I want to thank PASTOR RICK WARREN for INCRIMINATING HIMSELF and many others I have sued as it clearly appears.

As a result today has been another great day for Truth as we continue to fight for Justice for compassionate, honest Mothers (fathers) to be able to have a legal divorce and to end the abuse of Parental Alienation.

As my ex-husband’s criminal allegations against me involve Pastor Rick Warren; those involved in this criminal conspiracy become more and more incriminated each day.

They were very foolish to say the least to think they could steal a Wife/Mother’s assets from her marriage by using Parental Alienation to make her so distressed and tortured that she couldn’t at the time of the divorce focus her mind to understand how they betrayed her trust by stealing her assets and destroying her bond with her children.
But she surprised all of them and recovered enough to figure it all out and has all the proof. They also forgot that she is an attorney who clerked for a judge; how foolish.

Who would expect PASTOR RICK WARREN and his good friend RABBI DAVID WOLPE to act like they are honest, religious people when they are ACTUALLY liars and thieves who hide assets of Mothers in their “charitable agreements.” 
How sick and evil.
They even refuse to distribute the assets to the Wife/Mother NOW since she should have received them years ago at the time of the divorce.

But PASTOR RICK WARREN and his good friend RABBI DAVID WOLPE have an “agreement” with the ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN to hide the Wife/Mother’s assets and then all those involved will share all her assets in 2017 amounting to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS because 2017 is when the agreement ends I am told.

So, as I continue moving forward exposing more and more of the truth; STAY AWAY from all of those I have sued and those who are part of the organizations I have sued especially PASTOR RICK WARREN and his good friend RABBI DAVID WOLPE.

They may act “charming” but they are liars, thieves and abusers as my FACTS show.
Don’t fall for their act; just STAY AWAY from them and all of those they associate with so they cannot abuse you too. 
This is all they know how to do; lie, cheat and abuse others as the FACTS show; including these new ones regarding PASTOR RICK WARREN.

I will disclose more as the FACTS become part of public records.
It looks like they are going to be looking into who has been tapping my telephone and hacking my computer too.
It is getting very interesting as I continue to fight for truth and justice. 
***Otherwise, what am I living for if I don’t fight for truth and justice? To be someone’s slave or kept woman who have given up her legal rights and sold her soul and mind to them so I am their puppet? Well, NOT this woman.
I have a right to enforce my legal rights to have a legal divorce which is what I am doing.

So stay tune; it is getting very exciting as all these “influential” people keep incriminating themselves and others. 
This is usually what happens; they destroy themselves.

Have a great weekend and remember;
*** I am the train, not the track enforcing my legal rights peacefully using the law against those who want to stop me and have become part of the corrupt track. They will never forget the imprint I make upon them.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon FACTS.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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