In politics when a situation becomes inherently unpredictable and has the potential to harm the livelihoods and false legacies of those involved in criminal and immoral matters, there is usually a scapegoat or “sacrificial lamb” chosen. Who do you think it will be regarding the matters involving my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT since the options are endless?

Will the proverbial scapegoat be my criminal, immoral, greedy, evil Harvard educated (still) legal husband MARK HASSMAN? He engineered the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE with his criminal, immoral, greedy, evil lawyer PHILIP G. SEASTROM as this attorney PERSONALLY so stupidly stated in his declaration he signed under penalty of perjury?

Thus, if not my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, will the scapegoat be PHILIP G. SEASTROM?

If not criminal, immoral, greedy, evil PHILIP G. SEASTROM will it be criminal, immoral, greedy, evil JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who reviewed, signed and filed my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT and since then has enforced it?

This criminal, immoral, greedy, evil judge also granted and enforced invalid restraining orders and invalid spousal support reductions against me which were requested by guess who… PHILIP G. SEASTROM’S family law firm on behalf of its client criminal, immoral, greedy, evil MARK HASSMAN? (Birds of a feather flock together).

So, if the proverbial scapegoat is not JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will it be RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE who I consulted for therapy and owes me a fiduciary duty but secretly helped steal and launder my property, income and other assets by use of “charitable” donations and other vehicles?

This Rabbi also ignored the abusive photos of my minor son at CATE SCHOOL and SEXUALLY HARASSED ME as proven by emails I posted previously about wanting to be “sensitized anew.” To make matters worse for this so-called RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE; when I rejected his overtures I was banned from the nonprofit Sinai Temple, even for PUBLIC religious services. Judaism? Of course not, this is terrorism, abuse, torture, oppression and other very serious crimes, especially for a Rabbi and a Jewish nonprofit organization.

If not criminal, immoral, greedy, evil RABBI DAVID WOLPE, will the scapegoat be JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE, JUDGE LINDA MILLER, JUDGE DAVID CARTER or other Judges who have flagrantly abused their power as judges by disregarding the law and instead maliciously, arbitrarily, capriciously and unreasonably ruling as they wanted even though this conflicted with the letter and spirit of our laws which promote truth, justice, freedom, love and equal rights for all, not just for some or for those “chosen.”
These and other crooked judges have refused to order that my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT be revised so that it complies with our laws. Why? Have they been paid off? Why do they want to punish me, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother instead of legally, objectively and reasonably helping me revise my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT so that it COMPLIES with our laws? Have they become so power crazy that they treat their courtroom as their own tyranny?

Beware if they decide to make me their scapegoat because they will become prime suspects. PLUS other brave and proud individuals will step-up and become the VOICE OR VOICES of OUR REVOLUTION. Thus, those in this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE will then have to contend with them; which will only increase their liability and exposure.

I suspect that many in this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE will continue to lose their criminal “collective” mind as more and more of the truth is exposed. 
In other words, they will drive themselves crazy due to all the evil acts they have committed as Fyodor Dostoyevsky explains in his classic novel Crime and Punishment. 
As a result, they will destroy themselves. Facts prove they are their own worst enemy since they refuse to publicly acknowledge the facts and rectify my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT and other criminal and immoral acts they have promoted in the name of politics, religion, business or any other reason they can think of. 
They must stop promoting Parental Alienation and all the crimes commonly associated with this terror but don’t expect them to be reasonable and do that. Instead, they will destroy themselves and each other with all of their lies and schemes UNLESS they believe they are FORCED TO MAKE A STAND TO SAVE THEMSELVES.
Remember, they are greedy, selfish, evil narcissists who only care about themselves.

If you have never seen the horrifying political movie “The Final Cut,” this shows political power plays and how there is NO LOYALTY among thieves, liars and manipulators.

In MARK HASSMAN’S recent response to my Points and Authorities document he stated “under penalty of perjury” on page 5 number 15 that he deserves protection from ME because he has the audacity to think he is a victim despite stealing MY property, income and other assets; illegally and immorally denying ME of custody and visitation without any tests and depriving ME of other legal and constitutional rights. Thus, it appears he has already begun to lose his mind.

In addition, idiot, criminal, greedy and evil MARK HASSMAN states that he has a right to a speedy trial. For what? I have been trying to obtain a legal and valid divorce judgment for about ten (10) years now. WHY DOESN’T HE WANT TO HELP ME establish the net worth of the community estate with full and accurate disclosure so that WE can FINALLY agree to its division and distribution as the laws mandate so that OUR marriage contact is FINALLY dissolved along with the community estate whereby a new divorce judgment would then be legal and valid? Why doesn’t he want a speedy trial for this? My criminal, immoral, greedy, evil Harvard educated (still) legal husband MARK HASSMAN has the financial education and experiences to revise our divorce judgment so why does he continue to refuse if he has nothing to hide?

As the wise, compassionate and honest 
JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me; “let the facts speak for themselves,” and they clearly are. Also, as my wise, compassionate and honest GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; “never be afraid to peacefully fight for your legal rights and to defend your honest character” and I am doing this and have nothing to be afraid of; I am very proud. So onward and upward with OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation and all the crimes commonly associated with this terror and evil.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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