I want my Children and Everyone else to know that I have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR illegally and immorally GRANTED the illegal and immoral Restraining Order requests because she HAD NO AUTHORITY.

These illegal and immoral Restraining Order requests were made by the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM on behalf of my husband MARK [F] HASSMAN.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR HAD NO AUTHORITY to grant them and SEASTROM & SEASTROM had no authority to request them.

Specifically as a document signed “under penalty of perjury” states; the law firm Seastrom & Seastrom sought these stay away orders against me, a loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother which included my three Children; even though at that time; 2 of the 3 Children were adults. One restraining order is still in effect after all these years.

Thus, if MY CHILDREN are reading this, and others too so you can learn; know that you have what is called “STANDING TO SUE” for being knowingly, intentionally, willingly, outrageously, very maliciously and illegally deprived of your legal and constitutional rights to have a COMPANIONSHIP WITH YOUR MOTHER which is guaranteed and fundamentally protected by the First, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution.

I can only sue on my behalf and not on your behalf because you are adults. (I don’t have standing to sue on your behalf)
This is also why the restraining orders prove the PARENTAL ALIENATION and other illegal and immoral acts because your father and his law firm cannot request these on your behalf as adults and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR can’t grant them.

Also, I know you did not request these restraining orders so please do not let YOUR FATHER, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, RABBI DAVID WOLPE, STEVE MUROW or others intimidate you into testifying that you did request these as they will probably try to do. 
I will catch you in the act of PERJURY which will send you to jail so don’t do it. Perjury is a very serious crime and the laws must apply equally to everyone. This is justice and democracy.

Thus, I recommend you contact me and start fighting for your legal rights as I am doing so you can be proud of your values and character.
Also, you will have freedom and not be a slave to your father and the others in this illegal and immoral conspiracy so they will no longer be able to use and abuse you to PROFIT and for their other BENEFITS.

Be strong and follow my lead so you can live with me in a world of truth, love, respect and compassion and not remain in your world of abuse, lies, manipulations and intimidation.
Remember, I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become–Carl Jung.
I hope you listen to me because what I am saying is wise and reasonable.

Also, PHILIP G. SEASTROM and MALCOLM R. COLE, don’t forget I have your personal declarations stating how you “formulated litigation strategy” and “engaged in decision-making” and this included restraining orders against me “all of which were granted.”

I am thrilled more and more of the truth and all those involved in this Conspiracy of Parental Alienation, Fraudulent Divorce Contracts and resulting Marriage Fraud is becoming clearer and clearer everyday as TRUTH AND JUSTICE ARE PREVAILING.

Remember, as my GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; Never give up your good values and character because without those, you have NOTHING.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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