I hope your holiday weekend was as wonderful as mine and this week should also be wonderful for all of us living in the World of Love. Also, listen to this beautiful song about Love by Van Morrison.

So I am not misunderstood, those who live in the World of Love are reasonable, compassionate, honest and use their mind to think for themselves in reasonable, loving ways as an INDEPENDENT, REASONABLE, PROUD, RESPONSIBLE person.
CONVERSELY, those who live in the World of Corruption are predators who intentionally and repeatedly DESTROY honesty, love, self-confidence and reason using lies, threats and schemes against vulnerable people.

IT IS VERY UNREASONABLE to try to seek Happiness in a world of abuse, terror, lies, schemes and evil, where Love is also non-existent.

Those in the World of Love try to HELP vulnerable people see the truth and reach their special potential; not take advantage of them so they can profit and benefit by turning them into UNTHINKING, UNCONFIDENT AND UNCOMPASSIONATE Robots or Slaves so they can profit from them.

Running blindly and obediently on a trail of destruction produces nothing but PAIN as all my defendants’ lives prove. They are so full of shame and evil that none of them will even help me obtain my Children’s current contact information so we can end the Parental Alienation and celebrate the upcoming Jewish Holidays together. 
Happy, compassionate, honest, kind people would not dare act that way because they are PROUD of their achievements and behaviors. They do not lie about their achievements and behaviors either while carrying out secret criminal and abusive acts like all of my defendants and others aiding and abetting them do regarding Parental Alienation and the crimes which commonly go along with this terror.

Everyone has FREEWILL to give their mind the FREEDOM TO THINK, MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS and not live by obeying others. Being Unthinking and Obeying others is a choice too but a very sorry one. 
NO SUBSTITUTE can do your thinking for you if you want to ACHIEVE HAPPINESS.

***I am very happy in the World of Love with those who SHARE these IMPORTANT VALUES. I REASONABLY will not allow myself to get sick again living with pain, abuse, terror and frustration from my Children, my (still) husband, my mother, sister, other family members and others WHO PROFIT FROM THE PAIN THEY CAUSE LOVING, HONEST, LAW-ABIDING PEOPLE TO SUFFER. ************
This is very, very evil as any reasonable, compassionate person knows. 
I am must happier without them and their evil behaviors. Very few ever change but if they took the time and made the requisite diligent efforts to change, of course I would welcome them back into my life; but I do not expect this to happen.
Instead, they continue to try to SILENCE AND HARM all of us who are honest, kind and PERCEPTIVE and can also PROVE their illegal and criminal schemes. 
******They refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE that THEY ARE THEIR WORST ENEMY; not us. 
Thus, they do not live in REALITY; they live in their own world of lies which they PRETEND is reality. This is their Achilles heel because their inability to FACE THE TRUTH and REASONABLY resolve the problems they have caused will destroy their FAKE REALITY which will destroy them.

JUSTICE judges a person for what he or she IS based upon FACTS which is reality and holds them accountable for the harms they have caused.
If you doubt my words, ask my Mother, Sister and their attorney who suffered in the hands of Justice in 1989 despite all their lies and schemes they made against Me. (My father did too but he died years ago of a heart attack because he could no longer endure the pain, shame and pressure).

By continuing to spread the truth about Parental Alienation, we are refusing to allow these evil predators and those who aid them to keep living in their FAKE REALITY harming others in the name of religion, politics, business or whatever other fake reasons they can come up with.

The attached beautiful song and Youtube video about love by Van Morrison, who I saw in concert this summer with Tom Jones, describes how wonderful the World of Love is.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME because even though I live in the World of Love; I know how to peacefully but effectively fight those who live in the World of Corruption trying to destroy those who do not.
In my life I learned to swim with the sharks and other creatures and look good while doing it too; whether I am in my bikini or in my blue speedo and matching blue bathing cap and googles like I was this weekend. When I was a young adult I was licensed to teach swimming and waterskiing and did for several summers. I even went waterskiing in Israel in the Sea of Galilee when I was on a tour for young singles the summer before I started law school. 
Many wonderful things are happening for those of us who live in the World of Love. I will keep you updated this week so in the meantime keep spreading the truth in your own community, on line and elsewhere.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org


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