If you want to be corrupt and heartless like “THE HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” or make DIVORCE PROFITABLE by being what many horrible people define as a good Jew or Christian by “sacrificing” your wife and your children and YOUR OWN heart, mind and freedom to them; the following are your “go to” people but Beware of the huge consequences.

If you want to be corrupt and heartless like “THE HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” or make DIVORCE PROFITABLE by being what many horrible people define as a good Jew or Christian by “sacrificing” your wife and your children and YOUR OWN heart, mind and freedom to them…

then RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple in L.A.,

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD of the Rabbinical Assembly in N.Y. ,

RABBI MITCHELL WOLHBERG of Beth Tfiloh Synagogue in Maryland;

PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church in C.A

and accountant JIM BORNEMAN of BORNEMAN & ASSOCIATES , CPA, PC in N.Y. are your “go to” men and woman or should I say Beasts?

I guess “THE HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” and these others THINK THIS IS A GAME but what they don’t understand is that it is a VERY HIGH STAKES GAME THEY ARE PLAYING WITH ME that will either:
1) Land them in jail or 
2) They will destroy themselves and land in their graves.

This is what happened to my father who died of a heart attack. 
My Mother and Sister along with my father and their crooked attorney almost went to jail as the case records show from my lawsuit in 1985 when they illegally and immorally used my social security number and a fraudulent trust and TRIED TO INVOLVE ME in their tax evasion scheme.

However, they reached a settlement with me. I was younger and less experienced then and unfortunately agreed to let them seal the case file which I will never do again because one must be held accountable so our society and future generations see what they illegally and immorally tried to do and are discouraged from committing the same corrupt, immoral and malicious acts. This is justice and making our world a better place for humanity. (You need a court order to see a sealed file.)

I PROUDLY in 1985 refused to “sacrifice” myself because we have FREEWILL and I was not going to give up my heart, mind and freedom to my parents, sister, their attorney or anyone else. 
After over 30 years, my mother, sister, relatives and all the Jewish leaders and organizations in this Jewish CULT which they call “Judaism” alienate those who refuse to “sacrifice” themselves which includes me. 
They are still very angry, unhappy people filled with so much shame, grief and guilt that they live in their own little “Jewish” world with other people just like them.

***You either do what they say or they will alienate you and spread lies about you to make THEMSELVES seem like the heroes. 

They live a life of lies, schemes and control NEVER UNDERSTANDING LOVE and the desire to do something because you WANT TO not because:
• you are ORDERED TO 
• or because it is GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

My crooked husband MARK [F] HASSMAN was too stupid to think about MY PAST and the LESSONS I LEARNED when he tried to make me “sacrifice” my freedoms AGAIN but this time TO HIM by signing federal and other student loans we did not need, trying to make me part of his Illegal and Fraudulent Student Loan Scheme which is also A TAX EVASION SCHEME, but different from the one my parents, sister and their attorney tried to involve me in so they could profit.

My husband is so horrible that he used our children by creating and perpetuating PARENTAL ALIENATION by telling them I did not love them or care about them because I refused to sign student loans so they could continue to attend their private, nonprofit high school CATE SCHOOL and also their Ivy League college. (btw, CATE SCHOOL abused my three children as the photos of my Son, a minor at the time show, along with other documents involving all my children, disgraceful.)

My crooked, stupid husband MARK [F] HASSMAN also illegally used 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements with the help of those mentioned above and many judges, law firms, the court-appointed therapist, the federal 401k profit sharing administrator, joint venture partners, executives and others.

You do not intentionally and maliciously take away a Mother’s right to have a companionship with her Children and her right to received her property, savings, retirements and other assets from her divorce so she becomes BOTH emotionally and financially devastated.

But, if you continue to do this with me, YOU ARE PLAYING A VERY HIGH STAKES GAME because I will put you in jail or you will destroy yourself from all your shame, grief, guilt, anger and obsessions.

I play honestly and fairly but I play very rough as some of my posts show because I am fighting for FREEDOM, JUSTICE and our way of life in America which is supposed to be based upon DEMOCRACY and EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN.


***These are very serious RIGHTS and it is not a game to intentionally and maliciously make someone’s life very painful because you illegally and immorally think you are “entitled” to TAKE AWAY THEIR RIGHTS because they must “sacrifice” to you. ***
This is delusional and also abuse and corruption. The TERRORIST ADOLPH HITLER thought this and eventually destroyed himself and his supporters.

***I will not stop until I receive my legal rights, just compensation and help change the laws for others suffering like me and for future generations. This is what I did in 1985 in the lawsuit against my crooked and stupid parents, sister and their attorney. This is Justice, acting like a Jew and good person and making our world a better place for kind, honest and compassionate people.

If you doubt my words, just watch and also look at my mother and sister for proof… they “sacrificed” their FREEDOM to crooked Jewish organizations and rabbis like RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG of Beth Tfiloh Synagogue in Baltimore, Maryland.

With that being said, tonight starts Rosh Hashanah, which is the beginning of the Jewish New Year.
I do not wish these so-called Jews L’shana Tova, which means you should have a good, sweet year.
************Instead I wish them what they wish me as I continue to act like a Jew, not “sacrificing” my heart, mind or freedom but fighting for Freedom, Truth and Justice for Humanity which includes Women, Mothers and Children, not those who think they are “entitled” to take our rights away because they belong to some Cult they very mistakenly call “Judaism” thinking we must “sacrifice” our rights to them. *********************************

Also, attached is the photo taken outside the courthouse on Friday, 9/30/16, showing the REAR END OF “THE HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” signifying that she is WALKING AWAY with my husband as am I. Thus, she and my husband cannot lie AGAIN and try to fraudulently accuse me of violating the fraudulent restraining orders they have against me, an honest, law-abiding Woman and Mother. 

It is getting very interesting…maybe I will have an
ESTATE lawsuit against this “HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” and my three Children. Think they will try to argue that they are the legal beneficiaries of the estate when I am still his wife due to our fraudulent divorce contract? Time will tell but understand I will prevail because I have Truth, Love, Justice and I also believe God on my side.

I know those of us who are honest, kind and caring will have a wonderful and sweet New Year. 
If these others are smart, and take back their mind, heart and freedom, focus their mind and use their resources wisely and change their destructive ways; they will too. Otherwise, I doubt they will, but time will tell.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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Parental Alienation Solutions:    Again, thanks so many for your support and please feel free to SHARE so others will be informed and not fall prey. We are OVER 200 HITS just on this page. Let’s keep going to spread the truth.
Parental Alienation Solutions
Parental Alienation Solutions:    WE ARE OVER 200 HITS so many know to beware of these types of women and to think this “HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” IS A MOTHER HERSELF. Sickening….
but these are the types of people who promote Parental Alienation so they get BREAST IMPLANTS, new cars and other luxuries as they live in anger, shame, grief and will eventually destroy themselves. Just watch.
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