I will hold Accountable all those who have committed crimes against me as many public documents and others show; I do not need witnesses.

To all those who have stolen, concealed, converted my property and other interests and helped destroy my companionship with my Children based on lies, threats and intentional misrepresentations etc….please beware I do not need WITNESSES because the evidence is clear cut.

So you cannot THREATEN witnesses because there are none to threaten and many of the documents are already part of public records. Also, the money has been traced.

TO MY CHILDREN and Others:

I am quite aware of what you have done especially one of you. 
You should be ashamed of yourself. 
You need to admit what you have done and rectify the damages you have caused or you will be held accountable as an adult.

***It is the law to hold you ACCOUNTABLE and don’t believe the Chain of Fools will “protect you.” You know they have not protected you so far and have only made things WORSE for YOU and for THEM too. So don’t be stupid, ignorant or naive.

If you call me I can help you or go to your school counselor or an honest therapist who will keep your sessions confidential from everyone; this includes your father. 
You should be smart enough to figure out if your sessions are confidential.

Also, go to the POLICE; they can help you too. We are dealing with many crimes including abuse. Don’t be afraid; just do it. They try to keep you afraid but they won’t hurt you because I ALREADY have the evidence.

In life there are always negative influences and you have to be strong enough to do what you know is moral and just and not be influenced by corrupt people and organizations; even if they have prestigious titles.

If you refuse to heed this warning; then YOU become a menace to society yourself and must be put away in jail and given rehabilitation so you are unable to harm others. This is REASONABLE and this is JUSTICE.

As your loving Mother, I cannot allow my Children (and others) to keep harming others and themselves too because then I too could become implicated for knowing their propensities but ignoring them so they LIVE A LIFE OF CRIME constantly harming people.

Please face the facts and report what you have done and know and get the therapy to help you heal. 
I love you very much so I care about your well being and living a life of crime I will not tolerate nor should I as any reasonable person knows. 
Choose wisely what you do because your choices determine your character (are you moral or corrupt) and your character determines your destiny (will you lead a life of peace or become full of shame and misery).
Love, Mom

I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become-Carl Jung

-By Sara Hassman Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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