I love my new life in Israel with many kind and enriching people. I have exciting plans including Ending the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation here in Israel and America with the support of the FBI, CIA, Mossad and other powerful agencies. Thus, I recommend to MY CHILDREN, MY DEFENDANTS and those aiding them in the well-documented CONSPIRACY OF SPONSORING THE TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION, please read and digest this post for your own wellbeing by acting with REMORSE AND providing COMPENSATION for the TERROR you have and continue to cause. Please learn to stop allowing your capable heart and mind to remain hardened.

Mossad is Israel’s secret police which targets enemies of Israel who sponsor TERRORISM. As any reasonable person knows, especially Jews who suffered severely from the Holocaust, Parental Alienation is a form of TERRORISM and repugnant to the principals of Democracy including Love, Family, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice. Israel’s Declaration of Independence posted in the Knesset confirms that the State of Israel was reasonably founded upon these basic principles of Democracy.

Further, per the recent Israeli historic election; the old Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is as good as gone and PRIME MINISTER BENNY GANTZ is backed with optimism for positive changes like ending corruption, financial and other types, which includes ending the TERROR of Parental Alienation as many Democratic countries have already done.
Parental Alienation is destroying Israel as well as America and in the course of its operation it is my understanding that Mossad rarely finds it difficult to obtain the approval of the Prime Minister to “go after” those who are sponsoring terrorism in Israel.
As history has proven, Mossad knows how to get people to talk and moles or traitors are easy to obtain in a large Conspiracy like this one of Parental Alienation because among liars, cheaters, greedy and power crazy ABUSERS of Mothers (Fathers) and their Children; there is no love or trust and everyone is out to protect his or her own interests at the EXPENSE of everyone else.
Plus, this Parental Alienation Conspiracy now has too many on their secret payroll and is much different than it was eleven (11) years ago when it began for myself and my children as my divorce judgment proves on its face along with other documents already in public records. Remember, Mossad is notorious for its aggressive tactics against those who sponsor TERRORISM against Israel.

It is beyond any words that my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, who is the father of our three (3) children, HAS USED AND ABUSED OUR CHILDREN to protect his own interests with the support of those in this Conspiracy and those aiding this Conspiracy. What type of evil person does this to children, including teen and young adult children? Most people especially parents will do whatever they can to PROTECT:
1) Their children and 2) Other people’s children from harm, NOT IMPLICATE THEM, especially AGAINST THEIR OWN loving, law-abiding Mother.
As overwhelming evidence has proven, MARK HASSMAN, this Parental Alienation Conspiracy and those aiding this Conspiracy have used my 3 children to steal and hide MY assets and income WORTH MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS which I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter.
An honest, loving person would never use his or her children OR ANOTHER’S CHILDREN to hide their own Mother’s fortune she legally and morally deserves AND also KEEP THE CHILDREN ALIENATED FROM HER LOVE AND GUIDANCE especially for eleven years.

It is my understanding that Mossad is on the trail of those in and aiding this Conspiracy of Parental Alienation and has been PROTECTING ME. In other words, if the Israeli leaders wanted the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation to continue in Israel; they would have already killed me to: 1) silence me and 2) prevent the exposure of my overwhelming irrefutable evidence in public records especially since I have purposely made my location known throughout Israel, among many different Israeli agencies and all over the internet. Plus, I am petite and an easy target to take down if this was Israel’s objective.

It is also my understanding that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States and its principal federal law enforcement agency. The FBI is the leading U.S. counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigative organization and has jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes including but not limited to racketeering, extortion, obstruction of justice, malicious prosecution, perjury, defamation, abuse of process and intentional infliction of emotional distress. These are all the crimes which commonly comprise the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION as my overwhelming irrefutable facts in public records prove.
It is also my understanding that the FBI is on the trail of those in and aiding this Conspiracy of Parental Alienation and has been PROTECTING ME.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an American agency in charge of all types of intelligence. Operational intelligence, in the discipline of law enforcement intelligence, is concerned primarily with identifying, targeting, detecting and intervening in criminal activity which includes the crimes which comprise the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.
The DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (DIA) is an external intelligence service of the United States federal government and approximately half of its employees serve overseas at hundreds of locations and in U.S. Embassies including the AMERICAN EMBASSY IN ISRAEL.
The DIA specializes in the collection and analysis of human-source intelligence both overt and clandestine, which includes evidence of the TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. It is my understanding that the CIA, DIA and other American agencies are on the trail of those in and aiding this Conspiracy of Parental Alienation and has also been PROTECTING ME.

TREASON is the very serious crime of betraying one’s country. A person commits treason if he or she supports their country’s enemies by giving them aid and comfort within the United States, Israel or elsewhere.
Accordingly, all justices, judges, lawyers, executives, the court-appointed therapists, nonprofit religious and other nonprofit organizations, their leaders and members, nonprofit schools, the press and others who have been SPONSORING the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION by breaching their fiduciary duty, professional oaths of office and/or moral and civil obligations as a citizen or institution can be held liable of treason.

Specifically, justices, judges and lawyers in America have a duty as OFFICERS OF THE COURT to protect and defend Democracy by reporting those who should be disbarred or lose their business license because they are violating the Constitution and other laws in America. THOSE WITH AMERICAN BUSINESS LICENSES FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE also have legal and moral obligations to promote fair, legal and moral business practices.
As my overwhelming irrefutable evidence in public records proves; those in and aiding this Conspiracy of Parental Alienation intentionally and maliciously have deprived a loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother of her Constitutional and Legal rights to: Custody; Visitation; and Receipt of her Financial Interest in her Community Estate. Thus they are SPONSORING the TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION instead of SPONSORING DEMOCRACY.

Since this post is getting long; I will end it now by stressing to MY CHILDREN along with those IN and AIDING this Parental Alienation Conspiracy and all others SPONSORING THIS TERRORISM:
Do what you know is moral and just; not what is most profitable.
End your shame, grief, lack of self-esteem and inability to love yourself and others by either exposing the TRUTH publicly on your own; contacting your loving, law-abiding Mother (father) to help you; or getting professional help to do so. This is not only in your best interest but this is in the best interest of America and also Israel and the world.

As I was in 1985 at a FORK IN THE ROAD and had to decide whether to lead an honest or criminal life (when my case against my parents helped change legal precedent to end the abusive kiddie trust tax laws), you too are at a fork in the road. ***Will you choose to lead an honest life filled with love, fun, peace, self-esteem and happiness as I GRATEFULLY did in 1985 or one filled with all kinds of crime, shame, greed and grief?
Also, remember, DEBT is one of the oldest forms of EXTORTION by making someone FEARFUL of doing what is honest and moral. Don’t worry about the debt your father and others have forced you to incur.
Just do what is moral and just and prevent prison from being your sanctuary from this nightmare.
*** You will be PROTECTED for your bravery as I have been with GOD walking by my side since it is a MIRACLE I have survived all of this TERROR and have even thrived in many ways.
As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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