Individualism vs. Collectivism; having the strenght to standup and promote Truth and Justice for ALL

Do you know what you stand for CONSISTENTLY?
Respect, kindness, honesty, helping others
OR corruption, taking advantage of others, secretly harming others while you pretend to be nice to them and pretend that you care about them?
OR do you not stand for anything and just go with the crowd or whatever the “party line” is so you can be “liked” or “accepted” by others even if they have poor values?

In other words, do you believe in being an INDIVIDUAL or do you believe in COLLECTIVISM and lack self-esteem?
As an individual you believe you have a right to express your own thoughts and you also want to hear others’ reasonable thoughts (not lies) so you can learn, grow together and enrich each other since all of us have special talents and different perspectives from our different experiences.

Also, as an individual you are reasonable and you believe that the laws apply uniformly and consistently to EVERYONE; including those with prestigious titles and those with a lot of money.

***Morality and Justice applies equally to everyone if you believe in individuality. You will also fight for your rights so you maintain your individuality and self-esteem. If you let people take your rights away, you become their “slave” or “toy” and lose your OWN beautiful character and your OWN individuality. Then you lose hope in life and pride in yourself.

***So you must fight for your rights to be treated as an individual or you will lose your self-esteem and become full of shame which will make you miserable. Look around at people who have done this like alienating parents.
***Alienating Parents are not happy and are full of shame and only know how to initiate violence; not be collaborative or reasonable.***

To take this a step further, individuals also believe in Capitalism and not a Welfare state.
An individual believes in property rights where everyone has an opportunity to own land and “create” something with a positive purpose. Not take from one group and give to another group because this creates a welfare state and the “receiving” group loses their self-esteem and their purpose in life. They are not taught to create but just to accept “charity” or welfare from others.

People must be taught SKILLS AND IDEOLOGY to live independently with a worthwhile purpose in life; not taking advantage of others or just receiving others’ money and not creating anything for themselves.

This is one of the problems in the Middle East. The United States was unsuccessful in Iraq and other countries thus far because we don’t teach others important ideology to help them learn to be reasonable and productive. Therefore, all they know how to do is to INITIATE VIOLENCE to get what they want.

***They were never taught the skills of COLLABORATION and how to use their resources to be productive and sustain this productivity in a collaborative way; not with violence.

Teaching others a COLLABORATIVE IDEOLOGY is also a problem here in the United States; many only know how to initiate violence and do not try to be respectful, civil and reason with each other. They have the attitude of “my way or the highway” and give ultimatums.

Many are also unreasonably quick to become violent as we saw in Ferguson, MO. and we see often in our own communities.

Unreasonable, violent behavior which includes verbal abuse as well as physical abuse, has become acceptable behavior as we know from the NFL incidents and many acts worldwide like these horrific beheadings and the “Jewish” Organizations which intentionally destroy the sacred Mother/Child relationship in exchange for making profitable 501(c)(3) and vow of poverty agreements.

When people are a COLLECTIVE group, they just follow the “party line” and do what the group or organization wants; even if it is immoral, unjust and harms others. This is INITIATION OF VIOLENCE. Since many have never learned how to be respectful and civil and never taught themselves; they are just violent.

***There comes a time when you have to realize that if you are in a Collective group, organization, job; EVEN IF you are trying to promote positive ideological changes from within, that you are better off leaving the Collective group and bringing about those changes INDEPENDENTLY. This is often the ONLY way to bring about the necessary, positive ideological changes which will then bring about new, positive policy changes.

That is because:
Many Collective groups refuse to change their harmful ideology (like ISIS, Hamas, Nazis ) and they have to be destroyed or their power disabled before positive changes can materialize.

Thus, if you remain in this Collective group with their detrimental ideology, YOU will suffer due to GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. (If My Children are reading this, remember this is what I taught you and this is how it applies).

Don’t be afraid because leaving this type of destructive even terrorist group, WHEN they refuse to make positive changes in their ideology, is being REASONABLE. Then you will realize how many others in this group will follow YOU and leave too; as YOU LEAD THE WAY, with new, positive ideology.

It takes a strong, positive leader from WITHIN to have the courage, strength and confidence to know he or she can stand strong advocating good morals and values like equal rights for all which includes women and children; to take the first step by leaving this destructive, harmful Collective group.
This is when I recognized my marriage was over and it is not only pointless but detrimental to keep trying to save it because my ex-husband refused to be REASONABLE.
I moved to Los Angeles when I realized my ex-husband refused to change his very destructive ways and if I remained in our home; I would have destroyed myself and my character and values due to his emotional torture which was making me physically sick. This included the brainwashing of my wonderful Children who were imitating his detrimental ways and I could not convince any of them to be reasonable. They became part of a terrorist Collective group which is what a sick alienating parent does to the children. They formed a Collective terrorist group and it is NOT THE FAULT OF THE CHILDREN. They have been brainwashed and emotionally tortured.
Had I chosen to remain, knowing now all the horrible things I have uncovered; there is no doubt I would have destroyed my good values and character, become miserable and very sick too.

***This is one of my motivations because I feel very strongly about helping others who are in similar situations of parental alienation to realize the truth; act REASONABLY, and rescue THEMSELVES and then their Children and millions others like them.

It takes strength to stand up against corruption but this gives you self-esteem; enforces your good values; helps you and others which makes our world a better place. This is the real meaning of Judaism and most other religions.
So, please
don’t hesitate and show your strength to the world by leaving a corrupt Collective group who refuses to make reasonable changes.
Become the leader you want to follow and I know many others will join you because this is REASONABLE and will relieve THEIR suffering too.

In life it is important to teach yourself positive skills and behaviors. If you don’t because you think it is too difficult or you don’t want to take the time; then you will become full of SHAME which brings misery and a lack of self-esteem and often corruption. So this is your alternative if you refuse to leave an unreasonable, destructive Collective group.

***Therefore, it is very important to figure out for yourself what you stand for and then do positive things to create a meaningful life for yourself; not trying to impress others or do things to be accepted by others when you know they have poor values.

Lead a simple life, without much debt so you are free to do as YOU please. Associate with those who also have similar values and want to grow in positive ways.
Don’t lead a life trying to impress others; just do what is reasonable and pleases you and does not harm anyone.
Simple is better.

If you want to read about the importance of Individuality; the fiction book “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand is fabulous and easy to read. Her other very popular novel “Atlas Shrugged” is also very good too.

For the Collectivist view; the philosopher Immanuel Kant is a proponent. He basically believes that reason is invalid and subjective. I totally disagree because then you have laws and policies that are not consistently applied which creates a dictatorship, totalitarianism government and other slavery situations.

Also, make sure you are sincere and treat other with respect and do not do “The Latte Salute” like President Obama did yesterday to a soldier. Did you see it? As you go through your day, look people in the eye and smile and most importantly; be honest and sincere so your demeanor is not a façade but is something meaningful.
Become the person that YOU want to be and stand up for YOUR rights while helping others learn to do the same. Give them strength by being strong yourself so they can follow your lead.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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