I know MY THREE CHILDREN are very loving, kind, caring, honest people BECAUSE I RAISED THEM WITH MY VALUES as their full-time, stay-at-home Mother (without any nanny and with infrequent babysitters) and I SET THE LIVING EXAMPLE FOR THEM TO FOLLOW TOO with all that I do in life especially how I have ENDLESSLY tried to reunite and END our well-documented Parental Alienation for about eleven YEARS now AND how I remove myself from those who live a life doing criminal and immoral things so I am not corrupted. None of us are perfect so I do FORGIVE them and hope and pray GOD WILL OPEN THEIR EYES and HEART TO THE TRUTH as I believe he has started to do with MY MOTHER.

My Mother is now communicating with me after alienating me for over thirty YEARS for refusing to go along with her criminal tax scheme and for then peacefully using the legal system to make her scheme obsolete so society is no longer harmed.

As we approach this holiday season; I continue to hold strong to my honest and compassionate values and hope and pray that OTHERS FOLLOW MY LEAD BY WORKING TOGETHER TO END THIS TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. Any reasonable person knows that we need to WORK TOGETHER to RESTORE love and happiness to the millions of Mothers, Fathers and Children suffering from the terror around the world called Parental Alienation.
I not only FORGIVE but I also FEEL SORRY for those promoting Parental Alienation because they have NOT FOUND PEACE since they have been unable to ALLOW GOD TO LEAD THEM and OPEN THEIR EYES and HEART TO accept the TRUTH and then CHANGE their evil ways. I have GRATEFULLY been able to allow this WHICH IS WHY I HAVE THE STRENGTH AND ABILITY to continue to peacefully try to END Parental Alienation. It is truly a MIRACLE of GOD.

I pray and hope THAT GOD WILL OPEN THE EYES and HEARTS of those promoting Parental Alienation so they can accept the TRUTH that Parental Alienation must be ENDED and ACCEPT THE LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE WAYS OF GOD. If my prayers are answered then all those promoting Parental Alienation will PROUDLY use their education, skills, experiences and resources to COLLABORATE and END this terror of Parental Alienation. They can start with Me and my Children.

I KNOW that MY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN LEAD ASTRAY and thus far, no one, not even any well-educated and supposedly compassionate “religious” leader has come forth to help them and me too. For eleven YEARS they ALL have refused to help MY CHILDREN AND ME have a conversation so we can UNDERSTAND why the Parental Alienation began and why it STILL CONTINUES.
Specifically: 1) RABBI DAVID WOLPE the senior rabbi of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles, California and; 2) PASTOR RICK WARREN the founder and senior pastor of the megachurch SADDLEBACK CHURCH in Lake Forest, California; 3) both whom are my defendants and; 4) are colleagues and friends; 5) have refused to even help me have a conversation with my Children AND 6) REFUSE to even ACKNOWLEDGE this epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation; 7) even after SEEING PHOTOS of my youngest son, a minor at the time being abused at CATE SCHOOL in Santa Barbara, California because he was forced to sleep outside on a bare mattress without any covers, near a sewage drain and rusted pipe AND also; 8) READING EMAILS proving the CONSENT of this abuse by my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and his “pretend” BORN AGAIN wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who belongs to PASTOR RICK WARREN’S megachurch SADDLEBACK CHURCH.
MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY is the “pretend” wife of my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN because I am not legally divorced from him as our divorce judgment proves.
(It is quite simple; to have a legal divorce the NET WORTH OR VALUE of the community estate also called marital assets must be stated ON THE DIVORCE JUDGMENT along with HOW AND THE DATE(S) THE NET WORTH WAS DISTRIBUTED 50/50 between the divorcing couple).
However, my divorce judgment shows none of this; there is no net worth listed and therefore no division can be listed; even though we both were represented by “reputable” JEWISH and other lawyers and JEWISH and other Judges approved this divorce judgment and have REFUSED to rectify it as all my lawsuits in public records prove.

