I received an answer in response to my preceding post which explains WHY IT IS BELIEVED MY THREE CHILDREN CHOSE TO CONTINUE THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION for the past twelve (12) years BUT SHOULD NO LONGER BE FEARFUL OF CONTACTING ME. This answer also EXPLAINS ANOTHER PART of this WORLDWIDE TERROR. My GRANDFATHER BEN’S actions also prove why FEAR has no place in the life of an honest, loving person.

The following HORRIFYING, UNFATHOMABLE EXPLANATION can be applied to many Children, ESPECIALLY TEEN and YOUNG ADULT CHILDREN even though I explain it in terms of MY THREE CHILDREN who were teens or very young adults when the very well-documented Parental Alienation began in our family over twelve (12) years ago.

Here is the explanation I received:

MY CHILDREN have BEEN THREATENED by their father along with judges, lawyers, religious leaders and some of my other defendants and their supporters, that IF THEY TRY TO CONTACT ME their alienated loving Mother:
1) I will be KILLED, yes killed although it will appear to be due to some ACCIDENT and;
2) My Children too, ALL THREE OF THEM, will be KILLED which also will appear to be due to some accident.
EVEN IF ONLY ONE OF MY CHILDREN CONTACTS ME, all three of them will be killed because they are viewed as a “collective” group so they can be “used to control each other.” This is how TERRORISTS behave.

3) I was also told that MY CHILDREN were told that since the killings will be made to look like “accidents,” no one, except those in this “inner circle” of Terrorists who are promoting the well-documented Parental Alienation WORLDWIDE, will ever suspect that THESE KILLINGS WERE RELATED TO the WELL-DOCUMENTED TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION GOING ON IN OUR FAMILY and disgracefully Worldwide for many generations.

4) MY CHILDREN, this explains WHY all of us are CONSTANTLY BEING HACKED AND TRACKED because your father and these others promoting this Worldwide Terror of Parental Alienation are MONITORING WHETHER WE MAKE CONTACT and should be killed.
I believe they also try to interrupt my Wi-Fi connections in an effort to prevent me from posting my website and Facebook posts on the internet to expose the TRUTH to the world.
CONTROLLING COMMUNICATION is typical of Terrorists; it also deprives people of their Freedom. These Parental Alienation Terrorists also want to intimidate us to “obey” them by remaining silent about this Terror so they can continue profiting from it.

5) MY CHILDREN, DON’T WORRY, this Terror will SOON End and we will have stronger relationships because of our experiences. Ending this Terror is one of the purposes of the CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE as I understand. *****Remember, NONE OF US would have survived all of this Terror if GOD WASN’T WALKING BY OUR SIDE. We are helping GOD improve the World which is all part of the Jewish commandment of Tikkun Olam; using our education, skills and experiences to help others as GOD intends, which helps him heal the world. This also helps us.
So PLEASE STAY STRONG KNOWING that we will have many years of fun and enriching times together soon.
****I am sorry I NEVER FATHOMED that your father was capable of such Terror and if this message I received is wrong; then WHY HASN’T YOUR FATHER, for the past twelve years:
1] Ended our family’s very well-documented Parental Alienation;
2] Especially NOW DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE when it would be very beneficial for us to communicate and help each other and;
3] Hasn’t stopped hacking and tracking me?
In other words, why does your father REFUSE to let me live in peace WITH YOU MY CHILDREN; especially since HE demanded a divorce because I refused to illegally take out unnecessary student loans?

6) MY CHILDREN also, DON’T BE AFRAID TO CONTACT ME because this post will appear on the WORLDWIDE internet, so if any of us are killed, even by “accident;” your father along with all my other defendants and their supporters will be suspected; BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER.
You cannot let Terrorists deprive you of your FREEDOM.
Let GOD take care of punishing Terrorists.

Even if your father, judges, lawyers or anyone else got you to SIGN SOME AGREEMENT OR AGREEMENTS that you will not contact me in exchange for money, property or other benefits; DON’T WORRY because these AGREEMENTS are invalid and unenforceable because they are AGAINST PUBLIC POLICY and also PROVE THEIR SELF-INCRIMINATION.


