aided and abetted Insecurasaurus in abuse and unlawful acts so they can all PROFIT from Insecurasaurus’ divorce from his loving wife by stealing her money and property and using and abusing her Children? “Criminals?” “Sick, Immoral Abusers?” As the attached photo states, this includes men in ties; it also includes many women in suits.

***The Children must come forth and admit their mistakes and make it clear they do not INTEND to live a LIFE OF CRIME.
Do the Children INTEND to be part of this group? If not they need to make their intentions VERY CLEAR.
Don’t believe their sweet talk, lies and manipulations. 
BE AN INDIVIDUAL and do what you KNOW is right, like I taught you.

Be strong and come forth HONESTLY otherwise expect to face the consequences because this is Justice and the principles our country was founded upon; in case they forgot to teach that lesson at your Ivy League University with all of your unlawful Federal and other Student Loans you have accumulated.

I have just told you so you have been informed. I and others will enforce justice so I hope as adults, you please save yourself by doing what is moral and just.

Please show your TRUE CHARACTER, which you had until the time of the divorce about 7 years ago when the parental alienation and all the other abuses began. Please. I am here for you too, if you are civil. Just be honest and moral and do what you know is right. You can do this and you MUST to save yourself. Don’t worry about anyone else because you cannot control what others do. I really hope you understand and show your true character. Please, I am begging you.

I am the loving wife and Mother, and my name is Sara Hassman and I stand strong as an individual against abuse of all kinds and other criminal acts and against all those who commit them; even if this so horrifically includes my own Children.

As always, none of this is legal advice or any other advice, it is just based on my knowledge.
Btw, the first photo says “Criminals Agree.” I am not violent I chose it for the saying. I want to make that clear.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.



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