****HOWEVER, THE WORST PART IS THAT THE DIVORCE JUDGMENT STATES THAT I WAS DENIED CUSTODY AND VISITATION WITHOUT ANY TESTS AND WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS proving that I am a danger to my children. IT HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN THAT I AM ANYTHING BUT A LOVING, HONEST MOTHER AND WOMAN. This is horrible beyond words as any reasonable, compassionate person knows but all listed right on the divorce judgment.
I know RABBI DAVID WOLPE personally because I consulted with him for therapy regarding how to cope with this terror from the Jewish perspective. As he suggested, we began emailing each other and did for about five years regularly and STILL DO TO THIS DAY, even as recently as THIS MORNING AND THIS AFTERNOON: he contacts me through google using SONGS to communicate to me his thoughts and also using emails from various sites. I have asked him to stop and to become the leader I believe he is quite capable of being by helping me END this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation for me and millions of others.
Even though RABBI DAVID WOLPE has been considered one of the most influential Rabbis in America and Worldwide; he continues to MISREPRESENT JUDAISM which clearly repudiates the many crimes which comprise Parental Alienation.

In addition, from my experiences, RABBI DAVID WOLPE tells people WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, not what the Scriptures say. As overwhelming evidence from my lawsuits prove, RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S friend and colleague PASTOR RICK WARREN does the same which is disgraceful. If they were REALLY teaching and living by the Scriptures, they would BOTH TOGETHER PROUDLY use their education, skills, experiences and resources to end this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation IMMEDIATELY. It should hurt them greatly that so many are suffering from this terror especially since they have the capability and resources to END IT FOR MILLIONS. They can start with me.

In 2015, I refused RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S overtures to have a “relationship” because: 1) He refused to help me address my situation of Parental Alienation; 2) Ignored the photos I showed him of my youngest son, a minor at the time being abused at CATE SCHOOL and; 3) Ignored the emails consenting to this abuse by MARK HASSMAN and his “pretend” BORN AGAIN wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who belongs to PASTOR RICK WARREN’S megachurch. ( as explained above; I am not legally divorced so she is a “pretend” wife. They are living a lie which is part of living a life of corruption and immorality not caring whom you harm; even innocent children and their loving, honest Mother).

Thus since I refused RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S overtures; I was physically removed from my seat while peacefully praying in services by the SINAI TEMPLE security in 2015. The temple security told me that I am being BANNED from coming to the temple for all events even services due to some “threatening” email I sent RABBI DAVID WOLPE, which has NEVER BEEN SHOWN TO ME OR TO ANY COURT, and also, I do not send threatening emails; that is not my behavior. This is just an example of more lies and abuse which is what unfortunately, these “religious” leaders and their organizations are practicing and teaching. THEY ARE NOT PRACTICING and TEACHING JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY or any other religion which honors a LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, TRUTHFUL GOD and his LOVING, COMPASSIONATE AND TRUTHFUL WAYS.

As I have said before, I am not that religious that I can quote Scriptures like others can but; I do read the Torah and have had religious discussions with others and LIVE A LIFE with love and compassion in my heart and treating others as I want to be treated myself as GOD commands. In addition, I follow the JEWISH COMMANDMENT of Tikkun Olam which means that we MUST use our education, skills, experiences and resources to help make GOD’S world a better place for HUMANITY. I believe GOD only gives us challenges we can endure and handle and walks by our side as we accomplish them.

So as we approach the holidays and pray for a Happy New Year too, I hope and pray that GOD will open the hearts and minds of those promoting Parental Alienation so they will STOP.
One day MY YOUNGEST SON said in the car “I think you are crazy,” to which I responded that we do not talk like that. He then said that he was not talking to me but singing a song. At that time in my life I did not realize how astute and wise MY SON was because the song talks about how GOD controls many things. So PLEASE open your EYES and HEART so you can see and hear GOD. Here is that song which I send to Everyone with GREAT LOVE AND HOPE.
As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

Lyrics I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions had an echo In so muc…
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Lyrics I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions had an echo In so muc…



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