To begin, GOD will take care of providing “Justice for All” as MY LIFE, MY GRANDFATHER BEN’S life as explained below and History proves GOD repeatedly has done. Today, dealing with the Terror of Parental Alienation will be no different; TRUTH and of course GOD will prevail again so DON’T BE AFRAID TO CONTACT ME because……

MY CHILDREN, if GOD wasn’t protecting all of us, we would have died from a broken heart and other resulting health issues many years ago. Don’t be afraid, AS I AM NOT AND I AM THRIVING in many ways.

So, CHALLENGE these Terrorists’ leadership by violating their terrorist policies by PROUDLY CONTACTING ME and do not be concerned that they may call you a “traitor.” So what?
**** It isn’t worth living that life and constantly living in fear of their Terror.
Here are more reasons and examples proving the importance of being Brave and Free and not succumbing to Terror.

MY CHILDREN, I want to tell you how GOD protected my honest and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN, who is YOUR GREAT GRANDFATHER.
I am so sorry you never knew him, however; you did know JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS who had the same honest and compassionate values and character and whose loving and wise thoughts dictated his righteous actions which changed the lives of thousands who were lucky to come before him in his court or to know him personally. I am so GRATEFUL I knew both of these outstanding men.
Now, YOUR GREAT GRANDFATHER BEN for about fifty (50) years owned a butcher shop in Baltimore, Maryland, where all of you were born and raised for about ten (10) years until we moved to California. He was the only son among I think seven (7) sisters.

Grandpa Ben used to get up very early in the morning and go down to the Baltimore docks and to other places to get the meats, poultry and other items he sold in his butcher shop. My grandmother was the cashier and Grandpa Ben worked in the back of the shop by this very large walk-in refrigerator chopping the meat and poultry on a large wooden butcher block. The floor was made of wooden planks and covered with sawdust so no one would slip and fall. I used to love it when my mother took me to see him at his shop. Sorry for any vegetarians reading this, but; it was fun to go into the walk-in refrigerator and see the very large pieces of meat hanging from large hooks. I had never seen anything like this.

My Grandfather and Grandmother lived about five (5) minutes driving from where I lived. My sister and I often spent weekends with them and my cousins often stopped by to visit. I really loved my Grandfather and I was also close with my cousin Beth.

Grandpa Ben created many beautiful gardens with roses and other flowers and with bird baths too. He gladly gave away his beautiful flowers for others to enjoy which is also why I too created gardens, made flower arrangements in the house, had bird feeders, love watching birds and encouraged all of you My Children to enjoy these things and nature. This is also why I love my life in Israel among so much beautiful nature.
In Grandpa Ben’s basement he created a big wall with many family photos which I loved to look at. This is why I also created a big wall with many of our family photos which I also loved to look at. Grandpa Ben also used to fix things in his basement and I always wanted to help him. I remember he bought me a small red hammer so I actually could help him and I even have this hammer today with me in Israel.

