I Know My Children and Millions like them Must be so Terribly Threatened and Intimidated

I know my children and millions like them must be so terribly threatened and intimidated from contacted their loving Mother (father).
The photos of my son forced to live outside on a bare mattress and my daughter having gained a lot of weight because it is believed this makes her less likely to be sexually abused are just two examples. They are very smart people and never behaved this way before the divorce. I know their stories are similar to millions and it is so sad.

If my Children or any other alienated Children are reading this; please communicate just to let your loving Mother (father) know what they have done that you feel you need to alienate them.
***Is it because you are being threatened with physical violence and/or financial repercussions?

Well Do Not Worry.
More and more of the truth is coming out.
In the meantime just do what you can to stay away from the abusive parent and those helping him(her) and use your knowledge and skills to do good things with people who have good values.

For my sons, especially my youngest who loves sports, I hope you have fun watching the Orioles and the Angels and Dodgers. I hope both of your jobs are going well and you do not feel intimidated and contact me soon.

For my daughter; why did you take down your Facebook page? Why not communicate with me as the mature adult you are and tell me why you think you need to alienate me?

Why not have a civil discussion? No ultimatums allowed. This is all very reasonable and you used to be reasonable before the divorce. Please tell me why you changed?

Also, if you still like Taylor Swift; she is going to be on “The Voice” for 3 shows beginning October 27th which is the same date her new album is coming out.

I hope all of my Children and millions like them appreciate their loving Mother and understand how they would greatly benefit if we were part of their life.
I know my children’s father and millions like him want the control and to keep “things” hidden.
***Children of all ages: you can choose NOT to allow a father or anyone to control you and instead use your INDIVIDUALITY and contact your loving Mother. I know you will be glad you did.

I know there is confusion too: Just like when you believed that lie about thinking I was not proud of you being accepted to the expensive University and then I explained that responsible adults must concern themselves with making plans to pay for things before they buy them; which includes paying for college.

Now, your father claims he is “insolvent” but has over $12,000 of monthly expenses as his income & expense declaration he filed with the court shows and was discussed in a public court hearing. This is why he can’t pay my support anymore after a 23year marriage where I was the full time mother for about 18 years. Reasonable? Justice? Would you want to be treated this way?

Part of his expenses, even though he is “insolvent” is his payment to Lexus Financial for over $700/month for a Lexus for his new wife who is a very “religious,” Born Again Christian.
Think she is a “high priced call girl” too like I said on Dr. Phil?

Is that being too nice since as I said on Dr. Phil she has my money and has done many horrible things. Just ask IRS or EDD and some “religious” institutions and a boarding High School for just a few examples? You have to EXPECT this because “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.”

***So the moral is; be careful WHO you believe and WHAT you believe.***

As you know, my ACTIONS show you I am a very honest person and have had a clean record my entire life. You know the Judge threw out the case where your father made up false allegations and tried to get me a felony. [case #11HM10952, California Harbor-Newport Beach Facility]
Well, this is what you must expect from liars and cheaters.
So why is it you believe you need to alienate me from your life?

Why not have a civil discussion as we approach fall which is a time the leaves and many things change. Isn’t that reasonable? All of you used to be reasonable before the divorce and I know deep down you still are. I really hope you are not allowing yourself to be threatened and intimidated for you own well being. Our choices define our character and you know I love you very much and do many good things as an INDIVIDUAL because these are the reasonable choices I make.

I will not follow any lying, cheating crowd. Why should you? Why should anyone?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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