I sent this email to confirm so there is no misunderstanding for the Judge or the Jury.

The following email needs no explanation as more and more of the truth is exposed along with all those who willfully involved themselves.

Dear Jewish leaders of various Jewish organizations in Los Angeles County, California and elsewhere in the State of California as well as national Jewish organizations in the State of New York and elsewhere and as individuals also who have moral and ethical, obligations. This information is relevant in obtaining joint and several liability and also establishing intent to prove malice for punitive damages as well as many causes of action.

To begin, I left HOWARD LESNER, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple several voice mails on this topic and also to please check with you for this email. He has blocked my email address since around October 27, 2012 which is when I was banned from attending any events at Sinai Temple, public and private, including prayer services and I have never been given a reasonable explanation why. About a year later HOWARD LESNER, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple told me it was because I have a website on parental alienation and he and others at Sinai Temple do not like it.

Any reasonable person, especially a Jew, like Howard Lesner proclaims to be:
1- should be GRATEFUL I have an educational and helpful website on this epidemic problem;

2-Plus, as a Jew and individual, Howard Lesner should know he does not have a RIGHT to take away my fundamental rights without Due Process of Law because he and others at Sinai Temple do not like my very informative and helpful website. Regardless, ignorance is not a defense of the law as the wonderful Judge I clerked for taught me and showed me numerous times.

3- Further, Howard Lesner will not look credible on the stand in court because I did not have my website until months after October 27, 2012 when I was banned from Sinai Temple.

Thus, I am informed and believe based on documents and other evidence that my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, made agreements with Sinai Temple at that time using “purposefully concealed” and “unadjudicated” community assets worth millions of dollars as a letter I found in my divorce file states. Prima facie evidence; you bet.

I have contacted all of you and many at Sinai Temple regarding this fraudulent and unlawful disposal of community property worth millions from my marriage of over 20 years, numerous times as you know but no one will even acknowledge my communications and therefore have knowingly, willfully, intentionally and repeatedly refused to help me resolve these issues so that I am capable of following the law and having a legal, completed divorce where the mandated disclosures and distributions are made pursuant to community property, other property, contract, marital, family, constitutional, Penal and other laws, codes and cases.
So, please forward this email to Howard Lesner as I told him to expect it.

Now I want to present the issues I want to confirm so the Judge and Jury understand unequivocally your INTENT, both as professionals in your professional capacities and positions and also as citizens and individuals who have obligations to be law abiding and not aid and abet anyone in committing unlawful acts including those repugnant to the moral conscious of a reasonable person including but not limited to acts of parental alienation and involuntary servitude which includes Debt Servitude, Forced Labor and other forms and acts of Slavery which a plethora amount of evidence shows exists.

As just one of many examples, are the photographs of my abused MINOR Son’s living conditions, who has a heart condition, which RABBI DAVID WOLPE saw when I consulted him for therapy and refused to even make a telephone call to try to resolve.

My ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN, with the aiding and abetting of CATE SCHOOL, a boarding high school near Santa Barbara, California; his current wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and others INCLUDING RABBI DAVID WOLPE an employee of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles, California;
FORCED my minor Son who has a heart condition to make matters even worse, to sleep outside on a bare mattress without sheets or blankets on a cement floor, underneath a rusted pipe, near electric wires and a sewage pump as the many photographs show. 

I am informed and believe that the reason he was forced to live this way was because he refused to alienate me from his life and he was being punished, brainwashed and transformed which is typical in parental alienation situations.

MARK F. HASSMAN, needed our minor Son to obey him because he need him, along with our other 2 children to attend this expensive boarding high school and then attend an expensive Ivy League university so that he could obtain approximately $245,000 of student loans for his STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME, while concealing millions of dollars worth of community property with SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles and PASTOR RICK WARREN founder of SADDLEBACK CHURCH and pretending he is “insolvent” and “unable to pay” my spousal support while he was approved for and has been paying for 2, not one, but 2 new Lexus vehicles, another Lexus, and other cars registered in his name.

The hearing in a few weeks on March 27, 2015, is to determine if JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will violate the law again by allowing MARK F. HASSMAN to keep concealed the credit applications and other financial information he used to be approved for all of these vehicles including these many luxury Lexus vehicles and the payment history so we can see the sources of the funds being used to make these payments. JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR knows this information needs to be disclosed and not concealed BEFORE she ordered that my support be reduced to zero but she violated the law. Will she correct her error or make it worse? What will all of you do as individuals and collectively, correct your errors or make them worse?

RABBI DAVID WOLPE is an EMPLOYEE of Sinai Temple and RABBI DANIEL NEVINS told me in an email which I have, that RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD supervises the acts and behaviors of Rabbis and other Jewish leaders.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD has refused to even acknowledge my many communications to her and her office regarding this abuse of my minor Son and other matters of abuse, involuntary servitude and other unlawful acts including but not limited to agreements Sinai Temple made with my concealed community property so of course my knowledge and consent was not obtained and these were FRAUDULENT TRANSFERS and violate many laws.


If you don’t like the choices you have made, you know as Jewish teachings explain, change your choices, REPAIR the damages you have caused and get the help you need so you will no longer act in these unlawful and immoral ways. (Teshuva)

NOW, these are the issues I want to make very clear for the Judge and the Jury:
1- As bestselling author Stephen Fried explains in his book “The New Rabbi,” at least for decades, since around the 1970’s, there has been a secret policy among many Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders to destroy the beautiful, nurturing, enriching companionship between a Loving Mother and her Children, which includes teen and young adult children, around the time of divorce in exchange for money, property and other benefits; [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/]

2- Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders willfully, intentionally, outrageously and maliciously carry out said policy which is called parental alienation by many experts, even though they know this is destroying the minds, hearts and souls of the Children and their Loving Mother and causing them many psychological, emotional, physical and other problems as many experts have proven.

3- Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders willfully, intentionally, outrageously and maliciously carry out said policy which is called parental alienation by many experts because they have and continue to place their interests of greed and power lust above the health and well being of Children and their Loving Mothers and our Society as a whole;

4- Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders willfully, intentionally, outrageously and maliciously carry out said policy which is called parental alienation by many experts even though this is NOT a Jewish teaching or philosophy because Jews promote a strong companionship between a Loving Mother and her Children especially at the time of divorce when they especially need each other’s love, nurturing, care and companionship.

5- Only a sick, evil person or organization with unlawful policies would promote the destruction of the companionship between a loving, nurturing Mother and her Children. This is what terrorists do like Hitler and now ISIS and as Machiavelli explains, this is divide and conquer so you can get the Loving Mother out of the way so you can use and abuse the Children since she is not there the PROTECT them and help guide them.

***I hope all of you respond to this email and also choose to resolve these issues lawfully by ending your secret policy of parental alienation. You can start by using due diligence to help me and my Children restore our beautiful companionship and by distributing to me my community property which was unlawfully “purposefully concealed” from me as the letter between 2 law firms where my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, was copied-in states.

Those I do not hear from, I will take this to mean that you understand this email will be used against you to show your intent to commit these and other related unlawful acts.

It is evil beyond words to destroy the companionship between a loving Mother and her Children and steal the loving Mother’s retirement, savings and other assets from her marriage of over 20 years which she is legally entitled to receive. 
***YOU are not entitled to receive this property OR destroy my companionship with my Children, which I will prove in court if you don’t rectify these issues.
Don’t you think it is time all of you begin to ACT like Jews instead of pretending to act like Jews? I hope you do.
Sara Hassman

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