Wonderful Grandpa Ben also read the Torah every day. He did not keep kosher (but would not eat pork or seafood) and needed to work on Shabbat but believed in the Jewish commandment of Tikkun Olam; using his education, special skills and experiences to help GOD heal the world by helping others. I am like him in many ways: I also read the Torah, Bible and other Jewish books; do not keep kosher; sometimes I work on Shabbat (but less now in Israel) and; I also believe in the Jewish commandment of Tikkun Olam.
Grandpa Ben was a very responsible person and encouraged others to be the same way. I also encourage others to be responsible as I encourage everyone to help end this Terror of Parental Alienation. I remember one day Grandpa Ben became angry with one of his sisters when the family was at her house sitting shiva for a relative who had just died. This sister served a Chinese dinner sent by someone which Grandpa Ben ate and then later found out that the egg rolls had pork in them. Any Jew can understand why he was upset.
Grandpa Ben and I had wonderful times together and he taught me many things. He had this reclining chair which was very popular in those days. It was in the den, next to the sofa in front of the television which had only three (3) channels. (People did not live on their screens as they do today). I would sit on the sofa and he would sit in his reclining chair and we would watch television together. Sometimes he would fall asleep but never wanted to be woken up so he could get into bed. He had a rule, when the “Lawrence Welk Show,” was beginning, that was the time my sister and I had to go to bed. When my cousin Beth slept over too; she always liked to get up early and go into the bathroom to see Grandpa’s teeth before he put them in his mouth. In those days older people had false teeth which they took out at night and put into a cleaning solution in a glass. My cousin thought they were so funny and used to make all these jokes about them.
When we would go places my Grandfather would hold my hand. Then one day I saw that he was holding a stone and I asked him why. He said that when I am not with him he pretends that I am by holding the stone since he can’t hold my hand. Today, I sometimes carry a stone I found in the shape of Israel to remind me of my wonderful Grandfather.

When I as five (5) or six (6) years old I remember my Grandfather was very angry about the “Jim Crow Laws” because his Black workers were not being treated fairly. He complained about this often and explained to me that because his workers had Black skin, their public bathrooms were dirty and the schools their children went to were not nice.
He said his Black workers should not be treated this way and that this “separate but equal” was just a big lie.
All this really bothered him and made a huge impression on me.
Then I remember my grandmother was very upset because my Grandfather was going to Washington, D.C., about an hour south of Baltimore, to march on Capitol Hill to protest the Jim Crow Laws to try to have them repealed. This is what I remember and of course when I grew up and attended law school I understood why my Grandfather Ben was so angry and his brave and compassionate values for trying to help his Black workers and other Black people living in the Southern part of America.
Can you believe the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation laws for public facilities as long as the segregated facilities were equal in quality; even though they KNEW they were not and even though they KNEW these segregation laws were also extended to restaurants; theaters; restrooms; parks; drinking fountains; neighborhoods where Black people were allowed to live; evening curfews for Blacks where they couldn’t leave their homes after 10 p.m.; and of course Blacks could not vote.
This was America and thankfully in the 1960’s these segregation laws were becoming a real problem. They were enacted because racism appealed to Whites who feared losing their jobs to Blacks and who shamefully wanted to limit the freedom of Black people. Some Whites had the audacity to say that Black and White people were incapable of co-existing. GRANDPA BEN’S courage helped repeal these segregation laws which helped Black people and other minorities in America and throughout the World.

Based upon overwhelming facts, Jewish Mothers and other Mothers (and some fathers too) and our Children have become like the Blacks in America during the existence of the Jim Crow and other segregation laws because our Freedom has been limited and the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear my case involving the denial of this freedom and denial of my other Constitutional Rights due to the illegal enforcement of the EPIDEMIC problem of Terror called Parental Alienation.

However, I and millions of other Mothers and some Fathers too and OUR CHILDREN, including MY CHILDREN are not hopeless victims or SLAVES of these evil Terrorists.
Like GRANDPA BEN, never be afraid to PEACEFULLY fight for Truth, Love and Freedom. So what if you die? You die knowing you supported a wonderful cause AND that your efforts changed the world. This CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE is bringing about great positive changes to many who are oppressed in this world. Many leaders and others will no longer have their power and control and those who survive will be more willing to co-exist peacefully with others.

Also, MY CHILDREN don’t worry about me being killed for my efforts; I would rather die peacefully fighting to end this Terror then remaining silent about it.

Your father’s birthday is next week. Do you think he will give himself a much needed present of peace by ending this Parental Alienation in our family? Why shouldn’t he reasonably want to?
Regardless of what he chooses to do; DON’T LET HIM DESTROY YOUR LIFE BY DENYING YOU of Freedom and Love which will bring you Peace. Terrorists don’t just give you what you want; you have to take it so PLEASE no longer be afraid to contact me. I took my Freedom from these Terrorists and I am thriving in many ways; ALL OF YOU can do the same.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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