I love living in Akko, Israel with other Jews and also with Arabs, Muslims and Christians who LIKE ME; are all compassionate people who value love, family and freedom and are very respectful of God. I am so grateful to have already found family and love and that I am LEARNING TO TRUST AGAIN after decades of betrayal by my American families, friends, lawyers, judges, religious leaders and others who claim to be religious and/or honest, caring Americans but; as the facts prove are terrorists and evil cowards who promote the many crimes which comprise Parental Alienation.

None of these accomplishments could have happened without the HAND OF GOD or as they say in Hebrew, without God’s hamsa. Hamsa jewelry, sculpture and many other items are very popular here in Israel. I have attached some examples for you to see, if I am not hacked again.

It is truly a miracle of God that I have not only survived OVER TEN YEARS all the terror of Parental Alienation but that I am now thriving in Israel with love and family and learning to trust again. Arabs, Jews and other Israelis have taken me in as part of their family; making sure I have the necessities I need and also that I am happy. They are wonderful to me. I am looking forward to celebrating Passover in Israel among Israeli Jews who have taken me in as part of their family. Passover in Akko, Israel is celebrated for several weeks and I look forward to this.

I have been very busy in my new life in Israel. For example, Arab weddings can go on for weeks. I was invited to the contract signing ceremony of the sister of my dear Arab friend who I consider family. It was fabulous and a real honor to be invited to be part of this sacred celebration. It has and continues to be a lot fun and very enriching to see Arab and also Muslim customs and eat their delicious food while we have interesting discussions. We get along so well because we live in the WORLD OF LOVE trying to help each other thrive in many positive ways WHICH ALL OUR RELIGIONS PROMOTE.

I am also thrilled because not only am I learning to speak Hebrew, I am also learning basic Arabic conversation. In Akko, most greet each other in the morning, saying in Hebrew “good morning” and “how are you.” This includes those you don’t know but pass on the street or in the market. Hebrew is commonly used since ISRAEL IS A JEWISH STATE but; I also use some Arabic words when speaking to my Arab friends. I am really having a lot of fun and learning so much too.

The other day I was talking to one of my Israeli Jewish friends who considers me family. I said that I was so grateful for so many here in Akko, Israel who treat me like family and are so kind to me. He said they are so kind to me because I am such a kind, compassionate and courageous person who is respected for all I have done and continue to do to help God make our world a better place. (called Tikkun Olam in Hebrew-תיקון עולם)
I responded saying that this attitude is in stark contrast to what I experienced for decades in America because American Jews and other Americans took advantage of me for doing these things and helping humanity. My Israeli Jewish friend said that he doesn’t understand HOW ANYONE COULD BE SO EVIL to do that; but here in Israel, many will be very appreciative and respectful for all I have done and continue to do and would never try to take advantage of me. 
Thus, it goes without saying; ISRAEL is where I belong and I am very grateful to be HOME with the help of GOD’S HAMSA.

I have a busy and exciting new life in Israel and also since the Parental Alienation irrefutable facts are very clear to any reasonable person; I will not be posting as often as I did when I lived in America. Just know that I am thriving in many important ways and love my new life in Israel. 
I hope this post gives many of you reading this who have also suffered from Parental Alienation, to have the courage TO LET GO OF THOSE WHO HAVE LITERALLY TRASHED YOUR LOVE and obviously do not care to understand how precious love is. 
Then you will feel free to find love, new family and learn to trust again knowing that GOD is walking by your side and that his hamsa will be there to help you.

I am living proof of THE POWER OF GOD’S HAMSA so please don’t doubt my words. The facts are speaking for themselves.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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