If the crooked Establishment and other COWARDS can’t BEAT YOU INTO SUBMISSION so you accept their corrupt ways because you CHOOSE to reasonably and bravely fight to maintain your values and character; they will lie, cheat, steal, do all types of CRIMINAL ACTS as my State and Federal lawsuits show. THIS IS EVIL and so are those who perpetuate this.

After having stolen from me many assets worth millions of dollars and depriving Me, a loving, law-abiding Woman/Mother of custody and visitation WHILE I WAS VERY SICK FROM THE PARENTAL ALIENATION AND OTHER HORRIBLE ACTS HE COMMITTED; my crooked, horrible, immoral husband MARK HASSMAN, a.k.a. MARK F. HASSMAN etc. is now “crying.” He swore under oath that he is sooooo upset because he is “living in fear” of ME. Really??? Unfortunately, we are still married because our Divorce Judgment is invalid because it does not comply with many laws. 

It appears my crooked husband is in fear of Me because he apparently believes all the LIES AND ASSASSINATION OF MY CHARACTER HE HAS CREATED. For example, that I have a weapon and I am stalking him and I write posts for him. I am not joking; he said this in court Friday and today. Crooked people commonly become paranoid and delusional.

The REAL REASON CROOKED MARK HASSMAN IS FEARFUL OF ME is because I have now recovered enough from being emotionally tortured from his abuse and torture that I am able to fight for my rights.

Crooked MARK HASSMAN, unfortunately still my husband, never expected me to recover and definitely never expected me to be able to fight for my rights and the rights of others suffering like Me, who are unable to fight, which I completely understand.

***I HAVE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE OF HIS CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES and he is fearful that this TRUTH AND ALL THOSE HE HAS INVOLVED is all being exposed and it is. This is why I was declared a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT, so he and his cohorts can try to stop me from filing lawsuits to expose the truth. However, Crooked MARK HASSMAN terribly incriminated himself and others recently in a contempt hearing where he tried to put me in jail. (Sound familiar).

I know many of you have experienced how these crooked people use RESTRAINING ORDERS which have no legal or rational basis and also use many other CRIMINAL ACTS to try to BEAT US INTO SUBMISSION. This is EVIL.

So, since I am not in jail as Crooked MARK HASSMAN had planned, do you think he will now try to come to Los Angeles, where I live, (he lives about an hour away), and try to find me and then call the police and make up more lies that I violated a Restraining Order? 
Do you think at a court hearing where both of us are present he will make up more lies and file another false police report or contempt violation trying to hold me in contempt for a restraining order violation? 
What do you think he will do next to try to put me, a loving, law-abiding Woman in jail? They try to treat you like a criminal and also try to FORCE OUR CHILDREN to believe their lies and schemes.

As many experts have proven, narcissists and people with personality and other disorders commonly try to destroy anyone trying to expose their corrupt and immoral acts. They refuse to learn to change their dysfunctional and destructive ways. They have to always be right and force others to accept their beliefs or they will try to destroy you.

The very sad part about all this is that;
• NOT PAST FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA, whose legacy is the wellbeing of Mothers and their Children;
Will question WHY:
– My husband CROOKED MARK HASSMAN has a restraining order against me FOR OVER 8 YEARS NOW so I cannot attend graduations and other celebrations of our Children if he is present. WHAT TYPE OF FATHER WOULD EVEN DO THIS? Disgraceful beyond words.

– Why his Mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY also has a restraining order against me so I cannot attend graduations and other celebrations of our Children if she is present. Also disgraceful beyond words. 
Many of you commented after the DR PHIL show where I referred to her in an email as “the high-priced call girl,” that this was TOO NICE of a description because a call girl would not alienate children from their loving, law-abiding Mother and also would not steal her money so she can get breast implants, drive a Lexus and have other luxuries. I agree.

It is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN if they have relationships with BOTH of their divorced parents which is common sense too.
So why do you think none of those listed above are even concerned about the wellbeing of my Children and millions like them suffering from Parental Alienation? Think they are involved in using CHARITABLE NONPROFITS and other financial vehicles to steal our money and assets and also USE AND ABUSE our children?

Regardless, it is very sad that My Children obviously believe the lies about Me and refuse to even contact me after 8 years to say “hi” and “how are you.” They should be ashamed of themselves for this because ANY reasonable son and daughter know this is not only civil and moral but also kind and considerate and know I am a loving, law-abiding person.

Not us loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) who are fighting for our rights.
It is those who are WILLFULLY IGNORING the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and the Illegal and Immoral Use of Charitable Nonprofits and other financial vehicles.

I had a wonderful experience of being a JUDICIAL CLERK for the wise, compassionate and honest Judge the late JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS in the 1980’s and 1990’s in Maryland. 
If my case was before Judge Sfekas; he would have ordered our entire family to have a conference in his chambers.
He would have determined WHY my children each felt a need to alienate me, their loving, law-abiding Mother for over 8 years now and WHY my crooked husband has restraining orders against me.

Judge Sfekas also would have looked at the Divorce Judgment and quickly realized that I am NOT a vexatious litigant. Then he would have ordered specific times my children and I get together and would have held us accountable for our reunification progress. He also would have ordered that the Divorce Judgment be amended so that it complies with the laws because WOMEN HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS and the husband is not legally allowed to conceal assets and then steal them. 

***It is a very sad state of affairs when ALL of the judges I have appeared before regarding divorce issues do not get to the ROOT of the problem but just perpetuate it which is promoting corruption.

As wise, honest, compassionate JUDGE SFEKAS taught me, along with my late GRANDFATHER BEN; never give up fighting for your rights and good character because without them, you have nothing.

So, onward and upward in the name of truth, justice and equal rights with God by my side and with the encouragement of Judge Sfekas and my Grandfather Ben.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; 

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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