I want to invite ALL MY DEFENDANTS and OTHERS TOO to take a trip which may even be classified as business or some other expense.

In other words, along with personally inviting My Children to visit Me at the Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace in Arad, Israel; I want to invite all of my defendants and all of those who have aided my defendants, even by remaining silent with regard to others’ acts of Parental Alienation.

First, I want to explain that it appears this trip can be considered to have business, religious and medical purposes but check with an accountant. I say this because what you will learn over just a two day period will help YOU PERSONALLY BECOME A HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER PERSON. This knowledge will help you PERFORM MORE EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY in all of your endeavors. In other words, what you will learn here at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace in Arad, Israel will improve your business relations, your health and also help many of you realize aspects of God which it appears you have not understood.

Second, I want to define what I mean by “defendants” because I want everyone to feel welcome who wants to come to learn some ways to end THEIR pain and then REPLACE this pain with feelings of Love, Peace and Compassion. 
[By the way, I also want victims to feel welcome. So you can plan to come too to help you understand more about this trauma.]
I have EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE and SCIENTIFIC PROOF that your pain will disappear if you desire. If I am wrong then you will have taken a trip to the beautiful State of Israel. I am only asking you to invest one night here with a day or two of enriching lectures and events. However, you may want to stay longer but; that is your choice.

Defendants and those aiding them and of course My Children: I HARBOR NO RESENTMENT but AIM TO HELP YOU END YOUR PAIN and SUFFERING by learning to UNBLOCK what has been causing you to live a life being “comfortably numb,” and void of the beautiful human emotions of Love, Compassion and Empathy. Learn to have Peace of Mind instead of continuing to COMPARTMENTALIZE your pain or just keeping it BURIED IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS.
I want to do this to not only help you but also to HELP FUTURE GENERATIONS so you can teach your children and grandchildren 
BY EXAMPLE how they too can live life with these beautiful emotions instead of living in pain as a “comfortably numb” being with blockage in their body. 
My defendants include Jewish synagogues and other Jewish and
Non-Jewish Nonprofit Organizations in America which I have sued for aiding and abetting in promoting the terror of Parental Alienation. Accordingly, by “defendants” I mean these organizations’: 1) leaders; the administration and clergy; 2) board of directors 3) others who have ownership interests; 4) members; 5) anyone else who is influential in establishing and/or implementing policies and practices.

IF MY CHILDREN FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE coming to Israel with any of you; then by all means, come together with them.

It has been explained and proven to me that Parental Alienation is an INTER-GENERATIONAL PROBLEM due to the effect of the trauma and the COPING MECHANISM each family member uses. 
There has been NO CLOSURE brought to millions of American, Israeli and other family members who have experienced the trauma of Parental Alienation and to this day remain divided. 
Neither the alienating nor alienated parent is truly and completely happy and neither are the children of all ages. This is what many doctors, therapists and other experts have PROVEN with scientific, empirical and other irrefutable and conclusive evidence. Attitudes of guilt, shame and independence play a salient role along with subconscious thoughts and memories. We need to break this barrier of silence so the subconscious loving and caring memories will emerge along with the desire to make NEW loving and caring family memories between each child and each parent. This will TEACH all those involved in the trauma of Parental Alienation how to PROCESS this trauma in a safe, comfortable environment.
Then there will be a healthy BALANCE between vulnerability and resilience in not only family relationships but in all types of relationships.

Accordingly, please arrange your groups through your business, religious, medical or other organizations or with your friends; several hundred can be accommodated. Then either email me at sarahassman1@gmail.com or at BOOKING.COMZman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace, Arad, Israel. 
Please give us a few dates of when you would like to come so these events can be planned. You will find YOUR OWN BALANCE so you can rid yourself of YOUR OWN CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS PAIN. 
***THEN many of you reading this or who have been emailed this post WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHY you claim to support Israel and Jewish causes while at the same time YOUR ACTIONS PROVE you are destroying humanity by promoting Parental Alienation, which INCLUDES REMAINING SILENT to this terror. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain and can also plan a beautiful trip traveling around Israel. I highly recommend trying to come before the Jewish High Holidays so that they will be more meaningful to you this year and you will be grateful for the discovery of your new way of life.

One final comment for MY CHILDREN and EVERYONE too: 
S, J and M, your father at the time of the divorce of his parents had therapy at Harvard while he was attending Harvard business school. This therapy tremendously helped him cope with the divorce of his parents but since our divorce, your father has repeatedly refused to encourage each one of you to see an honest therapist who practices “safe haven therapy” where the sessions are kept private, even from him. I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR ELEVEN YEARS NOW to obtain this therapy so I do not know how your father will feel now. As adults, please try to make reasonable choices FOR YOURSELF and HELP EACH OTHER AS I TAUGHT YOU so you can heal having fewer scars from this trauma. I AM NOT ANGRY WITH YOU AT ALL but; I am very saddened from the sudden destruction of our companionship at the time of divorce which has never been repaired. It is truly important for all of us that WE TRY TO RESTORE OUR Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionships so all of us can heal. Here is a song which I find has a lot of meaning for us, millions of others and explains that we must be GRATEFUL for this OPPORTUNITY we have been given to heal the world. 
S, J and M: All of you were conceived in love and lived many years in a loving family UNLIKE millions of others suffering from Parental Alienation. Thus, with all of your wisdom, kindness and experiences EACH ONE OF YOU CAN HELP those children of all ages who have never experienced love. Then they can live in a world of love and teach their own children and grandchildren to do the same. Please come to visit me and also please feel free to email me too. I would love to hear from you and catch up on your life for the past eleven years. 
Love always, Mom
Here is the song with English subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB_snXcwiKw

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.orgYOUTUBE.COMHalleluyah La Olam – With Hebrew and English LyricsHALELUYA LA’OLAM – winners of 1979 Eurovision award. Performed by : GALI ATARI and Milk and…



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