In America we do not redistribute or parcel out land, homes, corporations, annuities, retirement accounts and other property and income which do not belong to us because that is theft and other crimes. However, in the coming months of September and October 2018; Judges, Lawyers, My Children and others are scheduled to have the opportunity to explain under oath their behaviors of theft and other crimes with regard to MY property and income I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter.

Aside from our laws in the United States of America; when you love someone, you do not have to be warned not to harm them because loving another means PROTECTING THEM and HELPING THEM; not harming them. To harm them so you can profit is terrorism and also criminal; it is not love, politics, religion, elitism or entitlement as any reasonable person knows. 
Thus, for my children to SUDDENLY turn against Me; their loving, honest, law-abiding Mother who loved and nurtured them tremendously from the day they were born BY WANTING to restrain me from communicating with them and seeing them ALL OF A SUDDEN, will be before several Courts (Judges). 
Did each of my three children WILLFULLY agree to restrain me from having any companionship with them or have they been THREATENED AND ABUSED and thus FORCED to treat me this way? 
In essence, I am PROVING PARENTAL ALIENATION. As just one of many examples; my arrogant, greedy eldest son who is a college graduate will have an opportunity to explain many statements he swore to in his declaration “under penalty of perjury” including why he wanted my criminal and evil still legal husband MARK HASSMAN to have exclusive rights to our family residence without paying me to legally surrender my rights. Does he think I should just be thrown out on the street?
Also, this family residence is nowhere to be found in the divorce judgment and other divorce documents; it supposedly just disappeared under the control of MARK HASSMAN, the Harvard business school graduate, chief financial officer and certified public accountant who controlled the marital estate and finances while I was the full-time stay-at-home Mother. 
But, MY CHILDREN and still legal husband MARK HASSMAN think I have no legal rights and should be thrown out on the street without compensation for my legal interests. Do they think I am a slave?

I must warn all of you; I was trained by the best; JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS and also GOD is walking by my side since it is a miracle I have survived all of this abuse and terror. You do not want to be opposing me in a courtroom and you will also not be able to prevent the truth from being exposed.
If the Judges TRY TO PREVENT this information from being exposed by depriving me of my Constitutional rights to Due Process and to redress my very severe Grievances; the Judges will be held criminally and maliciously liable plus the truth will be exposed in another venue. 
Don’t test me because I am clearly not a slave nor am I a criminal as you know.

Accordingly, religious leaders, lawyers, judges, the court-appointed therapist, executives, nonprofits and other politicos who think playing with the life and rights of a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother is fun and politics; wait to see what happens to your life if you try to prevent the exposure of the truth of my Parental Alienation which includes being treated like a slave and deprived of many of my Constitutional and Legal Rights. 
I am quite aware that the exposure of these facts affects “your fortunes” which in reality is MY REDISTRIBUTED PROPERTY which you stole from me and have refused for about ten years now to return. 
You are not the DE FACTO owner of my property I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter because I am the real, actual and effective owner as deeds, tax returns and other property records prove along with common sense.

Should each of you who have “a piece” of my stolen property rename yourself Adolph Hitler or Nazi for short? Like Hitler, unless you willingly end the terror of Parental Alienation now; your blind arrogant belief that you have superior power which will never be destroyed will continue to destroy you; incessantly. My stolen property will only continue to bring you many problems, I promise and I am not the party in these lawsuits who lies.
Also, you are not a sovereign; we live in a Democratic Republic which promotes Equal Rights for ALL as I am proving with GOD by my side. Women and Mothers have Equal Rights and if I die, my fortune reverts to the state. What about the missing insurance trust? Who has the life insurance policies on my life especially since I am not legally divorced?
Also, did you know that if I am hurt while attempting to enforce my legal rights, your actions become constructive assault and the list of crimes goes on and on too? Many of you are also Accessories to Crimes.

It will be interesting to see how the criminal, malicious and very pliant judge/commissioner LON HURWITZ along with my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER with 25 years of experience try to defend themselves regarding the initial ex parte restraining order from June 5, 2009. 
It is criminal, malicious and a disgrace to play fast and loose with the law and people’s lives and in due course, expect to go to hell or someplace similar as you deserve. How dirty will your work of an evil, predator and obedient slave of the evil Conspiracy become as more and more of the truth is exposed in many different venues?

***Will today’s evil predators be replaced with those like my three children who clearly appear to not love me but love MY money and property? Shameful beyond words or is this Parental Alienation where my adult, college graduate children are BRAINWASHED and/or ACTING OUT OF FEAR?

Also, it is very unreasonable for you to expect me to forget that ALL UNITED STATES’ Jewish Organizations, their Leaders and their Members are behind promoting and profiting from the terror and torture of Parental Alienation which commonly involves Modern Slavery of the alienated children of all ages and their alienated Mother or Father; Fraudulent and Criminal Divorce Judgments, Restraining Orders, Vexatious Litigant Convictions and other criminal and malicious acts. They think it is LEGAL and JUDAISM to destroy a family and love by using acts of Parental Alienation.

***Sadly, I have yet to find JUST ONE of these so-called Jews who supports OUR REVOLUTION. The other day I was downtown near one of the oldest synagogues in Los Angeles called WILSHIRE BOULEVARD TEMPLE. I stopped in and was given a business card so I could call one of their rabbis. 
I tried to contact RABBI STEVEN LEDER who claims to be a righteous Jew but supports Parental Alienation. So what else is new? I asked his secretary Samantha if RABBI LEDER supports Parental Alienation or would he be willing to help me end it. 
Secretary Samantha became very indignant, as expected and asked me if I was a member of the synagogue. I told her I was a Jew and that this is an epidemic problem. She then told me that RABBI STEVEN LEDER only talks to members and hung up on me. Jewish behavior or does it appear she and this Rabbi and Synagogue have something to hide like all the others?

With that being said and since this post is getting long; I will end it with a hack RABBI DAVID WOLPE sent me today. He told me that all the Jews and those who are part of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote Parental Alienation all live in a “Yellow Submarine,” to which I told him the World of Love was much better and to stop hacking me as I have repeatedly been telling him, SINAI TEMPLE, THE RABBINICAL ASSEMBLY in NY and others, but obviously to no avail.

I AGAIN also told RABBI DAVID WOLPE to publish an article about the horrors of Parental Alienation AND how it is destroying Humanity which includes the Jewish Communities throughout the United States. 
Think he cares? 
Of course not or he would have already published an article to help us end this terror. Think he is a righteous and compassionate Jew? As wise and compassionate JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me; “Ipso Facto,” let the facts speak for themselves; and they clearly are even if these evil predators try to silence the truth; it is a losing battle for them.

Enjoy the song and be grateful you have FREEDOM and are not an evil predator looking for your next victim to prey upon so you can satisfy your quota, your greed and the conspiracy. What a horrible life.
Know that OUR REVOLUTION is thriving and once more legal documents are served as scheduled, I will discuss more details. Go Truth, Love, Justice and Equal Rights for ALL.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
:: Parental Alienation Solutions ::
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)



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