I wanted to be very clear with MY CHILDREN AND OTHER ADULT ALIENATED CHILDREN, who are PROTECTING THEIR FATHER and HIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, like using their Mother’s stolen assets and income to LEVERAGE their criminal activities. Yes, I forgive you and hope you choose to end the Parental Alienation by contacting me with an honest intent to restore our loving companionship but; I feel as your Mother who truly loves you and cares about you that I need to warn you about continuing to ignore what you have done.

You are in a situation which as your father used to say, “has legs.” In other words, there are many future events which can reopen our fraudulent divorce judgment and all of the legal proceedings and documents in public records. As just one example; it is quite likely at 61 years of age that one day I will want to remarry. But, I am not legally divorced.

Also, I have a legal right to make Aliyah in Israel which means become an Israeli citizen. The Israeli authorities will see that my divorce judgment is fraudulent and also they will question why I was sent to jail for 14 days for sending your father an email requesting your current contact information in our Parental Alienation situation.

I did not have the money, [since public records prove I did not receive any assets, retirement or savings from my 20 year marriage which is legally still ongoing] to hire another private investigator and then have all of you very unreasonably and pathetically hang up on me again.

As the court records prove I sent this email to your father with the honest and loving intent to begin communicating with all of you after ten years at that time, with the hope that we could reunite for the Jewish High Holidays and celebrate them together. There HAS NEVER BEEN ANY PROOF that I am a danger to anyone or unfit to have custody and visitation AND NEVER ANY EVIDENCE that I legally and rationally deserve to have a restraining order issued against me so I cannot email your father, who was illegally granted sole and legal custody, about your well-being and to try to reunite with you. Our reunification should be ENCOURAGED.

Your father even wrote an email to me which is in public records stating that I was an “integral part of your positive upbringing.” 
What have I ever done that is so terrible except love and care for you beautifully? 
Did I not do anything right and everything I did was terrible? You know that I refused to go along with any criminal activity and since all of you have; your father is afraid that if you communicate with me that he and his criminal conspiracy will be exposed.

Many are aware that the HOUSING BUBBLE of 2008 popped, which is when your father demanded I take out student loans for your college educations knowing that we had been saving that money and did not need loans. Also, the joint tax returns from the last 6 years of our marriage, prove that EARNED income only, after expenses that we made about 26,000,000(twenty-six million dollars). 
Your father could never explain to me where that money went and also never declared bankruptcy. 
***It appears he has been using MY stolen community assets and income to cover his losses and all that he leveraged while keeping millions for himself and his conspiracy. Does this include all of you?

As you know or should know due to my website and facebook posts and public records too; your father and I are not legally divorced because the net worth of our community estate under his control was never established; thus it was never divided 50/50 between your father and me as the laws demand. Accordingly, our community estate remains intact and this is in violation of California and U.S. Constitutional divorce, family, equal rights, RICO and other laws. Please refer to the divorce judgment in public records as proof if necessary.

I now am trying to LIVE MY LIFE WITH LOVE AND PEACE, having stopped filing lawsuits and chosen to have my public records be THE SEEDS FOR A FUTURE PERSON(S) to pick up the Parental Alienation peaceful legal battle to end this terror. Since merely living my life with love and peace may very likely open up my fraudulent divorce situation…
do you and this conspiracy plan to try to kill me and make it look like an accident? Then you will just become deeper and deeper involved in criminal activity yourself.

***Maybe you will never get caught BY THE LAW but; YOU WILL BE VERY SEVERELY PUNISHED BECAUSE you will live with the SHAME AND GRIEF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE for all that you have done and more if you choose to do more. 
Helping to hide and steal your own loving, honest, law-abiding Mother’s assets and income is an outrageous act to carry out. You will never be able to have peace of mind, happiness or be able to love. IT IS A HORRIBLE LIFE, A HORRIBLE EXISTENCE.
If you doubt my words, just look at your father and those in his conspiracy; they are all miserable souls.
Maybe the Parental Alienation and your other criminal acts were not your initial intent but when you take out 27 unnecessary student loans, attend clandestine meetings in a judge’s chambers, take out other loans for your father to hide them from me, your ACTIONS prove consent on your behalf and this show malice.
It is illegal for a husband going through a divorce to encumber himself with Lexus and other loans and luxuries and then claim he is unable to afford spousal support and also to pay me, his wife of 20 years, my legal interest from the community estate under his control.

SOPHISTICATED CONSPIRACIES involving your father who is a Harvard Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Accountant with Investment and Tax experience too, bankers, other accountants, business partners, lawyers, judges, a city councilman, the court-appointed therapist, religious leaders, nonprofit organizations and others will not go away quietly especially in your lifetime.

As your loving Mother I am trying to stop you from living a life of shame, grief and unhappiness and trying to influence you to come forth with the TRUTH, REPENT for what you have done, and help RECTIFY the very serious harms you have caused. This is very reasonable. It is also what Judaism and many other religions promote.

I want to be very clear about the severe legal, emotional and financial problems you have caused yourself by protecting your father, his conspiracy and others who have LEVERAGED money and assets, specifically your Mother’s money and assets because this is GRAND theft and shows malice.

I am very happy in my new life in Israel and I am doing many fun and interesting things. I hope one day we can do these things together and you will have peace of mind and be able to love so you can enjoy them. I only want the very best for you which includes being able to have happiness, peace of mind and love.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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