I wanted to warn you about Rabbi David Wolpe’s Hacking on the Internet

To My Children: I wanted to warn you about Rabbi David Wolpe’s hacking on the internet. If you think you have a friend on the internet; YOU DON’T.

What Rabbi David Wolpe does is he has many websites and aliases so he PRETENDS to be all these different people and with these aliases and ACTS like he is your friend and makes comments and tags you in. 
What he is REALLY DOING is trying to INFLUENCE you and MANIPULATE your mind. He acts like he cares about your cause or a particular cause when he is just trying to manipulate or solicit money too. I have proof of all of this too.

He even hires people to do this I believe. I know many of his machinations because he did for years and still tries to do this to me. He hacks my computer often too.

His behaviors are typical of those with narcissistic and other psychological and emotional problems which he clearly shows the characteristics of having. I have so much proof of all of this and have told many Jewish leaders and organizations to get him off the internet and get him the help he needs but they are all as sick as he is obviously because they do not care and also keep promoting their secret policy of parental alienation.

Beware, this is how he tries to MANIPULATE your mind.
Again, Birds of a Feather Flock Together and Guilt by Association; some of the lessons I taught you.

So, if you think you have a friend on the internet, YOU DON’T.
It is Rabbi David Wolpe via an alias. He has many, many websites and names. 
Also, he clones telephone numbers which I have proof of too.
If he ever leaves you a message it is of a very slow and garbled voice so just disregard it. Again, I have all of this proof but the Jewish leaders don’t care. Obviously, this is what they pay him to do to keep the parental alienation going to keep us separated so he can keep my money and property and profit from the divorce.

FORGOT TO MENTION; Rabbi David Wolpe will hack your Pandora radio too so you listen to songs to influence you; like if he wants you to think he is interested in dating you & “loving” you. Try asking the alias to get together & see what happens. This is truly so horrible & abuse & not what Judaism stands for as any sane person knows. He also has aliases on Jdate, the on line dating site. Wonder why his wife divorced him? So with all of these issues, why won’t Jewish leaders get him the help he needs? They approve of this and pay him to do this. Think they can be held accountable too? Of course this is promoting abuse and hacking which are both illegal.

So why won’t Rabbi Wolpe resign and get himself the help he needs? He must enjoy abusing Mothers and their children and profiting from divorce while pretending to be honest and innocent. He knows he is sick and needs help because I have personally told him many times.

I even told Rabbi David Wolpe’s brother Paul Wolpe from Emory University who has come to speak at Sinai Temple about what his brother is doing and try to help him.  I have told others at Emory University too. Paul Wolpe was very rude to me like he knows and this is “what he does.” Do you realize how horrible this is?All these people and organizations want and pay and promote Rabbi David Wolpe to abuse women and children and profit from divorce by harming them and he ALLOWS THIS!!!

People like this which includes your father have double personalities and they are truly very sick. Can you believe your father pretended he loved me while moving assets and telling you lies about me. He truly needs help. He is doing all these corrupt acts but tries to act innocent and honest. This is not at all what the facts show. I hope you realize this and act accordingly to save yourself as I have saved myself.

I love you very much and I am here for you if you are civil but I will also bring you down if you continue to try to harm me and do not try to help me receive my property and money from the divorce.

Why would you want to do this? Please think about this.
Love always,

As always this is not legal advice or other advice just based on my knowledge.
– By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.



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