If we were having such financial difficulties due to the 2008 Real Estate Recession why didn’t your father, MARK (Fredrik) HASSMAN who is: 1) a graduate of the Harvard Business School; 2) a Certified Public Accountant; 3) has many investment licenses and; 4) decades of experience as a Chief Financial Officer and in other financial executive positions EVER DECLARE BANKRUPTCY but instead; has all of you children in debt for decades with STUDENT LOANS, 27 of them which I know about and tells you I am a horrible Mother and “treat you like you are dead” because I had a little more education and understanding and would not allow him to do the same to me? You were his next avenue but he had to REMOVE ME from the picture to be able to USE YOU, BECAUSE HE KNEW I WOULD ADAMANTLY object to 27 student loans?

So now, you are indebted to him and UNDER HIS CONTROL and THE GOVERNMENT’S when you should be free of debt as young adults, maybe even taking a year off to travel as many young adult Israeli and Europeans do.

Does your father’s behavior reflect that of a caring and honest father? What about a caring and honest husband?

HE TOLD ME we needed to take out student loans so two of you could finish your private high school and all of you could continue to college. He rejected all of my ideas of California State Colleges and then SECRETLY worked it out with the high school college counseling and Cornell University that ALL OF YOU would be attending there. Your college applications were just a sham because you had already been accepted to Cornell before you had even applied.

This is why I was shocked when S; you were rejected from Wharton with your stellar math skills and reasonably and responsibly questioned the guidance counselor. Why did you apologize to her for my polite and civil questioning? OBVIOUSLY, YOU HAD ALREADY BEEN BRAINWASHED BY THEN and were obeying your father because I had every right and also OBLIGATION to question as a responsible mother.
So, since I was not “obeying” and your father was getting nervous that I would ruin his student loan fraud scheme; RESTRAINING ORDERS were issued against me so I was restrained from coming to see you and communicating with you. THERE WERE NEVER ANY TESTS ADMINISTERED to prove this was necessary because this was also a sham.

Your father and all of my other defendants knew how much I loved you (and still do) and knew how I devoted my entire life around raising and guiding you. YOU WERE THE FAMILY I NEVER HAD.
I created love from love. (or so I thought).

YOUR FATHER KNEW I would be DEVASTATED when I was not allowed to see you or communicate with you and he was right. (The Jews especially learned this lesson from Hitler).

This is why I developed seizures and it is truly a MIRACLE of GOD that I have recovered; my legal skills returned and I am able to live a normal life. People die of broken hearts which doctors call depression, drug and sex addictions, cancer and other diseases. I still have difficult days but I have a much better understanding and perspective now and also KNOW THERE MUST BE A GOD because I could have never survived otherwise.

It appears that your father and all those involved in this TERROR thought that I would die or come crying and begging back to him which is why your father waited about 3 years to file a lawsuit in California with divorce attorneys, not collaborative law attorneys.
This is also why the collaborative divorce agreement had 50/50 shared custody and marital assets; your father thought I would either die or come running back to him but the agreement would never be instituted.

Not only did I survive from this terror; I have become stronger in many ways and again I attribute this to GOD. What do you think since all of you know how sick I was?

This is also why your father demanded of J that before she could accept any therapy with me granted by the Dr. Phil Show that I had to agree to take down my website and Facebook page. He was and is still to this day afraid that I will expose all this TRUTH to you and he will lose his “slaves.” He also wants to PUNISH ME for not “obeying” him which is why the Parental Alienation continues and he refuses to help you end it.
My therapist in Los Angeles told him on the telephone one day (when he called and tried to influence her): that he should seek therapy himself and STOP TAKING OUT HIS FRUSTRATIONS AND HIDDEN ISSUES AND PROBLEMS ON YOU, ME AND OTHERS.
Obviously, he still refuses to listen because if he did; he would GLADLY and DILIGENTLY help END this Parental Alienation because it is in yours, mine and HIS best interest too. In other words, divorced parents should ENCOURAGE the children to have INDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIPS with BOTH of their parents.

Well, I have to go now and it is a beautiful, sunny day in Eilat, Israel. I wish you were here and I will write more later to expose this horrible truth.
I am sure you understand why Parental Alienation is considered by experts in America, Israel and Worldwide to be a form of abuse and terror.
I know MY DEAR CHILDREN, whom I really feel so sorry for, you would have NEVER treated me the way you have been if you weren’t abused, manipulated, terrorized and brainwashed. I hope I can help you understand this. Your father is a smart man and if he CHOOSES to use his wisdom in positive ways now; maybe he can help you too. Continue to be strong but also remember you have beautiful hearts to use for yourself; you do not need to remain in pain.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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