In the deadly Oakland warehouse fire where exposed wires and other fire hazards were found, I too found similar and other fire hazards ALONG WITH SIGNS OF ABUSE AND TORTURE which my MINOR SON was forced to live in by: 1) My Criminal husband MARK HASSMAN; 2) RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple and other Jewish Organizations Nationwide 3) Several Fire Departments in Santa Barbara and other nearby counties, 4) All the Administrators, Teachers, Board Members at the so-called “prestigious, college prep boarding school” CATE SCHOOL and; 5) Mistress a.k.a. the high priced call-girl MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who ALL refused to help me remove my MINOR SON from this TORTURE.

All those mentioned above FORCED my minor Son, who has a heart condition, to sleep outside for many months on a bare mattress without any covers, near electric wires, a sewage pump and under a rusted pipe because he refused to want to alienate me from his life and treat me like I was dead. This is all part of the TORTURE OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.

All those mentioned above also wanted to abuse ME TOO with acts of Parental Alienation and steal MY money and other assets AMOUNTING TO MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS using CATE SCHOOL’S, SINAI TEMPLE’S, SADDLEBACK CHURCH’S, CORNELL UNIVERSITY’S and other agreements from nonprofit organizations which I, not them should have received at the time of divorce. 
I have many emails showing what I have just stated.

OF COURSE, ANY LOVING MOTHER WOULD BE EXPECTED TO SUFFER SEVERELY WHEN FINDING OUT her Son is being forced to live in this torture and abuse and her acts to remove him where silenced and ignored. I was distraught beyond words.

My crooked husband controlled our community estate due to his Harvard business school education, his Certified Public Accountant license, his years as a successful Chief Financial Officer and years of other financial, investment, accounting and tax experiences.

In a marriage, the responsibilities are divided and he was the logical one to control our finances; but he betrayed me.

My crooked husband, working with crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, both consented as court documents show, that our community estate, under his control, should pay $50,000 yes fifty thousand dollars a year FROM THE COMMUNITY ESTATE for this CATE SCHOOL EDUCATION WHICH INCLUDED THIS TORTURE.

Now my crooked husband has sworn under oath many times that he is “insolvent” and crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR at his request, reduced my alimony to zero and now brought it to $350 WITHOUT the disclosure of any financial statements or other financial documents. She reduced my support capriciously, without ANY legal basis.
Think this shows corruption by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and also my crooked husband MARK HASSMAN and undermining Democracy, abuse of process, perjury, fraud and many other crimes? 
Is my crooked husband, crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, crooked religious organizations, crooked law firms, the crooked court-appointed therapist, crooked executives, crooked nonprofit schools, crooked BANK OF AMERICA and others helping them are “entitled” to treat me this way because I, a law-abiding woman DO NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL RIGHTS?
This is what they claim and I am proving them wrong. Our laws apply to EVERYONE, even Women as any reasonable person knows.

This is part of the RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM which 
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is going to fix. Just watch.

I was shocked when RABBI DAVID WOLPE who was seeing me for therapy and also emailing me regarding HOW TO COPE with Parental Alienation from the so-called “JEWISH PERSPECTIVE,” refused to even make a telephone call to CATE SCHOOL in an effort to help me end this abuse and torture of my Minor Son.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE even saw the attached photos and other photos too which are part of public records. CATE SCHOOL is one of my defendants. The first photo is how my minor Son lived when I was part of his life, BEFORE the Parental Alienation began; the others show how he was forced to live and I have more too.

It appears RABBI DAVID WOLPE was one of those having sexual relations with my MINOR SON in order to force him to alienate me so they could take him away from my love, guidance and support. This is not Judaism, this is Torture and Terror.

In addition, all Jewish organizations in the United States refused at that time and since have also refused to help me address the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation, Divorce Fraud and RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S hacking and other abusive and criminal behavior.
Word on the street is that this is why his wife divorced him.

It also appears RABBI DAVID WOLPE is paid to become “friends” with the Mother WHO HAS A LOT OF MONEY AND ASSETS and is going through a divorce and of course is very vulnerable. He is also paid to do the same with the Children (which includes Teens and Young Adults) in an effort to become their confident, sexual partner or friend with benefits. 
Then RABBI DAVID WOLPE can garner confidential information which he uses to manipulate their mind which is unconscionable behavior beyond words, especially for one who holds himself out to the public as an honest Rabbi of a major Los Angeles synagogue and involved in many Jewish events nationwide on behalf of the Jewish community and Sinai Temple.

I REPEATEDLY warned many at SINAI TEMPLE and other JEWISH organizations Nationwide about RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S behavior and also his SEXUAL advances toward me so I was then banned from going to Sinai Temple for any events, even services. 
These so-called JEWS tried to BLAME ME, for HIS criminal and abusive behavior which is also typical.

Criminals and Abusers rarely admit their mistakes, get the mental help they need and change their criminal, abusive ways. 
Instead they blame others using lies and schemes which includes trying to ruin others’ good character. 
***Someone must stand up to them; which I am doing peacefully and legally with my legal skills and with the support of wonderful people, which includes many of you reading this post.

Trying to gain the confidence of one you want to ABUSE, SILENCE and then BETRAY with the confidential information they told you is an old horrific, reprehensible trick used by many abusers and manipulators. Even J. Edgar Hoover used this trick along with many in the Military. 
But, it is unconscionable to use this tried and true strategy to DESTROY THE LOVE between a loving Mother and her Children at the time of divorce as a way to PROFIT.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE is a professional abuser and torturer who also uses the INTERNET and many aliases in order to manipulate and torture the minds of Mothers, Children and others WHO THE JEWS want to SILENCE AND DESTROY so they can continue their SECRET POLICY OF PROFITING FROM DIVORCE.

Try spreading the truth in your own community so others will not be harmed. Feel free to share my posts. 
Also question your religious leaders as to why they refuse to recognize Parental Alienation and help loving, law-abiding Mothers and fathers too, begin communicating with their Children who suddenly alienated them at the time of divorce.

With awareness of the Truth, wonderful changes will come by kind, honest and strong people, like me and my dear friends and others too.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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